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  1. Robin

    Question: CVS cards

    I went to use a CVS card to deposit and the option was gone..I was sorely disappointed when the ikon wasn't there anymore. I guess i'll just use it to buy Shampoo and Advil now. What happened??
  2. Robin

    Blausarium in shinook

    For the first time ever i mined Blausarium in shinook. Just wow :O I'm really not excited about that move lol
  3. Robin

    Suggestion: get rid of mining bots

    I've logged into an old game I used to play and found they now have a bot detector before we log in. I bet it works. Maybe MA needs to do this to get rid of those annoying mining bots. Just changing the ores and enmatters around calypso isn't gonna do it. Eventually the bots will be back. They...
  4. Robin

    mining finders for higher level professions

    This is a suggestion to make new finders with higher level mining requirements . You do it with weapons so i'm guessing it can be done with finders as well. Make them so we will get better loots too. It would be worth yours and us miners while to put this into the game. I think maybe some...
  5. Robin

    I wanna buy keys

    I was using my card on the webshop to buy keys . It worked for me a few months ago. Now, well the transaction keeps resetting itself and wont buy anything. The new Giftcard way to get peds is ok for putting peds into the game but can't be used on the webshop! Maybe MA can take it to a new level...
  6. Robin

    getting stuck on trees

    Please fix the trees around fort Argus and in the pvp area there so we wont get stuck on them. They are all the low fringy trees with branches hanging almost to the ground . There is no way to get unstuck except to teleport . It is quite annoying. No need for them anyway they are ugly and useless.
  7. Robin

    FYI: shinook resources

    Now i notice today the addition of more lyst and oil in and around shinook TP area. Just an FYI
  8. Robin

    Buying: Buying ghoul armor set F

    Hi, i'm looking for a set of ghoul armor F ..PM me on this forum if you have one for sale or know of someone Selling..thanks
  9. Robin

    buying ghoul armor f

    I am buying ghoul armor F ..if you know of a set PM me here on this forum thanks
  10. Robin

    losing ammo while shooting at nothing..

    As the title states ..i lose ammo as i shoot at nothing..I thought this was fixed long ago
  11. Robin

    TT ALL redulite lol

    Now that it's so low, i will just tt every bit i get :P
  12. Robin

    New seeds?

    Seeds and what are they good for?
  13. Robin

    FYI: finder display wrong and also sluggish

    Finder display showing universal ammo and chewing even after no Resources found...also very sluggish and annoying..will stop mining until it gets fixed
  14. Robin


    2 claims from over 25 drops on planeT!!! lmao..
  15. Robin

    Achievement: opened drilling expertise

    So my last skill to open in mining...i didn't take a screenie but if you scan me i won't mind..Nothing great happened when i got it..just kinda ho hum mining with it..oh yeah, got it on a poor lyst and using a tt driller
  16. Robin

    FYI: RELICS recruiting

    Hey, if your mining crazy and kinda got alot of skills then RELICS is looking for you!! Just at the moment we are ranked top 21 in top 50...Right now, we are going thorough a transition stage of recruiting some new members....Most are european but I happen to be in USA at the that...
  17. Robin

    where are zombies?

    I can't find the zombies
  18. Robin

    FYI: Auction bug

    can't sort buyout by highest to lowest...very frustrating to find lowest BO :mad:
  19. Robin

    Help: I need to get my hair fixed asap!!!

    just what the title says...if anyone can help me i'd like to get my hair fixed..I'll tell you in a pm what happened just add me in game thnx..
  20. Robin

    Help: Reviving in Space is Bugged

    Hi, if your reading this anyone who has the ability, can you please revive me on foma ..I'm dead floating in space..sent a support but this is a back up and warning to players as well
  21. Robin

    Question: two support cases disapeared ?

    I sent two support cases asking when I should recive my withdrawl because it's been over 40 days.. Both cases disapeared...I got no answer and withdrawl still pending...I wonder what happened? It now has been 47 day..Some of my soc mates recieved theirs in 38 days and withdrew around the same...
  22. Robin

    Uber: Vast Narc on foma unamped

    Vast on foma
  23. Robin

    Help: low skilled avatar looking for an all swedish society

    I'm wondering if there is an active low level (skills) all swedish society in entropia universe using swedish in chat that one can recommend...A disciple of mine is looking and asked me if I knew of any..At the moment I only know that there are a few higher level skilled swedish...
  24. Robin

    FYI: Amps needed on Arkadia for a one month long contest

    Making amps?? Arkadia is having a mining contest and low lvl amps are needed..So,If you are a low lvl amp maker(say from lvl 1 to lvl 4) and want to make some more peds off your runs come to Arkadia with yours and sell them...We also have traders there at celeste quarry who might just buy a load...
  25. Robin

    Uber: Uber day on Arkadia

    Today i got a global a hof and an uber hof all in about 5 minutes on arkadia all unamped as well...:)...will post on those forums too