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  1. chielsen

    Big Allop event on Saba camp

    My mentor rocks :)
  2. chielsen

    Selling: Adjusted Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1 - Tier 2.9

    Bump for an oldskool gun!
  3. chielsen

    Name that Asteroid and win 5000 peds!!!

    The Other Place (TOP) Casino n Domes (CND) Fortune Materialises(FOMA)
  4. chielsen

    Uber: Uber in Dome 4 CND

    Gratz. Was a bit suprised that you killed a trox in dome 4, but it's on CND :)
  5. chielsen

    Achievement: I belong to the big boys now!

    Gratz, got it after a mission i gues. Otherwise you would have been at this level for a month already :P
  6. chielsen

    Weapon not adjusted anymore, am i the only one?

    Who was it?
  7. chielsen

    Achievement: Return of Faye's Fap

    :wtg::yay: Very nice! The gratz is deserved now! Just a note that you can be very thankful that lollan made that choice, normally you wouldn't have seen those 3500 peds ever again.
  8. chielsen

    Achievement: Return of Faye's Fap

    Sorry but this is weird. Why would she(he?) steal it and then tt it? If she was afraid of police / MA then she should have given it back. Since this is just a tool and more of them are available you just made the life of the scammer alot easier by buying the item back. The whole community was...
  9. chielsen

    Achievement: Return of Faye's Fap

    Yeah very nice of you, but seeing that you still paid 3500 for a stolen fap, isn't really worth celebrating right?
  10. chielsen

    Bring back Champions League NOW!

    CP would be a nice place. Only thing is that maybe people get swarmed but that's the beauty of cp! It's for champions right.
  11. chielsen

    Achievement: another 1k LongTooth mission...

    How do you know?
  12. chielsen

    Achievement: another 1k LongTooth mission...

    I really don't get not taking FA. It's MU is almost twice and it's way more usefull. But gratz anyway.
  13. chielsen

    Do ubers make more money

    Not the lootsystem changed but the users and their way of hunting (L) items, checking entropedia to get eco numbers etc. I think in GD alone at that time their were atleast 5 people also making consistent profit. Not nearly as much as pham, because we didn't have those skills, items and hours to...
  14. chielsen

    4k PED Atrax Beach Comeback Tour! (16th August till 13th September)

    Map shoing also? Is there another LA with trax with the same scene on the same coords? You should be a bit relaxter.
  15. chielsen

    Fair loot rule for team hunts

    Bump for these people:
  16. chielsen

    I just love it when people meet my expectations ...

    Uhm wait: And yes this is very hard on everybody in the team, especially noobs, but maybe that is why you as a general shouldn't let people hunt this way when you don't trust them. It wasn't even that he...
  17. chielsen

    Discovery: Cryogenic Attack Chip V [L]

    I can make it UL for yah ;)
  18. chielsen

    Uruguay-Netherlands... Gues it!

    PFFF lasts minutes sweating, but we made it !! Sunday it's gonna be a big party!
  19. chielsen

    Achievement: Proteron DNA sample COMPLETED!!!

    Gratz, good job. Now i'm really interested in the amount of ribs needed.
  20. chielsen

    Silent Uber

    Gzz, shoti now has his sample complete?
  21. chielsen

    The GREAT Neconu Slaughter- 57k PEDS

    You can also ask people to post atleast 1 screen a day, and then assume that the rest of the globals are also on your LA. If it doesn't correspond with incurred tax, you can then ask for more screens.
  22. chielsen

    Uber: Silent Uber - Proteron Neckbone from Furor global

    Well not many items are worth +1250, that's expensive decoration.
  23. chielsen

    The GREAT Neconu Slaughter- 57k PEDS

    I think Huntingn8 knows that, since he was going for the 10k price at atrax beach. If you do all that effort and only get 4k it wasn't really worth it. And even when the adj is available, it's again a gamble to really win it. IMHO events with fail-safes fail by design. I don't think you will...
  24. chielsen

    Uber: Silent Uber - Proteron Neckbone from Furor global

    Gratz, but are you sure they are still going for that price?
  25. chielsen

    ATH: I took a blue pill :)

    Seems prots are your mobs :) Gratz. It will help to complete the dna.