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  1. xX Gently Xx

    Selling: Queens Sceptre

    4k Jacker??? Buy me clothes and make up for 4k next year, i will win The competition, we will sell the clothes and u'll have the thing practically for free )) Oops, shouldnt this better be done through pm? :p
  2. xX Gently Xx

    Kaos Recruiting

    You're not in it.
  3. xX Gently Xx

    Uber: Kirtz at Foma

    You go girl)) gz!!
  4. xX Gently Xx

    Help: Foma bad return

    I went up ther ewith 1800 peds, cycled for 2 month mostly unamped, came back with 35 )) Now back on Caly managed to pring that up to 200 again... but I had good days on FOMA too, so hard to say if that was normal :))
  5. xX Gently Xx

    Akbar's Travels - HELL

    Looks really cool. Imho those demons look way cooler then dasps, though have similar stats wink wink
  6. xX Gently Xx

    PvP arenas for Calypso?

    how many did you do? I did about twenty and felt I could do about 20k more :)) It's not only killing - it's also the looting :silly2:
  7. xX Gently Xx

    ATH: Austro flips the Bird

    huge gratzz!!! ))) :yay::wtg::dunce::yup:
  8. xX Gently Xx

    Virtual World War is here!!

    Excellent editing Bam - you got a bright future ahead )) But the song itself is so bad imho song is worse then
  9. xX Gently Xx

    Strash's mining Log

    There are myths about him...some say he is such dedicated miner, that even when he poo's he moves his butt cheeks 3" south then drops the bomb, then 4" NW drops another...and he is known to make 1000 drops per run! Strash is a legend imho!!!
  10. xX Gently Xx

    2011 Halloween Gifts

    A turban for male and a hidjab for female avatars!
  11. xX Gently Xx

    R.I.P. Lokomotiv

    So fucked up ((( Cheap ass 45 year old planes are being banned in russia for past 2 years...taking too damn long!
  12. xX Gently Xx

    ATH: 47236 Exarosaur Old Alpha Elite

    YES YES YES!!!! I'm as happy as I would be if i got it myself!!! Fantastic loot for a fabulous guy!!!! GO HICHUCKER (Norris)!!! ))):yay::eyecrazy::dunce:
  13. xX Gently Xx

    PopFuzz's Mining Theorys

    I have a proof of at least one vein existing. One on my forehead, that start to pulsate when I'm deep into a terrible loot swing (i call that loot menstruation)
  14. xX Gently Xx

    Uber: My biggest ESI ever

    Gzzz Mek ))!!
  15. xX Gently Xx

    PigBenis's Mining Thread

    This was how Strash started..he did ok after all))
  16. xX Gently Xx

    Idea for Arabian type planet

    Haha Planet Jihad ftw!!
  17. xX Gently Xx

    VTOL in another game?

    well, the designs were there next to arrival zone at thew PA loooong ago ) edit..or was that twin..or other town..anyway they were designed long time ago
  18. xX Gently Xx

    See you on the flip side.

    Hehe you'll be back)) take care!
  19. xX Gently Xx

    The Saratoga

    But not outshoot it )) keeping in mind all 6 gunners are availible ofc))
  20. xX Gently Xx

    Well Done MA and thank you for Creating Space!

    I actually tgink that lootable pvp in space will add a lot more value to the game,and add more lucrative jobs. Now there can be a whole soc providing guardian service for ships, pk "bad boys" got more reaso s to exist in the universe. Some smart ppl will add insurance brings a...
  21. xX Gently Xx

    Question: Is Arkadia already losing momentum?

    There neve was a momentum really: calypsian population went to check it out, did so and now going back home. Momentum will arrive with enough new recruits who will make arcadia their home, and will see calypso as "the other planet" ))
  22. xX Gently Xx

    Strash's mining Log

    I think if you switch bad with inside, you'll hit the bulls eye)) Gl Strash!
  23. xX Gently Xx

    ATH: 47663 PED Kamaldon Dominant!

    Yezzzz!!!! Good going Avery!!!)))
  24. xX Gently Xx

    The new mining, a matter of time?

    Dunno, maybe it was a bug too, maybe values are changed. Anyway I never exerinced that before, I wonder if anyone had similar occurance?
  25. xX Gently Xx

    The new mining, a matter of time?

    hmm just hit an Ample IX which gave me...8 ped of narc total. Now that is strange. Guess they changed values too.