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    Having Fun!

    With so many threads of ppl complaining about stuff these days, we need to have some fun so I hope you enjoy! :) Merry christmas and happy new year! :tongue2:
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    Selling: Castorian Survival Enblade-5 SGA

    Click to enlarge Startbid: TT+1 Buyout: TT+300 I'm not sure how many of these are about but to date none have sold in auction... Decay is 7.36 pecs per swing, this gives and avg dmg/pec of 2.548. This sale will conclude on Jan. 1, 2010 unless a buyout price can be negotiated. Happy bidding.
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    SLI and VU 10 - Does it Work?

    Hey folks, a buddy of mine has bought a new PC the specs are: Core I7 920 6 Gb DDR3 Ram 300 Gb 10K RPM HD Dual GTX260s in SLI He has all settings on max with no AA going and is experiencing between 20-40 (I'd say avg is 30) FPS. This rig, at least in my opinion, should be running better that...
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    LG Claim Loss Timing Change, FYI. It's clearly stated in the link above (at this moment) that when all members of a soc die there is ~30 seconds before another soc can claim the land marker. In HU's fight today we found that isn't correct, it's ~10 secs. It...
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    Lootable PVP Issue - MA Keeping the Loot

    Yesterday in PVP4 with a friend we discovered that occasionally when someone makes a kill there is no loot exchange between the avatars. This is well and fine but the person who was killed still loses their stackables. MA is keeping the loot rather than paying it out to the person who scores...
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    Selling: Basic Adaptive Fuse

    Hello Folks! As the title says I'm selling a Basic Adaptive Fuse, none have sold in auction yet so I'd like to start the bidding here. Here are some screenshots to check out: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Let the bidding begin at TT! :) At this time there is no buyout but one may be...
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    HU Proudly Presents "HU's Our Daddy"

    Hunters Unlimited Society is proud to announce to the EU community that we now have a cadets soc, "HU's Our Daddy!" We'd like to start off by saying thank you to Nutter, Madsheep, Joop, & Timeless who are the folks that are leading this cadets soc for HU! HU's Our Daddy (aka HU2 for short) is...
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    32 Bit Vista SP1 and RAM

    Hey folks, for those of you running Vista there is currently a service pack 1 beta out there to download... For those of you who know Vista well, I have a question for ya... If you are currently using Vista 32 Bit today and have looked into maxing out your ram you'll probably know that it will...
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    B: DOA SH or RJ

    As the title says I'd like to purchase one of these guns. Please PM me if you have one of these for sale and we can discuss pricing! Thanks!
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    B: Angel Gloves Male

    Please drop me a PM if you have Angel Gloves Male for sale. I'm offering TT+9K. Thanks!
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    Selling Unlimited Bicak Blix

    FOR SALE: Unlimited Bicak Blix :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: Knife Sold! +28840 Peds as a Buyout Thanks folks for your bids! This blade is quite nice for skilling your Knifefighter Profession! The recommended level to begin using it is 22 and the level at which it's totally...
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    PC: Unlimited Bicak Blix

    Hello folks, my socmates (Kid Dynomite & Nabi) and myself looted this sweet unlimited sword from a Mulman. We are planning to sell it (I think) but first we'd appreciate a price check to establish some idea of market value. :) EDIT: I used the sweat method to determine decay. It resulted in...
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    Hunters Unlimited Recruiting

    Hunters Unlimited Society is Now Accepting New Members! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Updated: Feb. 3rd, 2008. HU has cleared our lower ranks of trial members over the last couple of months and is now in a position to open our doors for further...
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    Club Dmg/Sec Team Hunt Event (Fri. June 15 - 22:00)

    Welcome to the first in what I hope to be a series of social events where we, the people of Calypso, can combine our firepower to take down the biggest mobs in game with ease... :cool: Within my soceity, Hunters Unlimited, there is a very active event promotion crew who sets up everything from...
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    EU Website Screenshot - Skill Gains Quantified

    I wondering if anyone has seen this before... I was browsing the EU website and looking at the screenie's there when I noticed something extra in the skill gain messsages. Below is a screenie of the area zoomed in and it appears to me that each skill gain has a value of how much the skill...
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    My first tower was in PVP4 :O

    I finally got lucky enough to find a tower but of course it had to be in PVP4 the day after the VU that introduced the new pvp zone! :eek: I didn't get a screenie when the global happened, lol, because I freaked out and TP'd away immediately. :laugh: I was pretty worried about pulling it...
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    B:> Angel Male Pieces

    Hello Folks. :D I am buying the following items: Angel Gloves Male Angel Thighs Male For each of the Angel peices that I'm buying, I'll be getting rid of the same armor piece of Jaguar Male. If you are interested in including the Jag armor peices into the trade deal it's definately an...
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    Selling or Trading Shad Arms F for DOA LM

    Hiya Folks, I'm setting on a set of Shadow Arms F and I'd like to either sell them or trade them for a DOA LM. Feel free to PM me if you are interested. If you want to pay Peds for the arms then I'd like TT+5.5K, if you have a DOA LM that you'd like to trade for them I'm interested in a...
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    New VU Loot Distribution, Split Item Stacks?

    New VU Team Loot Distribution, Split Item Stacks? What do you all think of the new team hunting loot distribution? :eek: The old method of damage decides for peds that split the loot in proportion to the total damage done by each team member is no longer available. This means in a 3 man...
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    Aurli with a Shadow Surprise

    I generally don't post globals or HoFs on the public forum but this one I thought I'd share! :) After 3+ years and 7 millions dollars spent in PE/EU I finally looted a piece of Shadow! I'll tell ya, it was awesome! :D They are for sale too! It's Female of course and I have a male avy so...
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    Is this screenshot from EU?

    So have a look at the gallery section of the newly launched EU website and tell me if the picture of the trees is from this game... :laugh: LOL. Maybe MA hired some of those masterful airbrush artist Playboy uses?
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    Warning new PSP practices not clearly communicated

    This warning has to do with how MA's new PSP is now handling deposits and what that means to us. As of last week I found that I was unable to deposit and couldn't figure out why… I checked my CC to make sure I had available funds which I did so I submitted a support case to MA. The response...
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    Selling: Loads of Tailoring materials

    Please note that the items listed below are selling as a package. Pricing is based on the latest % as found on Please PM me if you are interested in buying ALL of the goods at the stated price or if you would be interested in trading an ML35 for these items. Thanks! Fine...
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    The Calypso Independence Needs Info

    For those are you who aren't yet familiar with The Calypso Independence (TCI for short), it's a publication by PE players for PE players! To see the Sept. 2005 edition just click on the following link: I'm heading up the...
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    Community Feedback Needed for PE Related Publication

    In the very near future a PE related publication, which is currently planned to be distributed on a monthly basis, will be presented to the community. I am working on a small part of this publication, which will require regular feedback from all of you. In particular I'm working on a section...