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    Selling: WTS 2x Small Chadriak Mushroom [Sold]

    Looking to sell 2x Small Chadriak Mushroom Sold 65 PED each
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    Selling: [Sold] WTS Lacerating Attack Nanochip 4

    Sold TT+350.
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    Selling: [Sold] Byrd Pristine Element

    Freshly looted today, looking to sell: Byrd Pristine Element. SB: 5k BO: 10k PEDs preferred. 72h countdown when SB is met.
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    Selling: [Sold] Set 7x Armor Plating Mk. 5B Adjusted

    Looking to sell Set of 7x Armor Plating Mk. 5B Adjusted obtained in a trade. SB: TT+3.5k (+500 MU per piece) BO: TT+3.71k (+530 MU per piece) PEDs preferred, 48h Countdown starts when SB is met. SB Received Armin Tarjan Arrakis - auction will end Tuesday 07:30 GMT
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    Selling: Selling Easter 2022 (Sold)

    Fresh gold plated Easter 2022 ring to crit some mobs. SB: 5.5k BO: 7.5k PM me here or in-game Martin the Hope
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    Selling: [Sold] Selling Emik Enigma L4 T0 TIR 166/200

    Looking to sell: Emik Enigma L4 T0 TIR 166/200 SB: 10k BO: 13k Got a reasonable offer so have reserved it for the interested party.
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    Buying: (Closed) WTT My Ares Modified + 1,200 Christmas Boxes for your Ares Augmented

    As title says looking to trade my Ares Modified + 1,200 Christmas Boxes for you Ares Augmented. PM me here or in game "Martin the Hope" if you are interested.
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    Selling: Shopkeeper Pad [Sold]

    Fresh Shopkeeper Pad SB/BO: 5,000 PED Pure Ped only Contact me via forum or in game @Martin the Hope
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    Selling: DOA Loudmouth T9.92 [SOLD]

    Looking to sell this hunting on condition gun TIR 58/200. Items that can be involved in the trade: -Ares Ring Mod+ -Omegaton A105 Improved/Hypercharged BO: 6,000 PED PM me on forum or contact me on Martin the Hope in game.
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    Selling: Storage Resource Sale

    Hey All, Clearing out my storage feel free to make an offer on anything listed below. I prefer contact ingame @Martin the Hope (as I dont read PCF that often). Name Quantity Value Container Advanced Cloth Extractor 302 3.02 STORAGE (Calypso) Advanced Leather Extractor 231 2.31...
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    Migration 2020

    Have not seen it posted yet, migration details are up on Summary: The 2020 migration season: Pheromone levels are steadily increasing in the atmosphere. Scientists predict that the 2020 Eomon migration season will start on Thursday July 9.
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    FYI: Improved FEN edition FAP skill test

    As I was curious about the skill gain on this recently acquired FAP I ran a little test, details below: Start End TT Value (PED) Anatomy 7686.45 7694.40 3.15 Diagnosis 5505.90 5513.10 1.57 First Aid 7867.80 7883.10 8.39 Medical Therapy 2962.10 2989.20 0.91...
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    Selling: [Encrypted Spatial Unit Omega]

    Selling for pure PEDs only: [Encrypted Spatial Unit Omega] for RX OpTac x2 Gloves (M) or (F) SB: 1.3k PED BO: 1.5k PED Auction ends 24h after first bid. Hope,
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    Selling: Ares Ring Improved

    Sold thread can be closed