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    Selling: imk2

    imk2 for sale. looking for around 120k need peds only but i will entertain all offers with fairness, though be aware that total price will have to be a bit higher if items are included please pm me if interested. Zy
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    Buying: mining range enhancers

    buying mining range enhancers lvl 7-10 @ 1100%
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    Selling: Imk2

    Hi all, looking for around 130k but taking offers i need peds only plz but also willing to listen to offers take it easy, Zy
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    Selling: My bp collection

    4 Advanced Feedback Panel Blueprint 1 0.01 PED Component (Vol. I) (143) 6 Advanced Matrix Blueprint 1 0.01 PED Component (Vol. I) (143) 9 Advanced Modulator Blueprint 1 0.01 PED Component (Vol. I) (143) 10 Advanced Processor Blueprint 1 0.01 PED Component (Vol. I) (143) 12 Advanced Security...
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    Selling: Kilik Vass UL

    Selling this nice sword. tt is max at 7328 Entropedia Link CURRENT OFFER TT+2.8K by PM looking for tt+5k but will consider all offers i need peds only please. this is not an auction. All Rights Reserved. Zy EDIT: will sell if i dont get a better offer today
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    Selling: couple of male armour sets

    Gremlin: Gremlin Arm Guards (M) 67.20 PED Gremlin Face Guard (M) 61.30 PED Gremlin Foot Guards (M) 63.20 PED Gremlin Gloves (M) 63.20 PED Gremlin Harness (M) 81.90 PED Gremlin Shin Guards (M) 1 73.40 Gremlin Thigh Guards (M) 74.00 Entropia Tools: Total TT: 484.2 Total Market: 683.79 looking...
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    Selling: Force Mace Assail

    Selling this nice club. Entropedia TT is 1391.82 will take offers and accept if i get one i like. PEDs only please. all rights resesrved(TM) =P
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    Selling: lots of blueprints, some nice ones too

    All is now sold
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    Selling: P2a ul

    been SOLD!
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    Selling: Force Mace Assail UL

    hello, im selling a force mace assail unlimited: taking offers atm, but definately looking to sell. not expecting last sale price but not a joke either =) i dont need to sell this fast and can afford to wait for the...
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    entropia universe let it rock: the heroes of calypso enjoy =)
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    Pricecheck: mid/low end armour sets and plates

    was wondering the price range of the following (all armours are [b]MALE[/] and 7 piece sets ie with feet unless specified): -Ghost (no feet) -Goblin -Kobold -Gremlin -Rascal -6B set -6A set -5D set thanks. i suppose it sould also jsut be the total added value of all the markups but i do...
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    Buying: GEC Coil Springs 2M BP for 1k PED

    as title says. market shows 20 sold in the decade at +556 avg and year says 16 sold at +590 average. so i think this is a fair offer. i want to get this bp really fast so hurry up or i will not want it anymore =) take it easy, Zy
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    Selling: Breer M4A UL (gun)

    Sold! Plz Close The Thread
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    Selling: Limited Edition Collector's Coin

    well i looted a coin today seeing the other threads i'd say tt+1.1k is fair i will however accept offers lower, if there is one that sounds resonable to me i will take it within the day. tt on it is 138 ped pm me if you want it, we can set up a meeting ingame =) take it easy, Zy
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    Looking for a new soc

    hi my name is Zylex im currently looking for a new soc. i have about 150k total skills. i dont do much team hunting. im just looking for a friendly place to hang =) EDIT: forgot to mention i dont have any special armor fap or gun or anything. i also speak french as well as english so a french...
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    Buying: Ek 2600 Bp

    im looking for a EK 2600 BP name your price =) take it easy, Zy
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    Buying: EK2600 BP and maybe VRX3000 BP (UL)

    hi im looking for both a EK2600 BP and a unlimited bp for the VRX3000(L) if you have one please let me know how much i have to spend to take it off your hands ;) take it easy =) Zy
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    Pricecheck ek2600 bp

    looking for one of these maybe and was wondering what you all think the price would be. =) take it easy, Zy
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    Pricecheck breer m4a UL and svempa t5 UL

    anyone know the ballpark prices on m4a UL and t5 UL? thanks and take it easy =) Zy
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    Buying: Imp excavator & maybe ek2600 bp

    managed to find a imp exca thx, plz close. Zy
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    pricecheck on some guns

    was wondering all you ppl think these are worth: imp ep21 adj hero adj m61a5 imp ff8k imp 2870 thx guys, Zy
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    Entropia Universe01: Teleporting Toilet Paper

    Hello everybody, this is my contribution to the video competition =) the youtube link:
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    looking for a screen video capture prog

    ok, so i was hoping someone could recommend a free video capture prog to make PE movies. i ahve frps, but i dont like haveing the watermark ón all my footage and it can only film for like 20 secs and i dont have 300 gigs of spare hdd space :P any others ones someone can...
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    Selling my outfit

    hello everybody, i would like to sell my outfit, it looks like this: Click to enlarge it consists of: -flame pattern pants 49 PED -rexely mesh tank top 33 PED -radar jacket 55 PED -feodora 102 PED all parts are ofc male Auction ends Sunday...