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    Selling: 500k Skills + 50k M tokens (Bulk pills or whatever?)

    Bulk deal for discounted price, pm on discord if you have any specific questions @Sulje#1120 Bulk deal price skills + tokens + other stuff 120k ped. List of skills that are left: - Your or my ESI, I have around 5k tt ESI in stock, let me know which skill you need and how much. Avatars I don't...
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    Add 2000 ped cost/click blueprints asap

    Since crafting Explosives and Shrapnel is popular, I suggest you add 2000 ped/click blueprints to the game, as it is very much needed. People don't have to sit at crafting machine to lose 200k peds for whole 10 hours, why not let them lose 200k for a few minutes. My suggestion will lead to...
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    Buying: Skildek Negator (normal or FEN), any tier!

    As title says, looking for this old school rocket launcher, pm with tier, TIR and price you are looking to get for it. Thank you
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    Selling: All sold.

    Random stuff: Damage Enhancer blueprints 1-7 (60-80QR) - not sure how much there might be worth, so offer. Must have set for every serious hunter who doesn't want to overpay enhancers. Manufacture Enhancers Skill Implant (L), any amount you need, 29 tt in stock right now. Various enhancer...
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    Selling: Moved to auction

    Selling this upgraded ares perfected, pm in game or via forum message if interested.
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    Selling: Moved to another thread.

    Classic armor, good overall protection, want to replace it with Ghoul, so if you want to "downgrade" few defense points, I'm willing to trade in Phantom+ peds. Price: 2.7k or whatever is price nowadays, let me know :)
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    Buying: Buy/rent Ozpyn BP S1X4

    Looking to buy or rent for a couple of days Ozpyn BP S1X4, it's the one that you can get from Tahnhok vendor at Cyrene. Thank you
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    Space fix suggestion

    If someone log out at the space ship - drop his avatar off to the nearest space station to prevent from logging out and safely transfering items without any effort trough lootable pvp. Once this exploit is fixed (that everyone use, even official from Toulan suggests this to log off while...
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    Buying: 90+ dps weapon

    Pm with the weapon details and price. - Slugstorm - McMahon Vengeance etc. Paying with pure peds, no trade shenanigans from my side, make a fair offer, and we'll close the deal within minutes ! Ty
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    Eir Mk 2 (L)

    Just wanted to share this here if anyone is interested to craft his own one day :) How to get it? There's a weekly mission at Next Island, where you need to kill 3000 Stereopes mobs (1800-2500 hp smallest) and you get 15 clicks L blueprint as a reward for this fap. When it comes to doing the...
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    Price Check Adjusted Maddox

    Hi, Anyone know how much is this little weapon worth nowadays? Also if someone has one for sale, send me a pm :) Thank you
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    Buying: Mayhem Kinetic Amplifier 1

    Looking for this amp, pm with your offer. Take into consideration mayhem kinetic amp 3 is offered for 16-18k, so 1 must be cheaper then that. Thank you
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    Selling: 8k Christmas Strongbox

    Selling in bulk, good opportunity for those who bet that box prices will jump to 3 ped each :) PM on forum or in game.
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    Selling: Damage enhancers 1-7

    Prepare yourself for Easter Mayhem on time and place your order today :) Price is always 5% cheaper then any offer you have or Medusa prices. Currently that would be around 255-265% depending on what enhancer tier you are looking for. I should have 500-600 each in stock most of the time, but...
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    Buying: Mayhem MF-Amplifier Gamma/Delta

    Hi, some reseller is either hoarding these, or the drop rate from boxes sucks, so I am forced to buy these via forum. If anyone got some, please pm me here or in game. Thank you
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    Buying: Nice apartment at Calypso

    Hi, So I'm looking for a cool looking apartment at Calypso, doesn't have to be near teleport or shops, its purpose will be just fun. Not looking to overpay, please be reasonable with price, and we'll close the deal very fast :) PM here or in game Thanks, Emir
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    Selling: Paneleon Spec (green impact armor) TT+9k + FREE INCISION SET

    Freeing up some peds, good opportunity for resell considering they are selling for +10k lately. Tier 2-3, tier rates are very good except harness which has garbage TIR. I can add set of Incision plates (regular ones) as part of the deal for +70 ped each. With Paneleon set you buy, you get...
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    Additional fee for faster withdraw

    Would it be realistic to put in a system in place for example if I want to withdraw peds faster instead of 5 months period, to pay a $100 or $200 fee to make it a week? I don't see reason why it takes up to 5 months to withdraw, even security checks and everything, just doesn't makes sense it...
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    Selling: Quad-Wing Interceptor TEN-S

    Selling this brand new UL quad, few kilos lighter then the regular L quad, awesome for space boss hunting (anyone who has ever tried this will know how addictive it is, and how fast it burns tt of your L quad). Instant BO 7k Offers welcome, I'll close the deal within couple of days after last...
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    Selling: Incision Plate, Improved (SET 7x)

    Selling this new awesome armor plates from Next Island that was made as a team effort, below is representation of how it looks with Paneleon Spec (currently using this setup) and I can say it's amazing. Besides Paneleon Spec, it stacks perfectly on Supremacy, Shadow, Sentinel, Thunderbird, and...
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    Buying: Paneleon Spec Imperium male set

    Hi so I am looking to buy this set, not in a rush. As part of a deal I can offer serpent scale improved set or pure peds.
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    Selling: Serpent's Scale Improved x7

    Hi, What can I say about this items that you already don't know? They are hof makers, box makers, all makers, buy them and you will find out yourself how i made so much money lately. Once you buy my items, your life will be better, you will get warmer woman & colder beer. Price for all 3 =...
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    Buying: EWE-EP 38, Night Special Augmented

    Looking for any tier right now, pm ONLY with price you ask or end up on ignore list fast. Can be paid with cash, or I can put in some items in trade if you're interested in them: - Serpent's Scale Improved (x7) - Arsonistic Chip 3 TEN, tier 7.75 - Incision plates (improved) (x7) - Arcsparc...
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    Merry Mayhem Daily mission not working

    Hi, Merry Mayhem daily mission that awards certain amount of M tokens each stage, does not work or triggers on other planets but Calypso, is this something that can be looked into ? Thank you !
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    Market manipulation, how ?

    Just wondering how whoever bought all pyrite from game last couple of weeks knew that pyrite will be moved & scattered? MA you have to check market manipulation ASAP regarding this, and fire whoever leaked info. Thank you