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  1. Darcon

    Is th Pandi Pup pet extinct?

    No I did not relog, but I will use your advice in the future :)
  2. Darcon

    Is th Pandi Pup pet extinct?

    Damn, 2 bugs in 1 day, I´m just back from Calypso and Bristlehog pup is not tameable atm, I keep getting "Could not execute" :scratch:
  3. Darcon

    Is th Pandi Pup pet extinct?

    THX, I finaly found them SE of Victorious Firebase [Arkadia, 20189, 9931, 97, Waypoint] :yay: The only problem is that, when I create a waypoint, it is created up in the 8 coins north coast, and the only thing up there is Nusul :hammer: Back in 2014 I did tame some on the Island south of TP...
  4. Darcon

    Is th Pandi Pup pet extinct?

    Hi I can´t find any Pandi Pup around 8 coin :eek: Do anybody know where I can find them now?
  5. Darcon

    Entropia Universe 17.14.0 Release Notes

    My client loader don´t respond after the last update 🎃 I did at complet reinstall and while doing so, I was abel to access tools, but after installation is finished any click will freeze the client loader.
  6. Darcon

    Dishonorable Deal

    I did not know that "Niglet" is a word. So i am not offended. I think that's why MA made the eula 4.1 MindArk’s Proprietary Rights. Just because it walks and talks like a duck. It"s realy not. T
  7. Darcon

    Question: How to improve Psyche?

    Go sweat ;-)
  8. Darcon

    Help: Gold Card worn out - Support not answering

    I advice you to add photo ID and some prof of Your adresse to the support case.
  9. Darcon

    Planet calypso content release 2016.2

    wooden that be a violation of the ToU?
  10. Darcon

    Help: logging in to compet

    choose new game. In game, go to settings and connect your EU email to Compet. Next time you can login. If I remember correctly ;-)
  11. Darcon

    Info: Mindark Annual Report 2015

    Look like somrene is planen a introduction to the stock market. Notering av MindArks aktie Tidpunkten för notering av MindArk-aktierna har inte fastställts. När det finns ny information kommer den att publiceras på vår hemsida.
  12. Darcon

    Battel error

    You can see the battle in the background. But when I close the window, I get this:
  13. Darcon

    Some maybe usefull bug messages

    First I got this, but when i click keep: I get this code:
  14. Darcon

    Questions to Mr President NEVERDIE

    If you ask me, the problem is lack of regulations. Egher from the Swedish government or EU. Way too many times, MA has implemented items or systems. With great negative economic effect for the average player. My guess is that right now, MA is adjusting the oil price. In order to make shoure...
  15. Darcon

    Teleporter Fees on the way, says President of the Virtual Reality...

    At least now we know why the oil rig was shot down. It was to easy to pickup oil. With the new TP fee, the general population are forced to pay for all travel except running.
  16. Darcon

    Teleporter Fees on the way, says President of the Virtual Reality...

    I found this on MA's official page. It’s free to play, so Why not join now and see what you can become in Entropia Universe sci-fi MMO / MMORPG? Might be true. But it is damn hard.
  17. Darcon

    Planet Arkadia to get a New Flying vehicle!!

    Anybody got coordinates to the Admiral on outpost #13?
  18. Darcon

    Club Royal slaughter

    Aaarg. Omni made 2 killing spree on the newbies at Club Royal. Why does everyone insist on sweating in PVP. When we can go up the hill....
  19. Club Royal

    Club Royal

    Newbie killing in PVP zone
  20. Darcon

    What is your Skills to HP ratio?

    You might find some awnsers in this old thread.
  21. Darcon

    Easter Mayhem 2016

    PAGE NOT FOUND Try this link:
  22. Darcon

    New spawns an indication of the new event system?

    Yes, nok I can realy grind mobs. MA don't change back plases :yay:
  23. Darcon

    How safe are two factor authentication apps?

    The New applikationer sounds good for daily login. But I recommend that MA combine it whit the way STEAM login works. Like the steam authentication email. You get if steam detects changes in your settings.
  24. Darcon

    Space - State of the Universe - an overview and outlook of past and future

    Add me to the list. End All speed hacks.
  25. Darcon

    FYI: How true to their word Monria owners are...

    Cyrene did somthing like that too. Changes to A.R.C. Rank 1 Missions. I was already gathering badges. But do to my low level, my progress was slow. Suddenly Cyrene decide to change the prize that you were aloud to buy. when you finally had gathered 200 badges. After many protests, Cyrene...