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  1. DavinFelth

    New Egg!!

    because I see Larry and MA's egg on the same level of quality
  2. DavinFelth

    Eggs of Entropia Enjin Help Center Guides

    i have nothing positive to say so use your imagination
  3. DavinFelth

    Interested in veteran opinions

    An actual feedback I got from MA was to focus on one thing, now this may be outdated, but I'd agree - pick a profession and stick with it. I also agree mining would be most sustainable and easy to get into quickly. I don't know enough about it to say what to get, but I am fairly certain you...
  4. DavinFelth

    Question: How much is a good hunting % return for you ?

    but hunt 250 peds on something to get blazar and 250 for vixen? I'll try, I can start with vixen i guess.
  5. DavinFelth

    MindArk Q&A at LAN 2022

    Oh my... this is junk. Vague answers with only certainty I get is that they have no thought put into anything and are taking little to no action per usual. "we are still learning UE5" confirms my assumption that we will pretty much never see EU in unreal. We'll see Star Citizen fully released...
  6. DavinFelth

    Question: How much is a good hunting % return for you ?

    Just because something has MU doesn't mean I'll get enough nor does it mean someone will buy it or buy it for expected MU. I'm not saying that doesn't work, but I've tried hunting mobs for MU items... Tier comps for example. You know, if you don't loot any or hardly any well then same crap...
  7. DavinFelth

    Question: How much is a good hunting % return for you ?

    Can you specify what you mean more? Take 500 ped to NI and hunt vixen until when? And the test is which gives more markup? I thought we want to track returns. I'll do whatever you recommend and do my best to track everything - sorry if I don't fully understand what you are saying to do, please...
  8. DavinFelth

    Question: How much is a good hunting % return for you ?

    I don't disagree, but then the problem what way to? If it's hunt Lvl 1 mobs then what's the point of playing for years and skilling? and I'd accept any challenge someone has to say they could make 50 last a month playing say 25 hours total as long as it's not shooting lvl 1 mobs and I'll show...
  9. DavinFelth

    Question: How much is a good hunting % return for you ?

    volunteering? I did have Darth Skippy back in the day. I've asked for suggestions so many times here. Did 10k puny mission because someone suggested it.
  10. DavinFelth

    Question: How much is a good hunting % return for you ?

    When you deposit they take a fee, when you sell on auction they take a fee, do people even consider those types of things when counting return %? I've never attempt to keep accurate stats and I wish I knew a good way so I could post the awful returns I get. I look at it from an "average"...
  11. DavinFelth

    News: Entropia Enjin Collaboration

    CLD was intended to be money to be put forth toward advertising and getting new players... hmmm didn't seem to happen.... Compet... hmm need I say more. Oh then more deeds, and more deeds... here is another type of deed. You can only spread all these investments so far ... in a game that is...
  12. DavinFelth

    43131 Ped Eomon

    Gratz! Thanks for sharing
  13. DavinFelth

    Palindrome Uber (15551 Eomon Mature)

    Thanks for posting! Gratz - clean that beer off your monitor :P
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    Buying: WTB A105 Hypercharged

    Any interest in Overcharged?
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    Discovery: Marber BGH Annihilator

    gratz! ty for posting
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    News: Eomon Pheromone Levels Rising

    we all should know by now u are the exception :-) gratz
  17. DavinFelth

    News: Eomon Pheromone Levels Rising

    well remove boxes.... fine, BUT bring back E.L.M and Photonic Mayhem weapons WTF. HEY here is a big ass mob with tons of HP and is super expensive to hunt with awful return and little to chance at anything good or fun other than grind codex. RIP
  18. DavinFelth

    News: Eomon Pheromone Levels Rising

    I agree, IF MA is reading feedback, when you adjust the spawns please adjust the loot - this is unacceptable. I'm not Excel wiz, but I've played a "few" migrations and I can tell the loot hasn't been added.
  19. DavinFelth

    Longtooth Old Alpha 12587

    Thanks for posting! Gratz
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    Info: Summer Migration Map

    Bless you! You just did 20x the work the community manager did all year :P
  21. DavinFelth

    What makes you, play, pay, and enjoy?

    It is set up for freedom - go to any place at anytime for whatever reason you want. I never feel like I'm "missing out" if I'm not logged in everyday, but I like to keep up with what is going on. It's always evolving and something to discover or try. I do it for the community, I have never...
  22. DavinFelth

    Ei Lita Senorita

    Oh my, I'm very sad to hear that - seen her around in game for years and was always a pleasant experience. May she live on at Memorial Island and hope you are OK.
  23. DavinFelth

    Population of the Entropia Universe

    Who knows how many... MA would never publish how many are active. We could "ballpark it", but that's probably best we can do. Why it isn't better----- NUMBER one TOO EXPENSIVE. No matter what anyone says this game is in a league of it's own. That is part of the attraction, but also leaves a...
  24. DavinFelth

    Mayhem Moving Forward

    Well you aren't new here, so you probably know how MA works and this behavior shouldn't be a surprise. That doesn't mean that your questions aren't invalid and make a lot of sense to me. In my experience and opinion MA doing SOMETHING even if it's not great is better because they usually do...