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  1. armorer

    Selling: Complete sellout + Buying BC-80 Augmented

    Hi, I'm selling everything. Below is a list of everything for sale. PM me here or ingame if you are interested or make an offer in this post. All is fine. I'm also interested in BC-80 Augmented if someone has one for sale. Items of value I have for sale: Full Viking F set BO: +2.5K (deal...
  2. armorer

    Buying: Parts for Viceroy and upgrade to Mod Viceroy

    Hi, as stated in title.& I'm looking for someone who can help me get all ingredients to get all the way to Mod Viceroy. Contact me if you got those. Cheers Armorer
  3. armorer

    Buying: level 70 gun

    Hi, looking for a gun in the range of King Kong TG-u60 or similar. Cheers
  4. armorer

    Selling: Full set Lion // King Kong TG-U60 T3

    Hi guys, Full Lion set (F): +10K BO King Kong TG-U60 Tier 3.9: +35K BO Offers are welcome and items will...
  5. armorer

    Buying: King Kong TG-u60

    Hi Interested in this gun. Pm if you have one for sale or know anyone that does.
  6. armorer

    Buying: Lion Thigh Guards F

    Hi Looking for one of these. Cheers
  7. armorer

    Selling: Shopkeeper Pad

    Selling one of these. +2K BO
  8. armorer

    Selling: Dragons Breath + Trauma VIII

    Hi there Trauma VIII: SOLD Dragons Breath: SB: +6K BO: +9K stats: Sword + VIII is 61.83 dps @ 2.945 Sword + VIII + 6 dmg enhancers is 90.42 dps @ 2.929
  9. armorer

    Selling: Calytrek MK II Ten Edition

    Thinking of selling this nice gun its at tier 4.9 now for a while. I'm not planning to tier it myself in the future. tier rates are okay, almost all in the 100+. I consider all offers starting at 30K. Peds preferred
  10. armorer

    Selling: Guns/armors/Bp's and some other stuff

    Selling some of my items. Will see how much they go for and when price is right they are good to go. Weapons: Calytrek CR Spirit MK II Ten Edition T4.9 SB+35K Archon Sword T3.7 SB+1.4K Katsuichi Honor T0.7 BO+25 Adjusted Solomate Outbacko SB+200 Bukins Blade SB+5 Repedge...
  11. armorer

    Selling: Arkadia Underground Deed

    Selling them. 174 left @ 50 each.
  12. armorer

    Buying: Dante

    Paying +1550
  13. armorer

    Buying: Calytrek MK II Ten Edition or Vincent dps

    Found one. Cheers
  14. armorer

    Selling: Adjusted Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1 T5.9

    SB +8.7K BO +9k
  15. armorer

    Buying: Archon sword

    Looking for one. Tier doesnt matter. Pm me offers or add me ingame.
  16. armorer

    Selling: Ozpyn HK S1X1

    Gun is Sold.
  17. armorer

    Selling: Basic Sheet Metal

    Hi any crafters around who need some of these ? got around 40K atm. drop me a PM and we can work something out.
  18. armorer

    Buying: Thunderbird F

    Hi Looking for arms & thighs PM me offers
  19. armorer

    Selling: Cld

    Selling a total of 26 CLD's below auction. PM me offers!
  20. armorer

    Buying: A106

    hi Looking for a106 PM me if you got one for sale! Cheers Armorer
  21. armorer

    Buying: Adj/Imp/Mod Fap

    interested in buying any of the above. Pm me if you got one for sale.
  22. armorer

    Selling: Full Hunting Package (Gun, armors, fap) and other stuff

    Hello Its time for me to change gear. So thats why I'm putting these up for sale. ---------------------------------------------------- Isis Project zero-three tier 5 With beast attached to it, it has a eco of 2.911 with a dps of 40.98 if you attach 5 dmg enhancers it has a eco of 2.899 with...
  23. armorer

    Buying: Aud

    Buying aud, pm me price and quantity
  24. armorer

    Buying: CLD's

    Hi I'm looking for some CLD's Pm me price + quant! Also selling my beloved project zero-three tier 5.5 BO: +5.5K (CLD's & AUD's accepted) Cheers, Armorer
  25. armorer

    Selling: Lever III Finder Amplifier 'Achilles' (L) BP 30 clicks!

    Hi This BP is now auctioned with BO price in game - only 2 days left. 25000% below yearly avg price! GL with it and HOF!