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    What would you like to see in 2015?

    Interesting and non-grind content.
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    Prosecutor M5 (L) BP

    I don't think it uses any non-dropping components, the challenge is getting all the components and residue cheap enough that you can sell it for a competitive eco to lpr-4 (l) and mayhem r1(l). I don't think it is very rare bp either.
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    Auction Order clarification please

    There are unlimited items and blueprints that exist but are not on auction orders list.
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    Server Maintenance

    A lot of people.
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    Average points for TOP 5 MM

    Surely its 1.25*last_years_points/40 ?
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    Merry Mayhem 2014

    If anything, normalized score over 40 hours is going easy on us compared to previous years. Fairly long time period for doing those 40 too.
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    Who is in charge?

    The answer is probably "because they have not added those". I have not seen any indication of the ammo vs decay part in items not being in the hands of PP developers.
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    Exclusive update on the Robot attacks

    So... mad scientists did stupid shit and got us Feffox, despite best efforts by RX. CDF messed things up, and we had to repeatedly clear things up for them. And now they are trying to get us into more war with RX? I say we give it a pass.
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    Question: Would these be useful for MM?

    You can use these in instances. As the instance lasts for one hour, these are best used together with a skill increase pill ;-)
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    Merry Mayhem 2014

    Ghost + 5B is spot on for Merry Mayhem S3 Kerberos.
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    Question: Sick and tired of grinding, please make a lot of story missions!

    It is not that I have not done grinding missions - I have completed two "bronze" chains (merp & molisk) and a bunch of other (7 iirc) iron chains so far. I don't see a single squat being different game wise from that. Not even a single lounge where you need to have the book of the machine...
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    Question: Sick and tired of grinding, please make a lot of story missions!

    I am sick and tired of grinding. How about a boatload of non-grindy or at most slightly grindy missions, prefrably with some focus with storyline? How about you?
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    Special Edition Quad-Wing Interceptors

    There are at least 5 - Egg, Terminator, Personal Nurse, Lady / Lord Kraster Helms.
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    WhiningSkeptics Super Rant

    If you don't live somewhere where you don't have to pay for the joint replacement yourself, move. If you have not asked about physiotherapy yet, ask. If you are not taking any NSAIDs (at least) then talk this over with your doctor. If you are not yet using elbow support / strap, consider...
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    Please rework crafting

    Also in another thread, but really, should be freestanding. How crafting should be: successful craft of a "normal" item from a limited BP should on average give a limited BP for the item alongside item, modulo more rare drops giving multi-click BPs or higher level BPs. drops of UL BPs should...
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    Stop UL Drops in Hunting

    I think MA should first start by fixing crafting ... we have useless bps (or at least useless in quantities crafted) that are clicked simply to get other, limited blueprints we have crafted items which invariably suck compared to looted items crafted from L bps that come from excessive...
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    So..what's new?

    There are some more robots around, and there are now grind missions for most robots that give you skill rewards. Robot loot (ok, not only robot loot) was recently redone, so slightly more markup exists for components. Good luck smashing the robot menace!
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    Stable Owners and Player Base

    I have had a lot of "damn, I really wish I had 10 hp more" crits.
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    Stable Owners and Player Base

    Lower level players have infinitely more use from +10hp than higher levels, so I am not entirely sure what you are on about.
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    FYI: Let's help MA design a spaceship!

    I would much rather see them focus more on the mechanics and gameplay of space, not making new ships.
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    Special Edition Quad-Wing Interceptors

    I don't thin its unreasonable if the warp drives are integrated and can't be removed.
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    Special Edition Quad-Wing Interceptors

    Because it is guaranteed to bring you in ~ $200K
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    Robot Mayhem #2 Results

    oopsie, i guess?
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    Robot Mayhem #2 Results

    This is the first time ever I have seen the word "braze" being applied to people.
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    Robot Mayhem #2 Results

    This is the first time ever I have seen the word "braze" being applied to people.