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    Selling: Renegade Augmented Component

    Taking offers on this item. B.O. 2k or best offer. Best offer 1550 and will sell on 1 May Sunday if no other Bid comes along. PM me here or ingame: Silk Road Trader Thank you.
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    Buying: Ozpyn RSB S1X2

    Posting this for a friend which is interested in this knife. PM me Tier, TIR and Price. Thanks.
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    Selling: SOLD > WTS [EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified] T 2.99

    Fap is Tier 2.99, has 130 Peds TT and TIR is 155. Got an in-game offer atm for +10.5k, but not willing to let this go for now. Am looking to sell this for +11.300 Peds. I'm not interested in any items or other type of exchange. PM me offers on this thread, private message on this forum or...
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    Selling: MINING SKILLS

    I'm not quiting, I'm in no rush, bring your ESI and we can discuss a deal. Cheers ! Artifact Preservation: 459 - ESI needed: 1.00 PED, Final chip size: 0.90 PED Drilling: 3379 - ESI needed: 40.19 PED, Final chip size: 36.17 PED Extraction: 2246 - ESI needed: 14.82 PED, Final chip size: 13.34...
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    Buying: CLOSE [Melee Trauma Amplifier 6]

    For now I offer +1287 for it.
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    Buying: CLOSE PLZ > WTB [Songkra Corrosive Dagger]

    WTB [Songkra Corrosive Dagger] PM Low Tier if possible, I don't really use enhancers. IGN: Silk Road Trader
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    Buying: CLOSE

    PM offers ingame: Silk Road Trader Cheers !
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    Buying: Close please

    PM me Tier, TIR, Price. IGN: Silk Road Trader
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    Buying: [EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified]

    WTB a [EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified] IGN: Silk Road Trader Paying TT + 7.200 PURE PEDS.
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    Selling: Everything

    Since my skills thread is ongoing I decided to make an item thread aswell for stuff I have left. 1 [Ares Ring, Augmented] +3.9k 1 Full TT Set [Bear Harness (F,L)] 103% - SOLD 28 [Shear XR40 (L)] 113% 9 [Boom CCC (L)] 103% 49 of each [Weapon Damage Enhancer 6, 7, 8 & 9] 293% - SOLD 343 [Weapon...
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    Question: Bought Strongbox Keys but didn't recieved them.

    Anyone have experienced this ? Usually the purchase on the website with Visa is instant. I reconected several times. Some hours passed allready. The money from the bank were withdrawn, but I didn't get the keys. Wrote a support ticket but no answer as always.
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    Selling: ALL SKILLS

    I'm selling everything cheaper than AH so just give me a PM and let me know what u need. Bulk trades preferred. If you have a interesting offer for all the skills PM me. IGN: Silk Road Trader COMBAT: Aim: 5383 Combat Reflexes: 6602 Combat Sense: 5435 Commando: 2875 Handgun: 6097 Heavy Melee...
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    Selling: Twin Peaks Mall Shop, Floor 1 #13 S

    Twin Peaks Mall Shop, Floor 1 #13 S (Also for Rent) I'm selling / renting this shop which was upgraded once with a total of 85 IP (Item Points). Best location you'll get: It's on Caly, it's in Twin Peaks Mall & it's next to Teleporter. Reason I sell: Got it in a trade exchange and I'm no...
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    Buying: Monrian Ehanced Power System Blueprint

    Case can be closed !
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    Selling: Limited Bear armor F & M

    I have all pieces from the Limited Bear Set F & M , some are full TT some not. Buy whatever part you need, its not necessary to buy full set. Any piece 103% Buying full set 102% Burn 15 Cold 14 Cut 15 Impact 17 Penetration 9 Stab 15 Durability 12950 PM in-game for trades: Silk Road Trader
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    Info: Trader's Beauty Service

    Hello everyone, Many of you allready know I moved my Beauty Salon on Caly a while back and thought to make it official and make a post here on the Forum. I offer Beauty Services for decay only but any tip is greatly apreciated. FYI: I don't get any materials back from this activities. Level...
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    Selling: Pills

    Still have some pills left from opening Boxes PM me In-Game: Silk Road Trader [Neurostim-A] - 14 [Neurostim-B] - 293 [Neurostim-C] - 105 [MediStim 5mg] - Sold [MediStim 10mg] - 5 [MediStim 15mg] - 7 [NutriStim 5mg] - Sold [NutriStim 10mg] - 13 [NutriStim 15mg] - 2 [HyperStim 5mg] - Sold...
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    Chipping out question

    Hello everyone, I consider chipping out most of my skills cause loots bad, drama bla bla, tho I have a question related to hidden skills. I would like to continue with healing service and beauty service, I will put an example: Skill: Design: Fashion Design is unlocked when u get to level 15...
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    Selling: Shop @ Omegaton Delta

    SOLD > Close plz. Hi, Im selling this nice located shop @Omegaton Delta, Block A, Shop 6 (closest to TP) with 60 total Item Points (50 Indoor + 10 Display area). You can keep the furniture, lights, sign etc, I can even give you some more signs or other furniture if needed (For free). SB...
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    Selling: Cleaning Storage

    As title says, I'm selling bunch of stuff cause I don`t need them nor do I like to TT stuff. Some items are in my shop at Omegaton City Delta Block A, Shop #6 (Teleport to Omegaton West Habitat, go down the road, first shop on the right). PM me in game (Silk Road Trader) with offers and...
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    Selling: Cornith East Hangar B #3 with unique items inside

    Hello, First of all, I am posting this because the owner of the Hangar got some problems creating his account on the forum. Secondly, you can directly PM the owner (Johnny White Angel Damon) or negociate directly with me. Also the Deed is currently on the AH and has a SB but no BO. To get...
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    Selling: eMINE PG (M) UL

    Hello everyone, I decided to sell this rare Set (only 25 in game) and am taking offers atm. Set is full TT: 274.50 PED [eMINE PG/H (M)] - Tier 3.2 [eMINE PG/FG (M)] - Tier 3.2 [eMINE PG/G (M)] - Tier 3.7 [eMINE PG/HG (M)] - Tier 3.8 [eMINE PG/SG (M)] - Tier 3.9 [eMINE PG/A (M)] - Tier...