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    Buying: Ascension (M) Set

    Please pm if you have one for sale.
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    Selling: Selling Corrosive 13 FEN + Amp 7 FEN

    Hello, I would be interested in hearing your offers for the package. The chip is T1.99 with tier rate 133/200 Update 14-Jun-22: The combo is back on the market. No clear idea for BO. Will accept offers via PM. Name Amplifier name Decay Ammo Cost Dmg/PEC Damage...
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    Buying: armatrix fen sb-10

    Looking to buy Fen sb-10. Could be stand alone or with fen 2 amp. Not interested in high tiers. Please pm an offer.
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    Renting summer 2016 ring Get your 25% skill gain going at 10 ped a day or 60 ped a week. 16k collateral required. Either deeds or cash.
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    Selling: Wts: Cdf xtlc 200, t 8.19 Looking to sell the gun. T 8.19, the remaining two tiers are terrible. Please pm your offer. If you want to kill small things while getting a skill bonus, this is the rifle for you. Someone was selling a t6 on thee forums a...
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    Selling: Est (m)

    ~116 Ped TT arm guards 8.63 shins 6.95 thighs 12.89 chest 18.85 gloves 26.36 boots 25.49 helm 16.84 Please send an offer in PM, thanks.
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    Selling: WTS Summer 16 and Easter 19 rings

    As stated, would like to sell those for peds/clds Looking for at least 15k for summer 16. Not sure what I want for the easter 19, will listen to ped/clds offers, feel free to pm.
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    Selling: WTS: Vigi Ajusted (F) set

    please pm, thanks.
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    Selling: hc204

    please feel free to leave an offer / pm
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    Buying: Melee Trauma 2 Amp (non-fen variety)

    Looking to buy one of these. Feel free to pm. Thanks.
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    Selling: Lvl 10 yog, excavation buff unlocked

    SB 100, B/O 130, will let it run for a week.
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    Buying: Loughlin Smacker Three or Omegaton Power Claw Mentor Edition.

    Please pm your price if you have one of these for sale. Thanks.
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    Selling: Adj. Resto Chip

    Sold :wise:
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    Selling: Eudoracell level 17

    20% past 17, 75% energy, all prerequisites for tricks complete, pet focus unlocked. Please PM if interested. Will add a free name tag :)
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    Selling: AUDs

    Looking to sell about 500 AUDs at 78 ped per. Please send offers or counter offers via PM.
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    Selling: Quad Wing Equus

    With a heavy heart, I am letting my baby go. I have a very good reason for that, as I got accepted into a dental school (yay!). However, that means that come august I won't have time to play for the next four years, and I should pull the money out to help with the student loans anyway. For the...
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    Selling: CDF Utility Helicpoter

    Hello, I am selling this choppa. Not being greedy at all. Just take 320% mu on tokens as a base, and add a little for my trouble of being by the NPC at the right time, and make an offer either here or in PM. Thanks! :)
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    Buying: Quad Equus

    Looking to buy one of those. Please PM how much you would want for it (+the warp drive and the thruster) in PED. Thanks.