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  1. Xavier_Jr

    The "It's not Gambling" Paradox

    These things happen from time to time. And it seems to me that it is a glitch in the algorithm like dividing 1 by almost zero. whose result will be almost infinite. where the "almost zero" could be the skill. I think the algorithm is not designed to reward people with very little skill doing...
  2. Xavier_Jr

    News: Preview of Upcoming Interface Changes

    Good Bye Skill Scanner??? :cry:
  3. Xavier_Jr

    Hunting - balancing level progression

    I agree that the hunter's level is how big or small its wallet and intelligence are. For example, formally in a little while I could be an Uber. But I keep hunting a lot of small mobs. I feel that I'm doing well and I'm still growing. However all I would asking is that ATHs and Uberloots SHARED...
  4. Xavier_Jr

    Question: Abuse of forum Reaction Score system?

    Hahaha.. For this "system" the "likes" are worth the same as the "dislikes" :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: Please close this thread now, and players in conflict please put an end to such a pointless dispute .. Mindark please remove the page showing who is first or not and let's put an end...
  5. Xavier_Jr

    Question: Abuse of forum Reaction Score system?

    I think the "likes" work up to a point. What I think does not work is the stupid competition system about who has the most "likes". Because the truth is that "likes" are received for various issues and reasons. Some have received "likes" for good opinions. And others have received "likes" for...
  6. Xavier_Jr

    Change Calypso Space Port In to Athena (read details)

    There is no reason to land in Port Atlantis but there are many reasons to land in Athena Spaceport :wtg: :wtg:(y)
  7. Xavier_Jr

    entropia wiki sub pages do not work

    entropia wiki sub pages do not work. for example creatures like araneatrox, etc. do not work because it says they are not safe
  8. Xavier_Jr


    I only found pupugi in that cavern :(
  9. Xavier_Jr

    Coming back from a long break, whats changed?

    Haha... it is not true! seeing your location i could tell you.. "Loco si descubres el truco, vas a ganar mucho dinero como Darlas (el juego es factible pero cada vez trata menos de suerte y más habilidad)" This is the best game of history.... Once a player of "Entropia Universe", always a...
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    new signature
  11. Xavier_Jr

    Agility or Strength is better reward?

    As a hunter my priority is HP. So my priority of choice is: 1. Stamina 2. Strenght 3. Agility 4. The lowest between Intelligence and Psyque
  12. Xavier_Jr

    Achievement: Killstrike unlocked

    A big gtz m8...!!! :yay: :yay: :yay:
  13. Xavier_Jr


    A BIG GRTZ!.. :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:
  14. Xavier_Jr

    My first discovery... in cyrene

    A Big Grtz 4 U :yay::yay::yay:
  15. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    Meiers, you remind me of the History Channel's "Ancient Astronaut Theorists" with their famous phrase .. "Could it be that ...?" :ROFLMAO: It is obviously possible!. As it is also possible to decorate your avatar with colored intermittent lights like a Christmas tree, but completely...
  16. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    I understand that this is not a game for children. Do you know it too, right? Therefore, in matters of chat logs, information privacy issues will prevail and not pedophilia. Besides do you know that the logs of your chats are saved on your own PC? You know it, do not you? Therefore they are not...
  17. Xavier_Jr

    Server Downtime for Release

    NI & Cyrene VU .. cool :cool:
  18. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    Interesting view. Do you have the relevant swedish laws? You should raise that with the respective support and ask to Mindark. "What is the reason why MA do not comply with the Swedish Law Number xxx that obliges to keep the data of the decays for 20 years?" It will be interesting to know MA's...
  19. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    From my view as an IT designer, that is unnecessary data. And unnecessary data can be dropped weekly. That is why every week there would be a cut and cleaning of temporary files. I don't think Mindark is lying. My only interest is the truth and not to talk nonsense things that can affect the...
  20. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    The community of players may not be so big at the moment. But I don't think they designed a game 17 years ago thinking they weren't going to grow to be big! In addition, the number of times actions are performed and decays are generated over time for just one player could be immense (multiple...
  21. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    Yes, the problem here was ignoring support cases and not responding to them. (y) I think they have the power to be the sole interpreters of their EULA and TOU. But they must clarify why they understand "this" and not "the other", to clarify the points well. (Since people can also assume as a...
  22. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    I'm sure the current decomposition status attribute does exist for every object, but most likely does not exist records of all decompositions that occurred over time. Because It would be very expensive to sustain and mostly useless, as it is cheaper to compensate those who lost some money in a...
  23. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    Very interesting, but.... :unsure: The chat logs could be useful, however such logs are on the client computer because surely Mindark was never interested in saving them on the Mindark´s server. And this could most likely be due to security and privacy issues of people's information. The most...