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  1. Redone Duncan

    WoF 2020: Team Italy

    Nation: Italy Avatar: Redone Duncan McCloud Avatar: Ron Ronny Kovich (he still doesn't know, but he HAS to join rofl) WoF WoF WoF Join "Squadra Italia": the italian team is recruiting hunters, fappers, spies and GALS to celebrate and have fun in the most fun EU hunting event. Call to...
  2. Redone Duncan

    Buying: Weapon Switch

    Hi all, I was just wondering if any Kallous-7 owner would like to switch his weapon with my Ranked Scorpion Tier 7.4 (+ or - peds depending mostly on tier). I'm considering that for better range even if dmg/sec is lower in the carabine. Cheers DRM
  3. Redone Duncan

    Selling: Some Gear

    Selling Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 4 - Tier 3,9 SOLD Great eco Mace with MT6: 2,940 dmg/pec and 64.7 dmg/sec without enhancers! Grenade Launcher NGL-1 - Tier 3.0 = SOLD DRM
  4. Redone Duncan

    Selling: Castorian Combat Mace 4

    Hi all, I'm considering to sell my Mace as I reached the SIB. Great hp booster. It's a Powerful Mace with Trauma Amp 6 (2940 dmg/sec - 64.7 dmg/sec), low enhancer consumption and ready to tier 4. Atm It's at its minimum tt and I'm asking around tt+2.5k To tier it up the Mace needs...
  5. Redone Duncan

    Achievement: Slowest Commander EVER

    From first days it was my target, and finally after "only" 5821 days (yes... almost 16 years.. :ahh:), I'm a medium player :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: (and need to upgrade signature) A very proud Commander DRM :yay:
  6. Redone Duncan

    Selling: Hoplite M set

    Selling this ancient greece M set, full tt; 3 parts T1+, Gloves Kaldonized ;-) All parts have nice tier rates. Let me know if anyone interested so we can find a price Cheers DRM
  7. Redone Duncan

    Question: Redone Q1: Is there any possibility to merge L-Rings?

    Seemed to me something was written about crafting L rings into something better, is there still the possibility that this happens? TY DRM
  8. Redone Duncan

    Help: Entropia Tracker Combat Log

    I loved the Combat Log Sheet in my client, but since months I receive an error after clicking on "Fill list" buttons (maybe old enrtropedia site links?). Do u know if is this remediable? tyvm DRM
  9. Redone Duncan

    Achievement: First one to celebrate 15 years in PE/EU :D

    Hi all dear Entropians!:dunce::dunce::dunce: Even if I am still (eternal maybe, lol) noob I'm really proud to celebrate my 15th year in this great community! For sure I'm not the only one, so pls mates, join the party and FIFTEEN CLUB :D Maybe next milestone we'll see VR fully implemented...
  10. Redone Duncan

    Selling: Considering to sell Geotrek H21 Scof UNL Tier 7.2

    ITEM STILL FOR SELL! Take the eco low level gun, perfect for young allophyl, argo, feffoid, longu, cornunda.... and other starter quests, STOP PAYING MU! Hi all, as title says I'm seriously considering to sell this nice toy: GeoTrek H21 Scrof Weapon parameters: -SIB starts at 18 hit/dmg...
  11. Redone Duncan

    Discovery: My very first in.... yearsssssss

    Yesterday I decided to visit Toulan for the first time, as seemed to me something interesting is going on there too ;) and finally succeded: a DISCOVERY!!! For the first time in (omg) 12+ years :laugh: It has a noobish and a bit unusual protection, like other Toulan's armor, and a never seen L...
  12. Redone Duncan

    About RT missions prizes

    Hi all, I'm always interested in mission prizes as it's the fast way to reach my so looong dreamed goal (commando), so checked pedia and saw missing some datas about RT missions. I'll post here some pics about those, it's funny and loot is (fear to say that) not so bad ^^; pls be patient atm I'm...
  13. Redone Duncan

    Selling: Dire hound creature control capsule

    Hi all, I'm seeling the green pill :tongue2: Dire hound creature control capsule TT 85 ped Anyone interested in PKing? :laugh: accepting any offer until sat 14th november. DRM
  14. Redone Duncan

