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  1. Joser

    This should be fun

    Alright. Fap 80. Freand Delta BLP Pistol. Ghost armor except for the foot guards. Those are Shogun. I also have complete Shogun and complete Ghoul. I was messing around with some bigger Exarosaurs and Daikiba around Fort Troy. I got all excited when I received Lootius' Golden Shower 3...
  2. Joser


    My WoF Champion Jacket from '07 might be my favorite item that I own.
  3. Joser

    This should be fun

    So it's fun being a super noob again. I only have 120ish HP. I have Ghost Armor with 5A plating. I have a Freand BLP Pistol plus the trusty opallo and m22101 or something like that. A sabakuma killed me. I'm going to deposit some later and start having fun.
  4. Joser

    This should be fun

    Well... I'm thinking of making my way back to this place after being away for nearly a decade. I recently reactivated my account, but I haven't seen my Gold Card and Gold Card Reader in years so I'm waiting for MindArk to remove them from my account. I have no idea what skills or equipment I...
  5. Joser

    WoF 2011: Team USA (OohRah!)

    Octavius Joser Rex Support n00b (freand delta) n00b (ghost + plates) whomever feels s/he can handle the task.
  6. Joser

    ***WoF 2011 RULES and Info***

    WoF time again? Yes! Looks like I got here just in time...:yay:
  7. Joser

    thoughts from a now ex-player.. the good bad and ugly

    I'm about to make a (hopefully) triumphant return to this wonderful place. Glad to see people still sitting all over the damn fence and in both yards regarding the running of PE. Should be like I never left...
  8. Joser

    Word Association Version 2.0

    Stop! .
  9. Joser

    Show us ya face!

    AAAHHHH! Quit looking at my soul!
  10. Joser

    Grammar Nazi Alert!

    Meh. .
  11. Joser

    Selling: UL Korss H350 TT+1 SB 24Hr Auction

    I'm not real fond of that either, but I love the thought of scaling down and doing lower level hunting while still at 10/10 HA and having a repairable weapon.
  12. Joser

    Selling: UL Korss H350 TT+1 SB 24Hr Auction

    Guess I should read the first post more carefully. 17:00. +42
  13. Joser

    Selling: UL Korss H350 TT+1 SB 24Hr Auction

    Ugh.... judging by the 24 hour rule, it looks like mandu has the winning bid. Congratz, mandu.
  14. Joser

    Selling: UL Korss H350 TT+1 SB 24Hr Auction

    +30 .
  15. Joser

    MA still hittig you with decay on a sword when you miss.

    So you're complaining about the "realism" of swinging and missing something when we occupy a planet that involves the absurd transportation means that we have? When we occupy a planet where robots are hell-bent on destroying us yet their AI seems set at "run at and kill regardless of taking...
  16. Joser

    ATH: welcomed heart attack!!

    Huge gratz on an amazing loot! So... do these things not hit that often? Sorry, but it's been a hot minute since I've been in game.
  17. Joser

    FYI: I am in your Market Raising your Prices!

    Must spread rep and such. I love the whole, "I'm going to do something that won't even be noticed, but I'll talk about it here on EF so people will notice me" bit. Fantastic.
  18. Joser

    Morally offensive material (with poll)

    I pose another question as an answer. Who's morals do we go by? As pointed out earlier, they're often related to upbringing and the culture you live in. That makes them VERY subjective in my eyes. How do we conform to the different sets of morals that we have in game?
  19. Joser

    ATH: 79k oa104 :D

    Congratulations again on this happening to you last summer... friggin necros
  20. Joser

    Manticore is born!

    I don't see Trogdor's beefy arm anywhere on that thing.
  21. Joser

    An idea for MA

    As I see it the original topic was to create a 2 separate games. One for non-withdrawers and one for withdrawers. I still fail to see how lorespade and sloe have improved on this idea. As for sloe's "player driven economy," umm... wtf do you think this current system is? How do you think...
  22. Joser

    MM Scammers - Take the money and run!

    The People's Champ has spoken.
  23. Joser

    An idea for MA

    I agree that FPC and the planet partners' main goal should be figuring out how to recruit and retain new players, but I don't think it's quite as drastic as you say, Chip. They NEED you? Really? Take a look around the forum sometime and see just how long back that argument has been made. I...
  24. Joser

    Word Association Version 2.0

    Combat .
  25. Joser

    EF Competition: The Last Man Standing!!

    Holy rusted metal, Batman! This thread is still alive?!