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  1. exovirus

    Virus's Guide to Beating Entropia!

    You can win in the Entropia Universe, as long as you follow these simple rules I will be listing below. Before I get into the rules I would like to make it explicitly clear that the Entropia Universe is a form of entertainment which takes the efforts and hard work of thousands and then rewards...
  2. exovirus

    Dynamics & Numbers

    202,000 ped in 48 hours. What does 202,000 ped represent? 2 loots both in a range of 90k - 100k both of which went to two very hard playing avatars, which I believe have put in the play time and investment to loot these ATH's. However... 202,000 ped in 48 hours... That is equivalent to: 5...
  3. exovirus

    Achievement: Realizing when to let go!

    Recently I achieved the current stats: Agility: 71 Strength: 60 Intellegence: 46 ( hope to raise to 50 ) Psyche: 40 As for loots... honestly.. uber loots are overrated short term hype. Not worth stressing over. .
  4. exovirus

    Buying: Fluffin Golf Shorts + Lodod Tank Top (f)

    Looking for both, will take either of the one you have. Perfer to get shorts first. If you either, please pm or post a price. cheers, thanks, best wishes.. blah blah - virus -
  5. exovirus

    Achievement: Pvp is so thoughtful!

    Today achieved my first spree in ring @ twins, while duking it out with mindforce ^^.
  6. exovirus

    Discovery: Yay I discovered an item!

    7 years of playing... today my first discovery! Swirlies were nice, but to my disgust... the chip is L! :mad: anyways :wtg: wootz for hoffy swirles.. almost thought it was 3k combibo lol..
  7. exovirus

    HoF: Thank you Loot Monkey

    The "loot monkey theory" to me is the most realistic theory I can believe in all the god forsaken loot theories out there. Honestly, some angry button mashing monkey at a control station deep within MA/FPC Headquarters. All the time carefully watching hundreds of screens while peeling his...
  8. exovirus

    Buying: Ravanger Mini Sweeper v1

    Going to be taking my sweet time on this, going to be some where in the next 30 days. Looking for a v1 for around 3k ped total tt included. Not interested in paying more for higher tiered. PM me offers, have 1k/3k saved so far, will be paying in straight ped. Cheers, - virus -
  9. exovirus

    Help: Preview Window Blank

    Every since one of the updates of vu 10 my preview window no longer shows objects scanned, item visual in info box, makes it extremely hard to look at clothes on auction or texture materials... Have reinstalled twice, clean after uninstalling.. no change. Any ideas? Has this happen to anyone...
  10. exovirus

    EF is Being Held Hostage!

    ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS OF THE ENTROPIA FORUM COMMUNITY! I am here by holding Entropia Forums hostage until my demands are met! :mad: The terms of release of your precious forums are as such! 1. Find someone who can do my demon eyes! 2. Make sorg login and do them for me! These are your only...
  11. exovirus

    Help: Is sorg the only one high enough to do demon eyes?

    He won't answer, and I keep trying to find someone... 2 months down waiting... :(, if anyone has the skills please step forward!
  12. exovirus

    Achievement: Disciples on the Hunt!

    Very proud of our new society, it is developing well. Today we had the opportunity to go on our society's first hunt together. Was tt fisting on argo's but a maffoid got thumped all the same. Other than chrome, kedar and arch having to wait till elora and I were repairing fist to global...
  13. exovirus

    Buying: Demon Eyes

    Beed wanting Sorg to do the demon eyes for me... nearly 2 months of waiting.. when I do see him on he isn't answering. Anyone else have the skill? if you do please pm me! - virus -
  14. exovirus

    Achievement: First Spree - lol

    Was hanging with the sweaty kids @ Neas in disguise with the full unrepaired newbie attire, keeping it cheap. 3 kills came from people who couldn't follow the rules of the swunt. 2 kills came from green dots which aggro'ed ambu. The other 5 were unfortunate involuntary team mates which...
  15. exovirus

    Selling: Selling 40k EFD

    Funds procured from this sale will go directly to the "2010 Man of Steel" competition. thank you for your help in advance! - virus -
  16. exovirus

    Man of Steel - 2010

    Welcome to the Man of Steel competition. With mentoring down and out and returning who knows when, many players no longer take the time to help newcomers. I see this by the amount of people coming into the game who have played for several weeks and still lack the basic and most necessary...
  17. exovirus

    Question: Shops & Rent

    I see a lot of shops with unpaid rent. We could discuss why or why it isn't worth owning a shop, or why these people have or haven't chosen to pay it for various reasons. However... Should there be a limit of how long you can go without paying rent? Rent isn't even high, even if your not...
  18. exovirus

    Help: Chat logs for EU on Vista OS.

    Hey guys, Never really thought to care before this but wanted to link up my chat logs ( which are enabled ) to my screenshot program.... only problem is.... where are they? :scratch2: my OS is vista, I looked in C:\Program Files\Entropia Universe and C:\Program Files\MindArk nothing...
  19. exovirus

    Unique Modified Mission

    Here is the thing, I have been doing this crazy non sib research. I expected returns so far to be 50 - 60%. I am sitting around 81% atm, saving ped not throwing MU into the grinder. So I started looking at non sib guns to see if there was something I wanted if this research pans out.. and I end...
  20. exovirus

    Info: The Newcomer Directory

    There are lots of newcomer oriented threads, events, guides, and societies on EF Forums, many of them scattered throughout the forums. I would like to provide a centralized location for links to all active newcomer oriented content. I hope this helps save someone a little hassle and time. -...
  21. exovirus

    If you had 80 - 100 ped to give...

    If you had 80 - 100 ped to give to the community how would you use it to benefit them? I created the Zombie Rescue Fund, a while ago as a joke, that was short lived but got some great laughs, even made a small short game out of it till my thread about the undead... well died. :laugh: Now with...
  22. exovirus

    Do you believe Roctropia creatures will have DNA?

    I started something for fun about a month back I think called the Zombie Rescue Fund. So now I am wondering, is it possible for rocktropia mobs to have DNA and it be used on LA's in calypso. Honestly I wouldn't want them there. But I am quite fond of the zombies. So just vote what you think...
  23. exovirus

    Rebellion Against SIB

    187/300 hoping to get that big one before I reach 300 Globals! Every since SIB was available I jumped on the eco band wagon.. thinking... something more efficient, something that will improve loots. With all the recent topics, posts, arguements.. that for some reason have caught my eye when it...
  24. exovirus

    Buying: Starkhov AS-97

    One of my buddies cyrex is letting me borrow his for the time being, but he seems to not want to part with it permanently. Anyone interested in selling one please post here, or pm me your offers! Cheers
  25. exovirus

    Question: Different Types of Globals...

    Not sure how many are sib and non sib users... but do any of you that use both notice difference in type of loots you recieve in your globals?