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    When is migration ending?

    When is Eomon migration ending?
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    Scanning missions?

    Are there scanning missions ingame on any planet?
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    Loot 2.0 - One handed clubber

    What is the Loot 2.0 One handed clubber to supplement tt rifle? Also tell its price for UL version
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    Price Check Loughlin Masher One UL

    Price check Loughlin Masher One UL
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    Price Check Cryogenic Attack Nanochip 1 UL

    price check Cryogenic Attack Nanochip 1 UL
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    Interval between scanning for skills

    When I scan other avatars how much interval do I need to give between scanning same avatar again for scanning skills gain?
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    Loot returns in Team

    If there are 5 players in a team with 4 being using Loot 1.0 weapons and I as 5th player uses Loot 2.0 weapon. Do I get Loot 2.0 returns or bad loot? I have seen people getting 98% tt return with Loot 2.0 weapons.
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    Youtube Adblocker for Edge

    Suggest a working Youtube adblocker for Microsoft Edge?
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    Rocktropia Mission & Codex double

    I need list of Rocktropia Missions and Codex of mobs from calypso available on Rocktropia. I mean do the rocktropia missions and also do the codex of calypso mobs on rocktropia. Need full guide.
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    Discord Server (Unofficial)

    Is there a unofficial discord server for entropia universe which I can use to promote my twitch channel?
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    Buying: G apartment

    Buying G Apartment on calypso, monria or toulan.
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    Buying: Medium Storage Box

    Buying Medium Storage Box. I am on Monria doing daily crafting presently.
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    Buying: close

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    Price Check Jaguar Improved (M)

    Jaguar Improved (M) full set price check?
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    Question: Server Location?

    Can anyone ping and locate the server location of Entropia Universe?
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    Selling: Livas Plot

    Selling Small+(20 x 40) plot in Livas Heights. Looking at price with offers for it. Looking at Start Bid 6500 PED Buyout Bid 8000 PED
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    Crafting with Vibrant Sweats

    I want to become weapons and Armor Crafter. I want to know if its possible to skill weapons and armor crafting with some blueprints that requires Vibrant Sweats as ingredient?
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    Skills to unlock after Blueprint Comprehension

    Skills to unlock after Blueprint Comprehension? Edit:Found on entropiawiki
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    Monria Servers down?

    Are monria servers down without notice?
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    Help: Arkadia is dead. The developers just left?

    Someone said the developers of Arkadia has left. Is it true that development studio of arkadia is no longer supporting the development of the planet and has abandoned it?
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    Buying: Large Apartments

    Buying Large apartments with 200 Item Points on Calypso only. Contact in pm with prices.
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    Item Points in L, M & S Apartment?

    How many item points are there in Large, Medium and Small Apartment? Is there apartment having more item points than Large?
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    Arkadia Moon Deed ROI at present price?

    At present price of 32 to 33 PED what is the ROI on arkadia moon deeds annualized?
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    Info: Daily Hunting Missions for Skills?

    For low level mobs does there exists daily hunting missions that gives skill rewards on other planets for old players? I couldn't find much information on entropiawiki.
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    Updated Missions list Required

    I looked up on search but I think I still require updated list of missions along with NPC location and rewards for each mission and mob maturity to kill for points. I know that Iron missions were removed and on entropiawiki the Bronze missions requires Iron missions which were removed. Does this...