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  1. Airedale

    Selling skills at PE auction prices

    No skills left
  2. Airedale

    <S> Combat Skills +

    Started new thread because I'm selling more than just combat skills now.
  3. Airedale

    Horse - Freestyle Dressage

    I photograph horses, I don't ride them. I've been around horses for well over thirty years so it isn't often that one impresses me. This one did!
  4. Airedale

    Selling Marber Tango

    SOLD! Selling Marber Tango-Type Plasma Annihilator. It hits from 175m with 225hp. Add an E115 amp and it does a whopping 248 dmg. It's great for PK. You can kill a lot of avatars with one shot.
  5. Airedale

    <S> Full Ghost (M)- 6A Plates

    Selling one full set of Ghost Male and a set of 6 6A plates. This is an auction ending Monday February 12th at 22:00 GMT. Starting bid for the Ghost set is tt+160 with a buyout of tt+200. Starting bid for the set of 6A plates is tt+300 with a buyout of tt+360. Current bid for the plates...
  6. Airedale

    <S> Shopping booth. Lower starting bid.

    Booth sold!
  7. Airedale

    <S> Equipment blueprints

    Blueprints sold. Thank you for your bids.
  8. Airedale

    <S> 5B plates, full set

    Selling a full set of 6 5B armor plates. Starting bid tt+2000 (for the set, not for each unit) Buyout bid tt+2500 (for the set, not for each unit) Current bid tt+2100 by Shackleton. This auction ends on February 12, 2007 at 23:00 GMT time or when buyout bid is reached. No anonymous...
  9. Airedale

    Buying ESIs 1200%

    No longer needed!
  10. Airedale

    Selling large quantity of oil

    Oil is ALL sold.
  11. Airedale

    <S> Adjusted FAP

    Selling Omegatron Adjusted FAP Current bid tt+50K by RazorFire Buyout bid tt+55K This auction will end on February 12, 2007 at 17:00 GMT or when the buyout price is met. No anonymous bids please, unless it is for the buyout price.
  12. Airedale

    Selling full Gremlin (M) & 2C plates

    Selling full Gremlin (M). Gremlin is excellent for acid protection and isn't bad for impact either. Some people use it as their primary armor. Here are the stats from Wiki Name:GremlinWeight:17.7 kgProtectionStab:11 HPCut:9 HPImpact:15 HPPenetr.:0 HPShrap.:0 HPBurn:12 HPCold:6 HPAcid:12...
  13. Airedale

    <S> Blueprints & Alien Parts collections

    Alien parts and tailoring bluprints sold for buyout. Current bid is 50 ped on the equipment blueprints. Collection two is equipment BPs. This collection is tt valued at 7.89 ped. The basic filters is a perfect 1 ped BP. The starting bid on this collection is 50 ped. BO is 100 ped. Basic...
  14. Airedale

    <S> Full Viking Armor (M)

    *** SOLD for Buyout *** Selling full Viking (M) armor. Viking is excellent for cold protection. It's the best armor for hunting thorifoids. Auction ends 1 week from right now or when BO is reached. Starting bid tt+2500 Buyout bid tt+3500
  15. Airedale

    <S> Shopping Booth

    This is an auction ending at 04:00 2007-02-07 or when the buyout price is met. Shopping booth 11 in the Omegatron Alpha tower is for sale. Starting bid 3K. Buyout 4K. The Alpha building is uphill from the TP. Shopping booths have NO maintenance fee so once you buy it your expenses are...
  16. Airedale

    <S> Fort Argus Hangar

    Hangar Sold!
  17. Airedale

    <S> Shopkeeper

    She's sold!
  18. Airedale

    1 PED Blueprint Sale

    I stocked my shopkeeper at the Omegatron Epsilon complex with equipment blueprints from level IV to IX. Each blueprint is priced at 1 ped. The Epsilon building is the closest one DOWN the hill from the TP. My shopkeeper is dressed in blue and yellow.
  19. Airedale

    Selling two shopping booths w/shopkeepers

    Not sold so breaking up and selling individually.
  20. Airedale

    Selling Marber Tango

    Selling Marber Tango. Bidding starts at TT +23K. BO is TT +27K. Auction ends one week from now! That is 10 PM forum time.
  21. Airedale

    Storage cleanout sale

    Everything sold or put in auction.
  22. Airedale

    S: 432.29 ped tt ESI

    SOLD for buyout TT value on this ESI is 432.99 Current high bid is 1500 ped. BO 2100 ped. Please make all bids publicly on this forum so everyone knows I don't have a phantom bidder. If you are paying the BO price that can be private. Auction ends at 23:00 on 2006-11-29 game time.
  23. Airedale

    <B> Bc or Bd mindforce implant

    Bought one and I don't need another! :D
  24. Airedale

    Wear your safety belt!

    Safety officials are always telling us to wear our safety belts when we drive. Airlines require that we buckle up when we fly. I decided to kick back and let the ship's autopilot land. I was dozing with my safety belt unfastened. We hit some extreme turbulence and had a rather rough...
  25. Airedale

    <Selling> bulk ores

    659 Frigulite ingots. TT on it is 237.24. First person to offer 265 ped for it, gets it. FRIGULITE SOLD 15017 Lysterium Ingots TT is 450.51. BO price is 505 ped. 3210 Ganganite ingots. TT is 1155.60 BO price is 1200 ped. This is not an auction. If these items don't sell by midnight...