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  1. AckerZ

    Selling: Archon's Sword | t3.99 tir151 | +3.2k

    Selling my Archon's Sword- an interesting melee weapon that can produce some of the best hunting stats outside of looter 2.0 weapons. Base stats 65.3% base eff | 2.98 base DPP | 32.5DPS (entropia weapon compare stats | 46.7 game stats) w/ Melee Trauma 4 68.4% eff | 3.02DPP | 44.8 DPS w/ p20...
  2. AckerZ

    Selling: Some Rare & Valuable Blueprints

    Following on from the previous selling threads, owing to a change in life circumstance I am selling the remaining valuable non-essential items I have left in EU, this thread has a collection of some rare and some profitable blueprints I still own. Would prefer price asked but will offer discount...
  3. AckerZ

    Price Check Castorian Combat Mace MK.1 T5

    Castorian Combat Mace MK.1 T5
  4. AckerZ

    Info: New Unreal Engine 5 Devblog

    Some interesting features teased on the new Unreal Engine 5 Devblog. "Inter-user contracts" sounds particularly interesting... # Link to the DevBlog
  5. AckerZ

    Buying: Castorian Combat Mace Mk.1

    Lookign to buy a reasonably priced Mk.1
  6. AckerZ

    Selling: Finder F105 Blueprint | QR 56.3 | BO+12K

    Final high value item I am selling owing to an unfortunate change in life circumstance Should be obvious how profitable this BP is, for those unaware this is a constant ped printer and it honestly pains me to sell it but irl has forced my hand. 88 sold in a month at +28, +30 on the year and...
  7. AckerZ

    Selling: ISIS CB26 - SOLD

    Third high value UL item that I am selling due to an unfortunate change in life circumstances. This gun took me from around level 40 to level 76 hit in about 4-6 months of semi-casual play. in that time looted a few UL items with it like UL Vigi, UL MF Chips and lots of rare loots, mainly...
  8. AckerZ

    Selling: Assassin r150 t.7.6 | BO+6.25k | Open to Offers

    Second high value UL item that I am selling due to an unfortunate change in life circumstances Extremely high TT value, great for mayhems- base dps 56 (eu figure) | (38.6 weapon compare figure) Can be amped to >84dps Open to offers As shown in the final image a variety of prices have...
  9. AckerZ

    Selling: Sophie Bot (32m Auto Loot Pet) | BO 2.5K | Open To Offers

    Due to a change in life circumstances I am having to sell all my valuable EU items for now. So first up for sale is Sophie Bot 32m Auto-loot Pet. BO 2.55k will drop to any planet if required. Accepting Offers Not in any major rush to sell so resellers and low ball offers will be ignored...
  10. AckerZ

    Cyrene Armor Chain Full Requirements

  11. AckerZ

    Info: New Cyrene Armor Stats

    New armor stats for anyone interested. Crit Chance 0.5% on Aug | Crit Chance 1.0% on Perf
  12. AckerZ

    Question: Are Cyrene Hunter Cavern Returns Capped?

    After the VU preview that Cyrene published on their discord (great work - no hate on that) I was pumped to try my luck at working towards the Perfected Imperium Set they reference in the video. I read up on the previous mission chain requirements to see if I could get a head start farming the...
  13. AckerZ

    Monrian Component Blueprints

    Are the Monrian Component Blueprints all lootable or are some mission reward only? Monrian Plating | Monrian Power System | Monrian Enhanced Series
  14. AckerZ

    Ability to change the sex of avatars

    This suggestion came up during Forgo's twitch stream - the idea was that a beautician at the higher levels of the profession can change an avatars sex. Encourages skilling in the beautician skill and opens up new business opportunities for avatars
  15. AckerZ

    Search Function For Personal Storage Facility

    Can we get a search function added to the personal storage facility to make it easier to find things inside containers. Also for the love of all that is holy can you please add an "are you sure" prompt to that "compact"/"nuke all your shit" button of death. devs pls.
  16. AckerZ

    FYI: Otis Commander Team Hunt - 9pm 28/01 on Dsec-9 (Monria)

    Tomorrow night (28/01/22) we are assembling a team to take on the Otis Commander - the boss at the end of hunting/mining part of the very lengthy DSEC-9/Toulan Crossover Chain. Killing the Otis Commander allows people who have completed the chain up to this point (chain info found here) to loot...
  17. AckerZ

    Craftable Speed Pills/Buffs for Miners

    Can we get some kind of craftable items that give speed buffs to miners in the form on an action effect similar to pills, using other pills is too expensive and I feel there could be a popular consumable middle ground here for miners. Gotta go fast.
  18. AckerZ

    Buying: Buying Jzar Precision Scope Blueprint

    Buying Jzar Precision Scope Blueprint any QR - completing collection. Message in game "Anonymous AckerZ Anonymous"
  19. AckerZ

    Buying: Buying Jakth Laser Sight Blueprint

    Buying Jakth Laser Sight Blueprint any QR - completing collection Message in game "Anonymous AckerZ Anonymous"
  20. AckerZ

    Selling: Mechanomatrix Adapters + Components + Bps (Ultra Rare Component No Longer Drops | Used for Beacon Crafting)

    Used in old bps such as robot beacons and the ultra-high dps Laserfaust weapons, the components used to make mechanomatrix adapters no longer drop in game so no more can be made unless someone has stores of the components left. I am Selling my stores + the components to capitalize on another...
  21. AckerZ

    Old Entropia Magazines

    Shoutout to 'Xaxi Yayi' for uploading lots of old Entropia magazines to scribd, really interesting to read through these magazines and see how far the game has come and just how many players are still in the game that were featured in interviews dating back well over a decade. Link to the...
  22. AckerZ

    Buying: Mechanomatrix Adapter Blueprints 1-3

    WTB Mechano Matrix Blueprints 1-3 +25 ped ea for qr1 | components needed to make no longer drop so please no crazy asking prices.
  23. AckerZ

    Buying: Advanced Fluid Energy Source

    Advanced Fluid Energy Source - old item check storage for quick sales.
  24. AckerZ

    Buying: Halloween 2020 +13.7k (Yearly MU | Peds instantly available)

    Buying Halloween 2020 looking to pay the yearly price of ~13.7k | in no rush to buy
  25. AckerZ

    Buying: Buying Cable Slot Adapter Components

    Buying Cable Slot Adapter Components, any and all thanks.