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    Buying: WTB 1x CLD or CLD (X)

    As the title states, paying 3050/3060 t´hanks
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    Buying: WTB - 5x CLD or 5x CLD (x)

    Paying well, located on Calypso Ingame Beautiful SerraAngel Angel contact if you you have some for sale thanks
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    Selling: Lion thigh Guards (m) - Tier 0 - 16/200

    Freshly looted in a beacon ... First reasonable offer gets it, thanks. Pm me or contact ingame thanks Angel
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    Buying: WTB - Adjusted MK. II

    --- as the titles states --- looking to buy an adjusted MK. II ... Dont really care too much about the tier ... Fair price please, resellers stay away. thanks Angel
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    Buying: Adjusted Restoration Chip

    As the title states, looking for an adjusted Restoration chip --- Pure peds waiting --- Offering +4.8k thanks Angel
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    Selling: Ecotron v.15e Prototype Tier 5.99

    As the title states, selling an Ecotron v.15e Prototype - Tier 5.99 TT+3k happy to trade for deeds of that value as well If interested, feel free to contact me ingame or here, thank you Regards ILW
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    Question: Vault hunter rewards?

    Hello all, anyone finished that mission, and if so care to enlighten me off the rewards please ? In Love With
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    Enigma - Final task -

    Hello all, Is there any way to achieve the last stage ... I mean, for the normal clumsy person that I am? I have watched a walk through and spend at least 2 hours trying ... Not a chance, I can't even make the first 2x activations walking over the wire right and left ? How am I supposed to...
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    Question about entropialife

    Hello all, got a quick quesiton regarding entropialife ... I did global on a Combibo today (around 100 ped) but I cannot find my name or the global on entropialife ... Have I missed anything ? Any help welcome, thanks In Love With
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    Buying: Wtb hk110

    Hello all, looking for that gun, if anyone has one and is willing to part from it in exchange for peds, let me know - thanks - ILW
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    Selling: Frontier 100 UL, A106, Archon, Black clothes (f), skills

    Hello all, as the title states Frontier 100 UL - Tier 3.9 Archon UL - Tier 0.9 A106 Dark Divinity Nightspot shoes Dark Divinity Skirt Dark Divinity Bra Black Jumper Skills Also Full set of 5b's Full Jarhead (tier 0-1) Full Vigi (no tier) Full pixie (no tier) all female Open to...
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    Made a mistake, does anyone know Dmitry stDem Sur?

    Hello all, never thought I would make a post like this ... I just sold 5x CLD's for the price of one to an order ... For some reason I thought that the auction would mulitply my buyout to fit the 5x Dmitry stDem Sur ordered ... Well it didn't to keep it short. I had a look at the player...
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    so the new auction ...

    Hello all, haven't really logged in much lately but today I did and saw an Underground Deed 1x ped cheaper vs. on Arkadia (where my avatar is based on) ... So how much would I need to pay IF I bid on it and have it delivered to ARK ... Same question for a CLD ? ... sigh, wish for once MA...
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    Looking for a society

    Hello all, after over 3x months I have finally gotten the Internet back today (moved house, it was a nightmare). Logging back to EU for the first time in ages to see that the most active member left my current society and that not a single soul was online. The other ppl mostly have other time...
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    Question: Clean ?

    Hello all, short and sweet, please give the mature player the option to keep their game window as clean as they like. Since the new VU I have yet another 2x buttoms right and left which I dislike to say the least. Also, I want to switch of globals again, really not into seeing XXX XXX XXX...
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    Help: Missions gone?

    Hi all, I had 2x missions open which I have not abandoned ... The big find and the other daily (50 ores, 50 enmatter and 2x XIII or highe) ... both are missing now ... Has anyone experienced the same, has MA taken these out? Angel
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    The Volcanic Island

    HI all, trying to find the mission broker (and/or) info on the island ... Entropedia is empty, so does anyone know anything? Thanks Angel
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    Help: A106 vs. A204

    Hello all, am considering upgrading my trusted A106 to an A204. Entropedia states an eco of A106 with 2.951 on an unlimited EWE LC-100 Frontier A204 with 2.963 on an unlimited EWE LC-100 Frontier Difference = 0.012 dmg per pec. Now the price difference between those amps is, lets say 5...
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    Help: The easy race

    Hi all, just got that mission. It requires you to reach 4x checkpoints within 10 minutes. Now, checkpoint 4 is where the broker is and I have another 2x on the map clearly visible (checkpoint 2 and 3). But I cannot find the checkpoint 1 to save my life ... Also the mission timer doesn't seem...
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    HTML and/or eBay Help

    Hello all, once again I need something done that I am not very good at myself. A business partner approached me with the idea of remarketing some of the parts that I usually scrap, and the idea itself is very promising since most items fetch 50 Euro's upwards. I got all the legal...
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    Buying: SIB carbine/rifle

    Hello all, would like to trade my Igni L1000 for a rifle/carbine of roughly equal damage etc. ... Peds and/or landdeeds could be included. Throw me some offers if you have a gun for sale :) Angel
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    Selling: Igni 1000 - Tier 3.9

    Hello all, looking for either peds, cld's or a carbine/rifle. Frontier would be considered a straight swap gun, regardless of tier if anyone is interested. I paid 4x CLD's and tt value for it so that would be the buyout, SB ... not much under that :) Angel
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    Mentor and Diciple ?

    Hello all, it seems that diciples can now graduate again. I just had another diciple doing so, rated me 5 star - AGAIN, I did not get a skill gain - This time I didn't even get an item Am I the only one? I had over 20 diciples graduating over the past few years, yet I am still at 2 in...
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    Does anyone know how to create barcodes ?

    Hello fellow entropians, here is the deal. I have 4x parts that I need to ship asap to a vip client. Those parts have the serial ERICSSON BFL 119 310/1 R1H POWER MAGAZINE I got the parts, I know how to package them but I have no idea how to create a label for it. NOW, I do have a ZM400...
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    Why Mindark going bankrupt would be great for EU ...

    Dear fellow Entropians, after having been part of this community for over 7 years now and running a company myself irl I was wondering the other night how great it would be, if MA was to go bankrupt. Fact: This game has been, is and will likely be quite unique amongst all other mmorpg's...