    Selling: Male Martial SGA Parts and Vigilante Full Male

    Selling: Helm tier 1,4 (67/103/116/119/112/62/106/106/64) Foot tier 2,0 (41/95/115/107/46/81/54/60) SOLD It's a great, cool and eclectic armor : Pen: 12 Imp: 36 Burn: 23 Cut: 23 Stab: 21 Shrap: 8 Elec: 5 Durability 4000 Full set Male vigilante (price changed because of last VU, of...
  15. Redone Duncan

    Selling: UNL Corrosive Attack Nanochip VI / Vigilante full M set / Philo Sword

    Hi all, I'm thinking to sell: UNL Corrosive Attack Nanochip VI tier 3, next tier numers: 81,60,118,51,83,55,61 Philo Sword tier 2,5, next numbers: 103,81,142,98,105,82,90,118 Vigilante Male set, low tier, but some part with really high numbers Helm tier 0,6...
  16. Redone Duncan

    Selling: Some low items

    Want to sell those if anyone interested in old time unl itemz Castorian Combat EnBlade-A full tt, Tier numbers: 167/160/116/63/62/120/94/61/164/88 Castorian EnKnuckles-A full tt, Tier numbers: 77/65/96/85/89/57/101/41/113/93 M2100 full tt, Opalo, Vivo T1. ty DRM
  17. Redone Duncan

    Selling: UNL Corrosive Attack Nanochip VI

    Hi! I'm willing to sell this toy, it's tier 3.0 and other tier numbers are: 81/60/118/51/83/55/61. It's a nice chip for skilling pyro and it only needs Level 16. I'm asking 800 peds total (it's at 46 ped full tt) Cheers, DRM
  18. Redone Duncan

    Buying: Looking for Unl guns low dps

    I'd like to see if anyone want to sell one of those and for what price: Herman Cap 10 Smuggler Herman Cap 20 Smuggler Geotrek H21 Scrof Geotrek H23 Crista Korss H400 Breer P5a Piron PLP 15/20 ty, DRM
  19. Redone Duncan

    Buying: Looking for Male HARNESS Martial SGA or Shadow

    Hi all, I'm still looking for my Unl Harness; Martial SGA is preferred, but i could consider a Shadow part too. Cheers, DRM
  20. Redone Duncan

    Selling: Selling Next island - Ancient Greece Loot

    Hi! Saw someone iterested in NI/AG loot, so I've listed something I had in storage overthere, for sell: (sry, no Cacoxenite) 47 Papoo Heart 80 Papoo foot 87 Papoo palm 86 Papoo tail 57 Papoo Eye 03 Kunzite crystal 27 Boar Tusk 44 Boar Eye 29 Boar Head 26 Boar Tail 47 Boar Hoove 29 Boar Heart...
  21. Redone Duncan

    Buying: Buying Impact Harness

    Heya, i'm looking for an Unl impact harness, something in this range: Martial Sga (preferred) Shadow Sand Stormer Angel (only if very cheap price) Pls if u have something for sell PM me. Ty, DRM
  22. Redone Duncan

    Buying: Looking for Male SHIN and HARNESS Martial SGA

    Hi all, as title says i'm looking for those 2 Martial SGA parts, if u consdier to sell, pls PM here or in game, ty ^^ Cheers DRM
  23. Redone Duncan

    WoF 2014: Team Italy

    Nation: Italy Avatar: Redone Duncan McCloud Avatar: Ron Ronny Kovich (he still doesn't know, but he HAS to join rofl) Captain: unknown Creating national thread asap WB HURRICANE!!! :D
  24. Redone Duncan

    Buying: Adjusted Fap

    Hi all, I'm seriously considering to buy an Adj Fap. Pls PM me with detailed tiers, if u wanna sell the toy, ty :) DRM
  25. Redone Duncan

    Selling: Ghoul set M mostly T2

    Hey all, I'm considering to sell my rare ghoul set (M) 5 part over T2 Shin and Face at T1,x I could accept around 3 Clds as BO+tt o.c. I find it cool as most mobs in EU hit Impact and it has some nice bonus protection Stab: 14 HP - 22 with normal 5B plate Cut: 15 HP - 24 with normal 5B plate...