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  1. Acro

    Close my forum account

    Acronoid seized to exist a while back. This doesn't mean that I stopped playing. It rather means that I started playing again. The reason why I closed my account that I started in 2006 is twofold. The first is that I lost my email since I moved to a new continent and got married a couple of...
  2. Acro

    Question: M vs F armor MU

    I know it has always been like this, but why? I mean, I tell everyone that it can save them thousands of peds on armor if they make a female avatar instead of a male one. We got used to it, but it doesn't really make sense does it? It barely makes sense to have different armor for different...
  3. Acro

    Question: sanity check markup

    Am I the only one that questions the high prices on some UL items? I mean it always has been insane in the 14 years I've been in the game. But now with loot 2.0 showing that (almost) no-one can profit or even break even in the long run anymore; how does this MU makes sense? From 200 for an a101...
  4. Acro

    I miss PE

    I miss PE. What I miss is not a video game, graphics or loot distribution. I don't miss anything MA can make or implement. What I miss is a sense of community that was around 11 years ago. A sense of dreaming and enthusiasm. A sense of newness. The potential that got lost by implementing it. The...
  5. Acro

    Loot is worse during events?

    I've been saying this for over a decade now; but I still feel that loot is worse during events. Now with the mayhem being over; loot seem suddenly much better. Now I don't have extensive research; but I have actually tracked it a bit over the years and I always reach the same conclusion: TT...
  6. Acro

    UnQuiting I do

    That's it, I've had it. With higher returns due to loot 2.0 where a select few don't profit and screw the rest of us. With eco being nerfed and items coming down in price. With new missions, MF amps; reasonable priced uber heal chips. All of these things make me think about returning to playing...
  7. Acro

    Armor and 2.0

    Since armor decay is linear, durability has only a small effect and decay gets added to the mob loot than the following must be true. Please correct me if I'm wrong. 1. L armor is quite useless unless MU is very low or it offers special protection for rare occasions (PvP, event mobs, cetus for...
  8. Acro

    Findings 2.0

    1. armor decay is added to the base loot of the mob causing it. 2. crit hit & crit dmg rings have a negative impact unless you have very high DPP. 3. eco doesn't matter at all unless you have very high DPP 4. healing decay is wasted, as is tp and vehicle oil 5. overkill is still bad, but less...
  9. Acro

    BP book still change when you fill them?

    IIRC blueprint books changed in style when you filled them up. I was wondering if this is still the case? They could go from mundane looking to looking really rich and cool.
  10. Acro

    Economic latency

    Normally during summers; things become cheaper. Added to this is the loot 2.0 that sets the end of the eco era. Yet prices on low and middle end eco gear don't seem to go down at all. A10x amps, ares rings... seem to even go up a little in value since loot 2.0 Now, we have the migration, so it...
  11. Acro

    redo collision mapping

    I got stuck on the tip of a leaf today, yesterday I got stuck on a stone on the floor I was walking over. Every time I run, walk or move around something is bound to happen. In buildings I got fine with it. I just don't visit the malls anymore. But really, getting stuck on a piece of grass? I...
  12. Acro

    why use anything else?

    Since MA confirmed eco does matter. Basically the most eco way to play for low level players is either TT gun + zinkadus or Bulkin + A101. Forget about mindforce or melee. Or BLP for that matter. Not to forget that melee already suffers from having to getting close and having more healing/armor...
  13. Acro

    In case the Euro falls

    Let us take a hypothetical scenario; in which the EURO as a currency goes through massive inflation over a short period of time and afterwards is replaced by local currencies of the countries. Let say it starts happening in August and runs over the course of 3 months before being replaced by...
  14. Acro

    Orthos West mound quest

    I am going through all the missions and creating a walkthrough meanwhile. I must say that I am pleasantly surprised. Currently I've finished the trail to the east mission chain and I must say I'm a little bit sad that there is not a mission in Orthos West Mound. It is an ideal quit location...
  15. Acro

    Calypso Missions Walkthrough

    I've been working on a mission guide/ walkthrough for all non-iron missions for planet Calypso. you can find it here It is actually amazing how many missions there are. A new player can easily spend over 10h just to go through them. More if they want to...
  16. Acro

    down into the rabbit hole

    I wonder, it has been a while since I logged. I got EU from under the dust and think about dropping a few bombs. So anyone want to guess what my biggest loot will be? The one closest wins something nice and shiny...
  17. Acro

    Early summer?

    I've been checking Entropia tracker from time to time; to see how big the player-base is. While before Merry Mayhem we had about ~4300 active hunters; that number has now dropped to below 3900. The number of hunters have actually steady going down over the weeks, like players are trickling away...
  18. Acro

    Is Calypso starting to lose its position to Arkadia

    If you look at entropiatracker; you'll notice that over the course of the last months Arkadia seems to become more and more popular and Calypso is start falling behind. At this rate; Arkadia will become the most populated planet quickly. My question is why :scratch2: I haven't been there in...
  19. Acro

    When your gallery is one big cartoon box

    I was going through my gallery and I realized it's one big box of funny stuff and bad puns. Enjoy.
  20. Acro

    economics explained
  21. Acro

    one should never drunk post

    edit: *indeed*
  22. Acro

    Gross Revenue

    There is a very important mistake on this page of the calypso website It states that CLD holders are entitled to a % of the gross revenue. Gross revenue means BEFORE paying prizes (since this is a marketing expense). In case MA deducted the prize...
  23. Acro

    Alice on the Moon

    If the asteroid were to be a piece of cheese 340 holes the cheddar would have ehh, thanks hatter; just remind me again sorry to ask, what time for tea again?
  24. Acro

    What is your MBTI type?

    Just for the sake of science and giggles; but it might be quite entertaining to find out the personality types that play EU. Since it might differ from other games. If you don't know your type; go test it, nothing is more fun that putting yourself into a square :D
  25. Acro

    Help with 13" laptop

    Hi I'm searching for a laptop 13" (or something in that area, that will fit my moleskine reporter bag 30x26x6 cm) I'm searching for something that does not use much power and can run Linux (preferably ubuntu). I'm use it mostly to take notes, browsing, maybe run a little database; and some...