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  1. Vadio

    Suggestion: Minning Scale problem

    As far everyone know hunters can cycle up 5k/h meanwhile same Miner cant do Not in health ways why? going list here fews suggestion to fix(and if tihink bit why its happen) 1 introduce new finder that use high level rank that drop way more Why yes? New L finders (not UL) going make new way to...
  2. Vadio

    Selling: All my skills - Imp.Excav

    Selling my Imp.excav T2.99 - 25k Tier Rate 140/200 Selling all my skills..... Come with you ESI and we can discuss price in discord... Vadio#2793 Prospecting : 13507 Minning : 9772 Geology : 8623 Serendipty : 7508 Miner : 7247 Extraction : 7224 Ground ASsesment : 7221 Suverying : 7026...
  3. Vadio

    Buying: Buy : Finder: Omegaton Detectonator MD-50

    Contact me in game - Jhan Delarea Freitas Or Vadio in Entropia Discord
  4. Vadio

    Achievement: Rank - 100 Prospector

    No extra history just milestone done
  5. Vadio

    Question: Miner Skills

    After one decade about this subject me and probably many others wish know If Miner skills have any direct impact in you loot(TT wise) or loot composition(markup wise) or just number you growing up to use others tools (in theory better tools but not exact true) In case only just a number i...
  6. Vadio

    Question: Pyrite Mining Reward

    Prospecting or Ground Assement? Requirements and rewards for Pyrite are: ° Stage I - 100 points required - 0.36PED P, 0.36PED M or 0.24PED GA reward. ° Stage II - 500 points required - 1.80PED P, 1.80PED M or 1.20PED GA reward. ° Stage III - 1000 points required - 3.60PED P, 3.60PED M or...
  7. Vadio

    Buying: Adjusted Excavator or Maybe Improved

    This : or You can add me in game - Jhan Delarea Freitas Come and discuss price you probably can find me as well...
  8. Vadio

    Selling: Omegaton Detectonator MD-50

    MD-50 Tier 7,9 Price only tt +2k Range: 54 m - Less range big sizes Depth: 492.6 m - Perfect to most stuffs Decay: 0.8 PEC MOST ECO FINDER in Universe Recommended Level: 2 Levels Any miner can use it Rarity : Item from 2004-2007 Entropedia MD50 Take notes this finder very unique with less 1...
  9. Vadio

    Selling: Md-50 & f106

    MD-50 Tier 0.9 Price tt +1k Entropedia MD50 Take notes this finder very unique with less 1 pec per drop with great depth to most common ore/enmater in caly how many decay you going save? i believe MD40 with 0.083 can compare with but MD40 dont have enough depth in this case MD50 is UNIQUE...
  10. Vadio

    Fix explosive BP

    this idea come my mind fews days ago Why explosive BP use TT stuffs? Its more cool if this BP use ANY MATERIAL FROM GAME Yes you can click with Molecules if you want or any other hunt material or craft material Its in log term increase MU , remove alot s** from auction And same time give...
  11. Vadio

    Buying: Emik S30 UL

    Jhan Delarea Freitas or Leave PM with Price
  12. Vadio

    FYI: Arkadia - Mining - Mission

    Arkadia - Mining - Mission This topic going update , after i gathering/complet others missions ----------------- Point Table--------------------------- I - 5% get one point II - 25% get one point III - 1 point IV - 2 points V - 3 Points VI - 5 point s VII - 6 points VIII - 8 points IX - 12...
  13. Vadio

    Help: Check inside -

    atm i have plan to chip Geology but increase only 150 point (TT92,43 size on chip) I try figure out if MA consider Skillnumber or all TT in skills or better forget this and invest in other Mining Chip like Ground Assement give me more "skills point" around 1000/2000 but chip alot smaller
  14. Vadio

    And more one time VOTE TO Entropia to best sandbox 2012 /Discuss
  15. Vadio

    Selling: Langotz

    26 qty at value 70.20 Contact me Jhan Delarea Freitas To Discuss one price or drop me pm or order in ah :)
  16. Vadio

    Question: If your are in caly your buy Arkadian stuffs to craft? ore/emt bps?

    i wish know if yes can post type? :P o bp your using to craft
  17. Vadio

    Buying: Md-10 , md20 , md30 , md40,md50

    If your have any this contact - me Jhan Delarea Freitas
  18. Vadio

    Selling: Rares Ore/emt

    Pyrite Blood Moss Meganite Morpheus Hard Rock Himi Fire root Devils / Chalmon Contact - me Jhan Delarea Freitas with quantity - % your pay
  19. Vadio

    Question: Are your think about each Mining Related Skills

    Alot people say useless anothers believe increase size/hit and type(rares) and your are think about each skills
  20. Vadio

    Selling: Chalmon/Devils tails

    If your need any quantity this mats contact - me Jhan Delarea Freitas With Decent markup or just ignore
  21. Vadio

    Selling: Regular Batch Alternative

    Find me ingame jhan delarea freitas To Discuss price , Quantity , Delivery
  22. Vadio

    Help: Mineral sense

    i know unlock rank 30 but your see much diference or just one more skill?
  23. Vadio

    Help: Better finder in Arkadia

    :( well test many , dont like any any here can provide some light?
  24. Vadio

    Delarea Fly Service

    Delarea Quad Space Taxi: FOMA/CP 15 ped - Rocktropia/Arkadia 25 ped - NI 30ped Prices from Calypso Atm in ON , Calpyso @twin peaks Other way to contact me , msn DONT SUPPORT CARTEL fly with me
  25. Vadio

    Selling: Terra Master 4

    Total Value : 122.00 TT Markup : 125( atm) Average Depth - 740m Sib - Yes Decay - Dont know Minimiun Rank - 14 Prospect / Survying Recent test find caly , ark stuff I want 123% or 150 ped(at ark auction) Drop pm