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  1. Aio

    Wishlist: Tiered strongboxes

    Hey MA, I like the current direction with strongboxes but they don't really offer me the scope of reward I'm after. I propose 4 levels of strong box, your current 10ped key (let's call this basic), then some other levels: 25ped (standard) this could have longer skillpills, maybe some cool...
  2. Aio

    EU Mouse Sensitivity

    Hey, Anyone know if it's possible to alter the mouse sensitivity in EU other than resorting to dpi switching on a mouse? I use a Razer Mamba TE, have the DPI set up for my preferences in CSGO / PUBG, and then uninstalled Razer Synapse because it's a piece of shit bloatware. So the mouse is...
  3. Aio

    Account Inactivity before Withdrawal Processed

    Genuinely got an e-mail today from MindArk letting me know that they noticed that my account hadn't been logged in for a while and that I should come back and play. I submitted a withdrawal on 24 June (43 business, 61 regular days ago) and I have logged in since, but I do find it odd that MA's...
  4. Aio

    BattleSim Cheater(s)

    Well well well... Looks like at least one person has been busted in the top 7. Reminder of those avatars who placed above me: :girl:
  5. Aio

    Selling: Veterans Sales Thread

    Hey all, Doing a bit of society storage cleaning, have the following items up for sale. I have given a "guide price" for each, offers in the region of the price by PM please, if a reasonable offer is received the item will be sold so it is a 1st come 1st served sale: Adjusted EWE EP-41...
  6. Aio

    Selling: Strikehammer, Adj Stark, Sandstomer M

    Adj EP41, Imp7, Optac moved thread, please close mod :)
  7. Aio

    Buying: Vain Gloves (F)

    I'm in the market to buy Vain Gloves (F). My offer is 2000 PED. I also will regularly need Vain Gloves (F,L). I can offer 110% for these. Please note: Vain Gloves (F/M) are looted from Daspletor. Vain Gloves (F,L/M,L) are looted from Phasm. Go hunt me some gloves!
  8. Aio

    FYI: 100 APM Rounding

    Evening, Got me thinking today in a separate thread about reload buffs on tools/faps not just weapons. I used a 100apm knife (Imp7) to show that reload buffs have an effect not just on guns, but melee too. It got me thinking... how is the extra cost truly factored in. So I did a little decay...
  9. Aio

    Suggestion: Improve Scanning

    Afternoon all, I've been giving this some thought over the last few days and I think the following would be good boost to the scanning professions (which for a set of professions, have so many skills for such a currently "useless" profession). 2 Parts: A- Mob Locations So we have Human...
  10. Aio

    Selling: Esi 1250ped

    1250PED (full) ESI. PM here or ingame (Aio ai0 Dakina) with your offer.
  11. Aio

    Achievement: Half Of My Life

    So, today is my birthday - no special deal, I'm 29 today (and still a complete mess in real life :ahh:). But interestingly, as of June 2016, I will have been playing Entropia for 14.5 years - Starting back in the mists of time in December 2001 (second round of the Beta, pre-COT). Absolutely...
  12. Aio

    Mob Damage from Attributes

    Aloha, I've been thinking that there must be a way to work out mob damage from its attributes. I have a feeling this will get very complicated (multiple damage types, let alone multiple attack types) but to start with, I've been looking at Ambulimax (100% Imp): Maturity Level HP DMG...
  13. Aio

    Question: Thyroid, Adrenal

    Hey all, For the mission galactica grind, where's the best sources of Thyroid & Adrenal? I know Phasm, Gokibusagi, Morsusilex drop Thyroid and Estophyl drop Adrenal, but hilariously rarely for all (a few ped of oil per 1k ammo). I'm assuming I'll have to visit Ark/Cyrene, but an idea of a mob...
  14. Aio

    Selling: Shopkeeper (F)

    Selling this fresh looted shopkeeper - PM offers here or in-game (Aio ai0 Dakina). Thanks!
  15. Aio

    Selling: RX Harness, Viking parts, M2910, Lasers/Scopes

    Hey all, Need to free up some PEDs so selling these bits and bobs. PM me your offer on here on ingame (Aio ai0 Dakina). Rx OpTac x2 Harness (F) t0 Viking Thighs (F) t1 Viking Gloves (F) t0 Viking Shins (F) t2 7x 6A Plates Omegaton M2910 t0.4 (all tiers above 100 apart from t0) Vamachara...
  16. Aio

    Loot-Theory Debunk Thread

    Hey all, Getting a bit bored with the "eco doesn't matter" opinion, so I thought while I'm injured this weekend (knee, football, fucks sake) I'd have some fun(?) using my imp7 knife and lose a shit load of PEDs. Weapon setup is: Castorian Survival Enblade 7 Improved t4.8 + Melee Trauma Amp...
  17. Aio

    Help: Private Cooper broken (Rx OpTac x2)

    Hey all, I recently looted a Mint Splicing Detector (best loot ever in 14 years yay!) but when I go to hand it in with Private Cooper for the Rx OpTac x2 harness, I can drop it in the box (and it goes green) but when clicking accept it gives the error "Private Cooper Event Item Trader; Code...
  18. Aio

    Selling: My Gash

    Hi guys, Been doing a bit of taming skilling recently, kinda feels like moving up a level is like aging a year lol! But it's been OK cos I treat my virtual pets like real ones so give them names and everything, keeps it way more cool that way!! Anyway, I've probably got to about as far as I...
  19. Aio


    Don't know why I didn't think of this before. Right click melee weapon -> repair with shrapnel -> item is repaired to 101% of the value of shrapnel used. Problem solved?
  20. Aio

    Pc: Imk2

    What are we looking at in p2014 range (aug->dec)? Thanks (seller's input most appreciated).
  21. Aio

    Selling: Selling Out: Imp7, Boar F

    In light of recent "updates" I'm kinda forced to do this, what a shame. I've always said one day I'll buy the original PE code.. plan for future Aio :) Anyway, offers on: Imp Seb 7 t4.5 - 100 atk/min, huge dps with melee amps + enhance. Full Boar F Bunch of other stuff will just go straight...
  22. Aio

    Selling: EON: unL M Helmet / Shins

    Two armour pieces for your pleasure! Eon Helmet (M) t0.9 Eon Shins (M) t0.5 Both unlimited of course, get yourself a couple of piece of uber pk/bot armour! Helmet: tt+4.5k BO Shins: tt+4k BO Will consider offers near to these values, this is not an auction however. Please be sensible with...
  23. Aio

    Aio's 2013 Goals

    Just thought I'd post a little thread about my plans for 2013. It's been a long time since I've had the time and funds for PE... probably going back to 2005/6 or so. However, I'm now out of University (BSc+MSc :yup:) and soon to be employed; therefore I have the funds to play once more. I want...
  24. Aio

    MU Returns

    Is it me, or is it completely pointless to actually save up loot and sell in bulk anymore? Apart from some incredibly rare items in loot (some components with droprates of perhaps 0.001 or lower) it seems that it's actually more worthwhile to TT everything rather than save it up. It doesn't...
  25. Aio

    Idiot question....

    Alright, so this is probably a real simple one.. When I logged out 2 years ago, my left mouse button used the tool in my hands (gun/fap/firework) and the right button performed an action (loot mob, trade terminal). Now, the right mouse button still does it's previous actions but also does the...