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    Please allow PDFs

    pdf can contain virus.
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    News: Entropia Universe Unreal Engine 5 Migration FAQ

    Then why pre-cryengine players hasn't come back even after 10 years?
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    Entropia Bear Market 🐻

    Here comes cheap brand laptops. Bear market is definitely here.
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    WOW!!! Legends' Armor Shops are INCREDIBLE!! Go and take a look!! Twin Peaks Mall - Floor 2

    A reseller. He is not looting such huge number of armors. There is full set of Vigi and Nemesis in his shop which is looted not crafted.
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    When is migration ending?

    When is Eomon migration ending?
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    Item Points in L, M & S Apartment?

    On Foma F and G apartments are biggest?
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    Buying: G apartment

    Bump.... :wtg::wtg::wtg::wtg:
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    Selling: sold [Camo Arms BGH]

    probably worth 50k PED if dps is 46 compare it to A&P BC-30 modified.
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    Scanning missions?

    Are there scanning missions ingame on any planet?
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    Uber: From a molehill, into a mountain. :)

    what ep bp you using?
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    Loot 2.0 - One handed clubber

    What is the Loot 2.0 One handed clubber to supplement tt rifle? Also tell its price for UL version
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    Price Check Loughlin Masher One UL

    Price check Loughlin Masher One UL
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    Price Check Cryogenic Attack Nanochip 1 UL

    price check Cryogenic Attack Nanochip 1 UL
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    Selling: F.O.M.A. Biodome #5

    Its a domp. Stop harassing him and stop asking for ROI numbers. Its a domp makes it valuable even if FOMA is dead.
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    Interval between scanning for skills

    When I scan other avatars how much interval do I need to give between scanning same avatar again for scanning skills gain?
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    Some accumulated starter questions

    When killing animals, scan them with tt scanner before killing each mob as it gives you scanning skills which later unlocks Scientist that gives hp increase for every 1600 lvl. Also with scanning you gets Perception that helps with improving loot returns. Check this out -...
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    Loot returns in Team

    If there are 5 players in a team with 4 being using Loot 1.0 weapons and I as 5th player uses Loot 2.0 weapon. Do I get Loot 2.0 returns or bad loot? I have seen people getting 98% tt return with Loot 2.0 weapons.
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    Entropia Universe 17.15.1 Release Notes

    Dead planet. developers left.
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    Youtube Adblocker for Edge

    bad choice. I don't want to support a monopoly.
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    Youtube Adblocker for Edge

    Suggest a working Youtube adblocker for Microsoft Edge?
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    News: Entropia Universe Unreal Engine 5 Migration FAQ

    You missed it. I sold out last year. Now I am only sweating. If Ray tracing is essential and game don't works without ray tracing I might acutally buy a PC for sweating. lol
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    News: Entropia Universe Unreal Engine 5 Migration FAQ

    my graphics card has no raytracing. and i am not buying a new pc. will I be able to run UE5?
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    News: Entropia Universe Unreal Engine 5 Migration FAQ

    Will UE 5 has support for full HD grahpics?
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    Rocktropia Mission & Codex double

    map there is not working