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    How space can ruin game experience

    The best thing you can do if you get those feelings when getting shot down is to keep visting space and lootable a LOT more, without anything lootable ofc. In time your frustration will go away and being shot down will not bather you that much. It is, afterall, your psyche that play games with...
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    News: Planet Calypso Content Release 2022.0.1

    I think they removed the wall due to some who always were there repairing left the area at final stage so it crashed before the Warlock was killed. Could be quite annoying if not enough of players helped out to kill it.
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    Let's talk about taxes!

    If you wanna see it like that go ahead, I just see it as tweaks in what parameters are included and ofc in their values . ;)
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    Let's talk about taxes!

    Yes I guess we can arguee about the word in many ways, but I still don't see them saying they ditched the old system. :P So "overhaul" + Many of the features and systems added over the past few years have gradually led to this update... doesn't look as if they are saying there is a complete new...
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    Let's talk about taxes!

    Overhaul = take apart, look what can be reused and then assembled again, basics used from origin, yeah I know what overhaul is. I can add this too since you missed it: Later this month, MindArk will be releasing a special Loot 2.0 Version Update that will overhaul the way in which hunting loot...
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    Let's talk about taxes!

    Loot 2.0 have same basics as before, difference is all new parameters that are included in calculation of loot. They did an overhaul of excisiting system which made it optimized and improved compared to Loot 1.0, but not a complete new system. ;)
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    Info: New Unreal Engine 5 Devblog

    Maybe by introducing a lot more gameplay in space so the focus in space is just that and not mainly transport.... :P
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    Increase in Scanning Information

    I guess I'm quite boring when it comes to this, since I want a system that do show what a mob drop in the Codex info but only if you have looted it earlier. They could have blank info for each slot in the loot table though for things that we haven't looted yet so we can see how many things that...
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    Question: If the game aint gamble

    One thing to remember is that when they talk about return its about average and the collectively return and not per individual. So the big mass will be lower than what they say and those who are very effective and have best balanced set up will have a better return, and ofc it has zero to do who...
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    Suggestion: Repair UL items

    Long time ago they talked about boosted ammo that was crafted, lets implement that in someway. ;)
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    Support case 412798 and backstory - waiting for an answer

    In the summer of 2020 I began a support case about a possible issue with scanners and codex... still haven't got a solution for it, something that should take 5min to test and 5min to check so values are correct. Can't say I'm too keen anylonger to do support cases about possible issues, unless...
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    Give a good and real use of Estates / Homes

    Still waiting for factories to come.... ;)
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    Unable to play on new PC due to lag issue(?)

    Can still be a DirX problem. Have you runned Dxdiag?
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    Unable to play on new PC due to lag issue(?)

    As mentioned before step 1 should be to make sure that the 9700Ks iGPU is disabled.
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    This is how mindark is taking all yours money on mayhem hunts.

    Exactly, but only in theory. There just aren't enough of gear to create a situation like that. Level 100 in looter prof stands will probably be exotic for the vast majority, but at the same time not impossible as it is with gears for everyone.
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    This is how mindark is taking all yours money on mayhem hunts.

    Its more likely that the extra I mentioned will be lower so those above the set value will drop down since they get less from this. So those that will "lose" are those above even though this isn't a loss, they just don't get as much as they used to since this boosted loot will be lower and lower...
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    This is how mindark is taking all yours money on mayhem hunts.

    It's more likely that after they introduced loot 2.0 with all new parameters that increased loot, that they lowered loot with efficiency and looter prof stands to balance it out. It isn't so that we increase our loot with these two, we reduce the loss by increasing these. Thats why they say...
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    FYI: How Loot Returns Work as Function of Looter Level and Efficiency, Based on Actual Data, as of March 3rd, 2022

    This is how I see it: TT return might be capped to the current status of our collective loot pool. If MA set the average predicted return to be collectively at 96% and it drop below this those above will probably be able to get higher per centage individualy than what the collectively target...
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    Meta Codex

    Time for a last update, doubt there will be any more for a long time now. RL interfer with depos. So I will either take a break or go for B2B features for a while. :P (And yes, its still done without macros or any external feature. Mainly increased my speed just to annoy certain people with...
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    Meta Rank
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    News: MindArk Signs Deal for Unreal Engine 5 - PRNewswire

    Thats exactly what they do. CE2 MA version seems to be a p.i.t.a to work with, it's limited and create problem and issues all the time.
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    Question: What to avoid?

    Don't stress it, let it take some time and try to gather as much info as possible all the time. Experiment and test a lot to see what works for you, don't be a fanatic to charts since they don't show everything. After a while you will probably end up with two choices; playing for economy or...
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    News: I've created an Instagram focusing on the development in Unreal Engine 5

    Maybe gear will wear down too and change appearance related to current condition. ;)