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    How space can ruin game experience

    Seasonal ones are, webstore ones arent
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    How space can ruin game experience

    better to go down/up 2-3k just to be safe
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    Arkadia developer discussion tonight!

    also, the oratan spawn is still yet to be found
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    Arkadia developer discussion tonight!

    join the arkadia discord, they are announced on there
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    Help: Toulan NFT egg is sold!

    Actually it is their fuckup since they oversee the whole egg nft sale.
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    Help: Toulan NFT egg is sold!

    Love how no-one at MA is saying anything about this but a planet partner is. Like for what reason is MA staying quiet?
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    Interested in veteran opinions

    MF UL weapons are pretty cheap since not a lot of ppl use them
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    News: Entropia Enjin Collaboration

    Creating tons of new avatars wouldnt do anything, you only get revenue on decay
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    News: Entropia Enjin Collaboration

    Should have waited until after the migration or until there is a set date on when migration will commence, buyers will buy the eggs and have no info other than vague a few years on when their eggs will actually hatch into a pet.
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    News: Eomon Pheromone Levels Rising

    Kind of stupid boxes are removed but nothing to replace them, boxes were a big part of the MU from summer migration mobs apart from the big ul drops. Now without boxes, you are basically gambling to get the big ul drop since your not getting any MU consistently.
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    Entropia Universe 17.15.1 Release Notes

    yes, mini-patch to fix bugs and stuff
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    Suggestion: Generic (M/F,L) looted armor instead of (M,L)

    Should have been done sooner
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    News: Planet Calypso Content Release 2022.0.1

    If your doing box loot instances, they are capped at a shit tt return rate. This is all on MA and all anger should be put onto them for still not fixing something that makes people lose a shit ton of ped and the UL items in the loot pool aren't there anymore. You need to do the mob loot...
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    FYI: Mayhem Events Update

    For mini-mayhems, it would be cool if they got their own strongbox or you can get every mayhem box from mini-mayhems from the loot
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    Add Earth Shock Trooper armor to the vendor again

    maybe they can add a nerfed version with 10-20% crit dmg increase for full set bonus
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    Question: Will there be a Summer Mayhem 2022?

    if they needed money they would have done summer mayhem
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    Question: Will there be a Summer Mayhem 2022?

    more time to get good as hell summer 2020 rings
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    Enigma stage 3

    your supposed to shoot something to make the mines visible
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    Buying: WTB [Lacerating Attack Nanochip 4]

    Pm me on the forum or in-game, prefer tier 0 but will take any tier
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    News: I've created an Instagram focusing on the development in Unreal Engine 5

    This isnt what we will get for another 5+ years, not just entropia. Everything in that video is just still and not interacting with anything besides lighting. Right now no gpu can live-render everything in that plus the live lighting changes and 1000x more map brush and prefabs. It still is...
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    Question: How do we expect actual Rookie players to remain part of the community...

    The people who talk about non-game related stuff should be banned from rookie chat, another game-wide chat should be created for the sole purpose of just communicating to others, rookie chat should only be about the game and helping players.
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    Is 'botting' responsible for the rapid item price increase

    They have already made it really easy to play this game with the auto target f button, macros are only a problem if ppl are using them when they are not at the keyboard, which has been happening a lot lately, especially in mayhem. Btw, there are more bots in this game than you realize.