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  1. milena jingles

    FYI: Arkadia underground....

    There it is .....
  2. milena jingles

    Sentinel Arm Guards M, UL

    For a friend w/o a PCF account i just want to check the worth of this arms MU history on them.....
  3. milena jingles

    Selling: Lacerating Attack Nano Chip X UL

    Hi there, SOLD for a friend and Socmate i am selling a freshly discovered Lacerating Attack Nano Chip X ..UL with some nice stats .. since it is the first one there will be no SB / BO ....i just sell when i feel the price is right ... leave your offers here or drop me a pm ...also you...
  4. milena jingles

    Dj isclay`s birthday bash !!!!!!!

    DJ ISCLAY`S BIRTHDAY BASH on friday the 1th of february live at celeste quarry at 21ma COME AND JOIN THE BASH FOR A DIFFERENT KIND OF DJ HAPPY BIRTHDAY DJ ISCLAY :dj::dancing::swoon::trout::love::dance::drink::cheer::birthday::dunce::beerchug:
  5. milena jingles

    Normandieradio New Years Bash !!!

    Normandie Radio: Singing and Dancing in the New Year ~ come and join us live on air ~ 22 MA Celeste Quarry ~ ~ send greetings out to your friends a DJ drop the message and we bring it live on air
  6. milena jingles

    Banging with the Borg.....

    Normandie Radio Presents: DJ Cyborg Bill ~ 16 MA ~ Banging with the Borg ~ ~ or ~
  7. milena jingles

    FYI: Lost ins Space feat.someone has stolen Calypso

    After a flight from Ark to Caly I arrived at Caly Station and tried to land on the Planet...Message came and I agreed ;) landed In PA jumped with tp to Aloode :) so far so good..... Since I was running low on memory(again) I made a relog....and logged in.......on the Fortune which was docked at...
  8. milena jingles

    FYI: Where are my peds??????

    Sooooo since I am a very patient person normaly it is hard to get me angry or pissed off.... but this time it happend.. yesterday i made a depo with usually ....after the exchange page i got only ??? Ok...I thought it is a bit laggy or whatever and tried again...but it says card has...
  9. milena jingles

    Need some hunter ;)

    Mulciber and Hydra in Solfais right at the tp :) We could need some hunter here .......
  10. milena jingles

    FYI: Chirpy Mutated......

    ...are on the road now ;) Solfais Crater
  11. milena jingles

    GZ to the Ubers

    Now you have an official VIP status it seems ......
  12. milena jingles

    Calypso is back by MA ......

    Exclamation Planet Partners Since 1999 MindArk has invested over 60 million USD to develop Entropia Universe and the Entropia Platform. MindArk offers Planet Partners to be a part of this and use our technology in building and maintaining entirely new planets in Entropia Universe...
  13. milena jingles

    Selling: To all texture crafters...Bulk of L...

    Texture BP´s (L) Thats alot of clicks i know but i´d like to sell in a bunch :) PM me for a offer plz :) 83 Berycled Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0.76 PED Limited (Vol. II) (282) 84 Berycled Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0.59 PED Limited (Vol. II) (282) 85 Berycled Leather...
  14. milena jingles

    Question: Can someone tell me.....

    how it is on Cp after the update? runs everything fine?...PVP? On or Off? Would like to know coz i dont hunt on Ame as long as PVP is enabled :)
  15. milena jingles

    Question: Scanner ????

    Can someone confirm that scanners are not longer working on avatars ?....I can scan vehicles and mobs but i cant scan avatars........ a bug or a feature ? :)
  16. milena jingles

    Selling: DNA Fragment D title says, i sell 1 DNA Fragment D, weekly MU is 2031,75% make an offer or ingame (sometimes i´m healing in nea´s ) :)
  17. milena jingles

    A new scammer´s on the road....

    He run´s with the trick to paint clothes, offered black,red, and green.... as i asked him if he can colour black he say´s yes :) after scanning him he run away like hell :) so it is a full Noob with agi 3.... runs in Nea´s today and i think he try it again.... take care.... Hey guy I KNOW YOUR...
  18. milena jingles

    God bless our friends

    This evening i saw in our news that a really heavy Zylon is running torwards to Australia (again Queensland which was flooded ) I really hope the things turn good and the storm will change his way.... so please all Aussie Socmates, Friends, Communitymembers .....take care.... i m sure many...
  19. milena jingles

    Selling: Full Ghost (F) without feet,Tier 1

    As title says , sell my Ghost (F) without feet (if it´s needed sell shogun feet Tier 1) all parts on Tier 1... Make an offer :) P.S. all parts are full tt = 302 Ped Set without feet will go for BO = 380 Ped
  20. milena jingles

    Planet info?

    Hi it´s only me or is the Planet info side with the stats from Rocktropia gone.... cant find it anymore:rolleyes:
  21. milena jingles

    Selling: Selling: Clothes (F)

    As title says, I sell my full Set of Clothes... Rancher Hat - 100% Tantardion Texture Seduce Miniskirt - 100% Tantardion Texture Lodod Tank Top ----- SOLD Queen Stiletto Boots PM me an offer , I prefer to sell the Full Set in Stack....... Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  22. milena jingles

    Is a new Typhoon near Calypso ?

    What´s the title say :) MA says they want to change the Beginner zone for Noobs from PA to somewhere else... Maybe a new robot Ship Destroy another big Town to create a new Zone :rolleyes: Do you think a new big update is coming with the new Bot Invasion ?