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    Selling: calypso land deeds

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    Selling: Loughlin smacker three UL

    Taking offers on this nice toy! Its tier 4.7 atm.. Remaining rates are: 73,83,97,133,143,106 T5
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    Selling: Ninja hood jacket (M/C)

    Limited edition of only 100 units for each gender. Not many left ingame... Custom colors: yes, dark blue Custom textures: yes, tiarak and fine silk Item placed on auction! T5
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    Selling: Loughlin smacker three UL

    Taking offers on this nice toy! Its tier 4.7 atm.. remaining rates are: 73,83,97,133,143,106 Item placed on auction Sb: +1.2k T5
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    Selling: Combustive Attack Nanochip IV

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    Buying: calypso land deeds

    got all I need..... T5
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    Rental service: Nano Katana UL

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    Selling: Shopkeeper pad

    ********sold********** t5
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    Selling: PA mall shop

    *****SOLD**** (close thread pls) Selling my shop at port atlantis mall. Floor 1 #3 S Will consider offers over 10k peds. (accepting item / deeds offer) T5 ace industry
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    Tier enhancer

    There are enhancers for almost everything in this game. To tier up a UL weapon, armour or whatever takes forever, so what about a new type of enhancers to speed it up a little? Tier enhancers...:yay::yay:
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    Selling: calypso land deeds

    Offering 100 deeds. 129,5k peds for them all. One deal event only, dont wanna split them up. Can take a complete set of shadow ul male as part payment T5 SOLD
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    Buying: Svempa XT blueprint

    Pm me if you have one for sale T5
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    Selling: Svempa X1

    Need X1?? Check out my shop at pa mall, floor 1 #3. Very competitive prices!! 121.01% including fee atm T5
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    Selling: Kriegerum G.1 Gauss rifle (L)

    Taking offers on this very rare rifle. I have 3 rifles that I will consider selling if I get serious offers. T5
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    Selling: Isis BL1600

    Isis BL1600 (L) Selling this baby with full TT (597 ped) @ 120.06% tax included in my shop. Welcome to Pa mall shop, floor 1 #3 T5
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    Selling: Rifle skills!

    Got two rifle skill implants for sale in my shop. 9,09 TT / 12,15 TT @ 949,70% / 949,07% Welcome to my shop at Pa marina mall, floor 1 #3 T5
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    Buying: magnetic accelerator power units & dunkel plastix

    Anyone got a few of them for sale, pls give me a note... Need 6 of each. T5
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    Selling: geotrek lp485 apis

    Need apis?? Check out my shop at pa mall, floor 1 #3. Very competitive prices!! 121.48% including fee atm T5
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    Buying: Buying dante amp

    Want to buy a dante amp.:smoke: let me know if you got one for sale. thx T5
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    Help: Looking for a mentor

    Hi all.... Played this game for some months now, but have reached a crossroad, and need some help. Although I have managed to become a ok crafter, looking at skills only (average 22, 41 as best), I realize I need someone to tell me what I do wrong. Yes I lose peds, but that is not why I ask...
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    Buying: Gremlin

    Hi there.. Want to buy a complete set of gremlin M armor. Pm me for a offer... t5 ....................... GOT ONE......................
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    Selling: Complete vigilante set

    Selling my vigilante M set. Only sold as a complete set. Tier: helmet : 0.4 harness : 1.1 arm g. : 0.2 thight g. : 0.4 shin g. : 0.3 gloves : 0.2 foot g. : 0.3 Asking price; tt+240 t5 *****************SOLD**********
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    Selling: Selling apis in bulk

    Selling geotrek lp485 apis in bulk 124,39% ~ 255ped/apis pm me or chat with me @ aloode T5
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    Buying: Rare blueprints

    Want to buy hardened alloy & metallic bone replacement bp.... T5
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    T5 - metal crafting service

    Lvl 42+ metal engie offering crafting service for metal consumers. Got high qrated bps, incl. the rare hardened alloy. Save time & peds. Contact me and we can discuss terms. I normaly hang around aloode.. T5 ace industry