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  1. Darlas

    Selling: Perseus BPS for Boot, Shin and thigh - BO 6k

    Hello, As the title said im selling this 3 bps, all are at base QR. Didnt drop any new since 2019 as entropialife rare loot said. Good armor and potential profitable craft :)(i dont have the lvl for them and not planning to lvl enough my armor eng for being able to craft them) i could accept...
  2. Darlas

    Buying: Terramaster 3 Gold Rush

    As the title said im looking one of this finder, please throw me your tier and price in pm :)
  3. Darlas

    Selling: MODIFIED Imperium Armor (M) T6-7 115k BO open to up 100k SB- BO Reduced

    Hello, all. As the title said this beautiful M armor its ready to be on sale, as far as i know only three and this are complete ingame as far as i know this one its the higuer tieres and a T5.99 its on sale for a BO of 110k. Good resist its an adaptable armor for all purpose, and give 20%...
  4. Darlas

    Selling: BP20 Fen edition Tier 3 (SOLD)

    Hello, Entropians. Im selling this beauty at Tier 3. BO:30K Open to offers, prefer peds. PM here or in game :)
  5. Darlas

    Selling: Archon + Trauma 5 (SOLD)

    Hello Guys, Im selling mi setup since i need a little more dps for what i need to hunt, the archon its at T2.6 (and going up) with a tier increase of 153/200 im selling it with one Trauma 5 so the base dpp together its 3.03, only know 2 of this amps atm. im asking a BO of 8k as pack, im open to...
  6. Darlas

    Price Check Trauma 5

    Hello guys. anyone know the actual price for one of this babys? seems the better for weapons like the archon, and i think there is only 10 or so ingame? Thanks in advance
  7. Darlas

    Selling: WTS Gorgon Books, Gems and Elixir.

    Hello, As the title said im selling 3x Gorgon Books, 6 gorgon gems and 3 gorgon elixir. This item are used to be able to be shade spawner (1 of each, become bound in the first use for unlimited spawns paying the sweat tax) or for the plates upgrades, if i remember well its one gem per mod, 1...
  8. Darlas

    Selling: Combustive 8

    Hello coplayers, Im looking to sell my combustive 8 chip at tier 2.99 and my corrosive 8 at tier 4.29 because imlooking to swap to melee looking to buy a Archon+trauma 4 or 5. Im open to reasonable offers and not for lowball reselling offers (nothing againts resellers, they move the economy...
  9. Darlas

    Selling: Armor Bps L, Pyro chips Pack, Monster truck...

    Hello Guys, Im liquidating some items, some of them like the bps its because i dont have time for gather the resources and others like MF its because im trying to get a chip with higuer dps. Im selling the following: Mankini (M,C) - +16 Vamp Bite Monster Truck - 1500 Ped...
  10. Darlas


    Hello Guys, Im looking for a Pathfinder in BASE SI or near, i offer 35k pure peds. Thanks!
  11. Darlas

    Buying: Corrosive 10 and/or 11 UL

    Hello guys/girls, Im looking for this two chips, please send me a PM with your price if you have one. please don’t go mad with the price. Thanks!
  12. Darlas

    Selling: MANKINI!!!! What is it? check it ;)

    Hello mates, I have this AMAZING Mankini for sell: This custome is being amazing, seeing people have fun with it its just great. People hunting big things in mankini, people mining or people just dancing... just amazing, was time for mens character show a little more "meat" than girls and...
  13. Darlas

    Buying: Pulsar bps

    Holla Mates, Im looking to buy one Pulsar 5 and 2 bps, prefer high QR but could accept a low QR its the price is good. Pm me if you have one of those and want to let them go :) darlas darlas dark stone
  14. Darlas

    Selling: Apocalypse and Aegis BPS AG

    Hello Guys, Im taking offers in 2 complete set of L bps for this amazing armor, this bp's arent dropping anymore and like other planets bps that was in the beggining of each planet they wont do it again because of his lvl. Aegis aprox 1857 clicks Apocalypse 1485 clicks Total 3342 clicks...
  15. Darlas

    Buying: Archon sword

    Hello Guys, Im looking for one of this babys, Archon sword plz pm your price :) Thanks you.
  16. Darlas

    Selling: Apocalypse, Aegis and Arcticus armor SET for sale.

    Hello mates, I have this sets for sale: Armor Set Apocalypse M/F L [Apocalypse Helmet (M,L)] tt 67 ped [Apocalypse Harness (M,L)] tt 105 ped [Apocalypse Arm Guards (M,L)] tt 76 ped [Apocalypse Thigh Guards (M,L)] tt 76 ped [Apocalypse Shin Guards (M,L)] tt 67 ped [Apocalypse Foot Guards...
  17. Darlas

    Selling: Selling UL Items and others

    Hello Guys, Im selling all my items since i need to think in IRL stuff and what to do ingame. Contact me ingame darlas darlas dark stone or PM me here. Adjusted Fap t4.22 SOLD (some free enhan 1-4 with it) Regeneration 4 +14 Combustive attack nanochip 8 UL T0 SOLD Combustive 3 Sell STOPED...
  18. Darlas

    Selling: Summer Ring 2016

    Hello mates, Im selling this amazing ring with huge skill gain increase. Asking for 16K BO can accept items of interest. Contact me here or ingame darlas darlas dark stone Thanks!
  19. Darlas

    Selling: Ozpyn HK S1X1 T8.98

    Hey, Im selling this perfect contender for Cat3 at T8.98, at this Tier and with and Mayhem alpha do around 90 dps, 113dps if you cap the reload buff. SOLD Thanks for read!
  20. Darlas

    Buying: LP-40 Perfected

    Hey! Im looking for one of this baby's If possible i want one at low tier (T0-T1) and offering arround 30k. if you have one with more Tier and want to sell it, just tell me whats the tier and price and i will think about it. Thanks a lot!
  21. Darlas

    2350adj, Nemesis adj M set and ewe ep-41 adj

    Hello guys, First of all thanks you for the help, I’m wanting to know the actual price of the title items (2350adj, ep41 adj and Nemesis M adj). Thanks!
  22. Darlas

    Selling: Easter Ring 2019

    -SOLD- Hello People! Im interested on sell this 2019 beauty perfect for hunting <3 Taking offers, feel free to talk me Pm me here or ingame Darlas darlas dark stone
  23. Darlas

    Selling: Monster Truck

    Hello Guys, im selling this awesome vehicle. materials are extremely rare and expensive but will take orders :) Be the guy who all want to be, destroy the road with your car, ¡Buy the monster truck and be the real american guy! 1500 Bid - 1800 Buyout
  24. Darlas

    Selling: Bootylicious Vixen Action Figure

    Hello, i have some Bootylicious Vixen Action Figure for your apartment or shop! or just to see her delicious Booty. 50 ped each :)
  25. Darlas

    Buying: Rocktropia Shop

    Hello Partners, im looking for a shop in RT feel free to pm me any offer here or ingame "Darlas Darlas Dark Stone".