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  1. Goreon

    Selling: Omegaton Igni L2020 L

    Currently in Entropia Auction (Calypso). TT: 210.47 of 233 PED Max. SB: 118.78% BO: None Duration: 7 Days
  2. Goreon

    Discovery: Robot Hydraulic Pump Unit

    Got this one today... not much to say about it except it has a value of 50 PED and used in crafting :scratch2:
  3. Goreon

    FYI: Looking for Disciples (Timezone GMT +2)

    Looking for Disciples (Timezone GMT+2 - South Africa) I have decided to register in the mentoring program since it has been reintroduced. Been playing for about 7 years now and have experience in Hunting, Mining and Crafting and all the things between. Looking for serious players or at least...
  4. Goreon

    Question: WoF Team Africa?

    Hi All It was suggested that instead of a Team SA (South Africa) this year we looking at maybe creating a Team Africa (due to the low numbers across Africa). Depending on the response we could get a decent team together and maybe even be competitive in WoF 2012 :ahh: We have discussed with...
  5. Goreon

    Uber: 4k Melchi, biggest mining find so far!

    Well, after going through a lot of lvl 8 amps over the past 2 months, and PED card dropping drastically the last 24 hrs I seem to be in MA's good books and they paying me back a little of what they owe me :cool:
  6. Goreon

    Achievement: Avoidance Unlocked

    Finally managed to unlock it after many years of evading :D
  7. Goreon

    Achievement: ESL, Finally!!!

    Been waiting to do this unlock for probably over a year now and finally did it :yay: :wtg: :yay: :wtg: Thanks Al Aca Killmore for the rent :cool:
  8. Goreon

    Achievement: Still top M2a Crafter (Since EntropiaTracker)

    So, had a few runs on M2a's again recently and decided to check how I was doing on ET because I started a new BP QR 0... Since my last post over a year ago (, I have somehow...
  9. Goreon

    Usual EU Game Time Play

    Hi All I know there is probably thread about this somewhere (but I can't seem to find it), but I am investigating something and would like to get an idea of when ppl are most active in EU. This will help to plan events according to the player base activity. The time I am requesting here is...
  10. Goreon

    Achievement: Finally got Combat Sense Unlocked

    Finally Combat Sense unlocked :yay: Last few bars seemed to take forever :laugh: Click to enlarge
  11. Goreon

    Achievement: Unlock - Melee Damage Assessment

    Was not going for it, guess my odd melee here and there helped out but unlock is an unlock :D Click to enlarge
  12. Goreon

    Achievement: Wounding :)

    Finally unlocked wounding :yay: Click to enlarge
  13. Goreon

    No Luck Getting Client to Work

    I have tried and tried and cant seem to get the Tracker Client to work properly :( Screen shots are still coming out black. Have tried all the things I have read here in the forum with no luck (like opening MS Paint first, etc). But am aware it could be the OS I am running so that is not a...
  14. Goreon

    Achievement: Top M2a Crafter (Since EntropiaTracker)

    Thought I would post this here after my last M2a HOF. I am considering moving onto a different weapon to craft for a while and give the M2a's a break so thought would make a post before I lose the position ;) Click to enlarge P.S. Only one eluding me is the ATH... but try as I might I just...
  15. Goreon

    Uber: M2a hof?!?!

    1.2k PED M2a HOF... seems I have a lucky BP... or MA just paying me back for all the PED I spent building the QR on this BP from 0.1 ;) Click to enlarge
  16. Goreon

    Question: What happened to the cobalt?

    Title basically sais it all... has cobalt finds dropped :scratch2: I have been mining for cobalt last for last few weeks on TI (had some success there finding it) but the finds seem to becoming few and far between, and lower value as well :( Anyone else experiencing this or just me :scratch2...
  17. Goreon

    Soc Password in Entriopia Tracker

    Hi I tried looking \ searching through the threads for this but cant seem to find anything in regards to this. New members of the Soc are requested to enter a password when joining the soc on Entropia Tracker. When I check on the site: If the members leave the password blank they still cant...
  18. Goreon

    HoF: 2 x M2A Uber in 10 minutes

    Taken few days to finally get the patch downloaded so logged before work to see if everything worked... While online I decided to craft some M2A cause all my stock had been sold while I was unable to get in game and got myself a 1.4k HOF :wtg: 8 minutes later I was absolutely amazed to hit...
  19. Goreon

    Question: Team South Africa in 2010?

    Hi All I want to see if it might be possible to get a South African team together for WOF 2010. This will obviously depend on the kind of response we get here. I have tried to contact the previous captain of the SA team (majorputty) here on EF with no luck yet :( I have also created a group...
  20. Goreon

    Uber: M2a HOF (yip, another)

    Bit nervous about posting this one considering I posted a M2a HOF about 3 weeks ago, another over past weekend (which I posted last night) and then got another one today :eek: Have a feeling there are some people out there also clicking these that are starting to hate me :rolleyes: Not sure if...
  21. Goreon

    Uber: 1.2k M2a

    Yes, not long since my last one but hit another uber M2a while crafting :D (Personally, think MA is just paying me back what I spent getting the QR on this BP up ;) ) Click to enlarge
  22. Goreon

    Uber: 1.5k M2a HOF

    Been working on getting the QR on my M2a BP up so been doing quite a bit of clicking lately... today got this nice little return :D Click to enlarge
  23. Goreon

    Achievement: Power Catalyst Unlocked

    Another unlock that I missed, but here we go :D Power Catalyst Click to enlarge
  24. Goreon

    Uber: 1.3k PED Cobalt

    Was on my way to hunt some Furor and still had some life left in my 103 amp and thought I would just drop the odd bomb here and there and see if I got lucky :scratch2: Before I even got to take down my first Furor I dropped my 2nd bomb and got this surprise :yay: Click to enlarge
  25. Goreon

    HoF: First Enmatter HOF

    Well, was actually my first global on Enmatter which turned out to be a HOF :D Have taken a break from hunting and been doing a lot of mining lately, mainly did ore but decided to do some enmatter as well ;) Click to enlarge