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    Selling: Selling Full TT ESI

    Hei, I have for sale a full tt esi and another esi with 1135 TT on it. Esi are left with570 TT and 397 TT Drop a message here or in game caravan dumitru Adrian IGN Cheers!
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    Selling: Selling Paneleon Spec M Set

    Hi, Selling this set , i ll post below the tier and tier rates of each part Part Tier TIR Harness 2 3 Shin 2 150 Helmet (hat) 2 193 Arm 3 196 Foot 2 189 Gloves 2 147 Thigh 2 144 Price is tt+10k ped Pm here or in game: caravan dumitru adrian Chers!
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    Selling: SOLD Genesis ArkSpark Tier 7 and mele trauma 6

    Hey, Knife price is tt+ 8500 Ped Amp price tt +1300 Pm here or in game: Caravan Dumitru Adrian Cheers!
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    Selling: SOld

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    Selling: Selling set of serpent's scale improved

    hey ya, I m selling a set of those Serpent scale Hit here on thread ur offert or if u wanna chat in game : Caravan Dumitru Adrian I ll set a price based on offers i get, later. Cheers!
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    Selling: Sold Arkadia Moon Deeds

    Hei, Selling up to 682 Arkadia Moon Deeds. Hit me here or in game : Caravan Dumitru Adrian Cheers!
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    Selling: Sold Easter Ring 2021

    Hey, As title says i have for sale this ring Easter ring 2021 Post ur offert here or in game: Caravan Dumitru Adrian Cheers!
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    Selling: SOLD Paneleon Imperium Male set

    Taking offers on this set, its male. Tier 0 Pm here or ingame : caravan Dumitru Adrian
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    Selling: d CLASS mining blueprit 68.9QR

    Hei Looking to sell this bp for 1k ped. PM me here or in game : Caravan Dumitru Adrian Cheers!
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    Selling: Selling 130TT esi

    Hi, Looking to sell an ESi with 129.3 TT for 1750%. Pm here or in game : Caravan Dumitru Adrian CHeers!
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    Selling: Selling full Set of Salamander M Tier 2.99 all pieces+ easter ring 2021

    Hi, Omegaton IGNI L1000 - 2k PEds SOLD salamandeer set tt+3500 SOLD Shadom foot tt+3000 SOLD Easter ring tt+20500Ped SOLD Ares Ring modified tt+2600.SOLD Fell free to post here, pm me here or in game : Caravan Dumitru Adrian Cheers!
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    Selling: Sold 4k Xmass Strongboxes And 1.5k Neurostim A

    Hey, i m looking to sell those boxes and Neurostims. Drop here any offer or in game : Caravan Dumitru Adrian
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    Selling: SOLD xmass 2020!

    HI, as tittle says i m sellign xmass 2020 Buffs: -increase run speed by 25% -life steal by -5% -increased critical damage by 30% -Increased critical chance by 3.0 percentage points Left hand ring Looking for 27500 ped as a sale and 60ped/day, 350ped/week , 1200 ped/month rent costs. pm with...
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    Selling: SOLD [EWE EP-41 Military, Adjusted] TIER 6

    HI, As tittle says, i m selling the [EWE EP-41 Military, Adjusted], tier 6, tier rate 147/200 Gun it s full tt (90 ped), so, i m looking for +4750 over tt which means 4840 Pm me here or in game: Caravan Dumitru Adriana
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    Selling: SOLD explosive projectiles 4 BP 100 qr

    Hi there, Looking to sell this bp for 2750 Ped. Pm me here or ingame, Caravan Dumitru Adrian
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    Selling: SOLD Emik Enigma L2 TIER 4

    Hi there Selling the gun EMIK ENIGMA L2 , it s tier 4.78 with a tier rate of 180/200. I ll attach a photo of gun with amp equiped Looking for tt+4.7k ped Pm me here or ingame: Caravan Dumitru Adrian
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    Buying: Buying Nusul Backpack F

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    Selling: SOLD SHOP ON NI

    hey I m selling a SHOP placed in NEXT island, close by Serpetine TP. You can See more photo about shop clicking this link Shop has 150 item indoor, 10 in display and 14 in additionnal area Shop it s owned by a friend but i have the deed , so , if any of you...
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    Adrian's pills Medusa 3:4!

    Hey YA, The shop is getting refilled several times per day! Dont miss it! Boxes All type of pills SALAFA lasers 1-3! Able to craft any amount for any request! SHop is located at Medusa teleporter, Floor 3, Shop 4, right near televator. [Calypso, 53392, 69342, 103, Medusa Bazaar Shop 4, Floor...
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    Selling: SOLD [Genesis ArcSpark] tier 6 + Trauma AMP 6

    hi there, I m selling this Knife for 6k ped , it's tt is 0. SOLD For trauma amp 6 looking to get 1.5k Ped. ---> LOWERED TO 1.3k ped It is tier 6.85, i ll attach a photo of it. Consider it has 70 attacks per minute and with a lifesteal amp you never has to heal on a medium...
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    Selling: Selling GHOST F SET

    Hei there. I m Selling A Set of Ghost F , Tier 1.x . The set Been added at medusa in shop, floor 3, shop 4 if u wanna look at stats. Total buyout there it s 279 Ped. Fell free to write here or in game about the sale! Cheers!
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    Adrian's Shop @Medusa MAll, Floor 3, Shop 4. PIlls, Mining Amps, ESi

    Hei Entropians! I just got this shop after a long time of waiting. Since i m so excited about, i ll post today my items cheaper to celebrate the opening, and so , will do for the next weeks till i hit the 1k items sold. Basically, from next week i ll pick random a day when i add thinks cheaper...
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    Selling: Selling [Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 6, FEN Edition] T6+ [Melee Trauma Amplifier 10, FEN Edition]

    Hei, As title says, i m selling this combo. I do not own it , a friend does and him hasnt enough time to sell this. I ll attach a photo of max dps this combo can do with 6 dmg enhancers on Consider starting bid 105k Ped Buyout Bid 110k PEd Cheers!
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    Selling: SOLD TIER 3 Components

    HI, If someone needs TIer 3 Componetns, i got 1600 pieces of, looking for 800% Selling any amount you need , pm me here or in game Caravan Dumitru Adrian
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    Selling: SOLD a set of Mah'ketta Harness (M) and set of 6A

    Hei, selling the set name in title, it is full tt which means 200 PED. 4 pieces having a tier rate of over 150 and rest over 100, Harness its tier 1.99, rest are 0.99 Looking for +550 Ped for the plates i m looking for + 77 which means +11 each piece Feel free to contact me here or in game...