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    Christmas Strongboxes on other planets

    I would like to ask what's the reasoning of your comment, people will complain when something good for them is taken away, that's all. The rare thing would be that no one complains. If they never dropped in the first place there would be no complain, but because they did and suddenly they took...
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    Christmas Strongboxes on other planets

    I do miss the boxes, it helped quite a few players like me to get a profiting mob, but I guess all good things end. Having said that I do believe that they should change rules a bit, because following rules of the original plan which was just give a service to all planets comparing to owning a...
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    Rings becoming too overpowered?

    Negative buffs are annoying, one thing is to not have lifesteal and another is that when you wanted to combine rings you now have a restriction on lifesteal. I would be okay with just taking out that negative buff.
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    Rings becoming too overpowered?

    The negative lifesteal is too much, overall this ring already has a few problems in the sense of having very few defense rings on right hand, so its hard to complement it with other useful buffs, overall the best option is the aeglic ring or some really rare right hand ring that has any defense...
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    Sage IX Swunt And Giveaway Extravaganza) 4th December 2020

    Hi. Want to sign up for the event IGN: Starting Eater Life Hope we all have a really great time there!.
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    Omegation A-101

    The good and noble entropiawiki.