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    Selling: Selling a Tezlapod Pet lvl 22

    Hi selling this nice pets... Lvl 22. Pm me with offers in game : Hnatek
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    Selling: Selling full Improved Imperium (M) Tier 2.99 Price + 20.000 Ped

    Selling this nice set....15%crit and 15% evade..... Pm me offers in game: Hnatek
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    Selling: Ascension Set M (full set)

    This full set gives skill Boosts: Laser -> 10% BLP -> 10% Blades -> 10% Brawler -> 10% Selling full tt set fo price 9k peds. Pm me in game: hnatek
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    Selling: SOLD Earth Shock Trooper M (full set 244,56 TT)

    Hello I am selling this EST M set with bonus 60% crit dmg. TT=244,56 SB:1600% BO: 2000% Pm me in game: hnatek