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    Selling: [Summer Strongbox] and [Empty Skill Implant (L)]

    Selling some boxes and a small collection of ESIs. 500 x [Summer Strongbox] @ 4.7 ped/box (min 50) Empty Skill Implant (L): 324.38 Empty Skill Implant (L): 433.42 Empty Skill Implant (L): 18.37 Empty Skill Implant (L): 13.59 Empty Skill Implant (L): 11.16 Small ones under the lowest offer...
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    Selling: Restoration Chip, Improved

    SB: 26k BO: 28k PEDs or CLDs only. PM here on in-game: Nite Niteflite Flite
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    Selling: Omegaton A204 Improved: SOLD

    With 85.3% this is the highest efficiency UL laser amp in existence. It's a rare item so difficult to price. Last one at auction went for 20k, so I am setting BO at 22k and taking offers around that level. PM here or in game: Nite Niteflite Flite
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    Uber: Brood of All 16831 ped

    Personal and mob's ATH. A nice memory to look at during the inevitable weeks and months of loot starvation coming my way.
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    Buying: Imperial HAZEN Shin Guards (M)

    If you have one and given up on building a set, please PM here or preferably in game: Nite Niteflite Flite.
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    Achievement: All attributes 100+

    I have had this pet project of mine going for a long while. I have been hunting for stamina rewards around the universe for years before its introduction, but clearly Codex has been a massive help.
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    Selling: DOA Slugstorm T10

    Selling my beloved Slug, which brought me lots of luck, fun and at least 50% of my highest HOFs. It even put me in the top 10 in a couple of Mayhems cat 10, as recently as Easter 2021. It maxes out at 84. Pricing has become incredibly challenging, but looking at similar weapons sold recently...
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    Selling: Swapping Sigyn Harness (F) with M Sigyn parts

    Just interested in a straight swap, not for sale. Preferably with a Harness but Shin, Thigh or Arms would be equally welcome. Of course, if you have any of those parts and just want to sell, I'd be more than happy to make an offer. PM here or in game: Nite Niteflite Flite
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    Buying: WTB Imperial Hazen/Sigyn (M) parts

    Please get in touch here or in game if you have any of the following parts: Sigyn (M): Arm Guards, Thigh Guards Imperial Hazen (M): Arm Guards, Gloves, Shin Guards IGN: Nite Niteflite Flite
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    Uber: Who says that high efficiency weapons can't swirl?

    Not my biggest but wonderful performance from my Strong Argonaut Claw!
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    Selling: ArMatrix LP-70 FEN Edition Tier 3.99

    I wasn't planning to sell this pistol, which I was aiming to tier all the way up, but I am keen to increase dps even if at a slightly lower efficiency. My looter level is 65 and I am using it with an A204 improved, which maxes efficiency at 91%, while still getting good dps and dpp I am not...
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    Selling: Omegaton M2870 Improved, Tier 3.99

    I am selling this beautiful laser pistol, which has helped me skilling up handgun very efficiently. A 40m+ range and an efficiency of 67.8% make this pistol an outstanding old school non-sib gun. Without any buff, and using an ArMatrix L-Amp 33B (L) and 3 damage enhancers I could get 80+ dps...
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    Buying: A&P Series Mayhem LP-100, Modified

    Any tier, though the higher the better. Pure peds. PM: Nite Niteflite Flite
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    Selling: Gravis GLR-33

    Offering this freshly looted gun. TT: 13.06 PED PM here or in-game
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    Yog exploit: "smart" or "fraud"?

    I have noticed that not all Entropians seem to share the same opinion about the current Yog-buff scandal. In my other thread,, even respected members of the community have gone to great...
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    Yog buff exploit: time for MA to take a stand

    I am re-posting my thoughts in a new thread because the original has descended in a series of personal accusations, and that detracts from discussing what is really at stake here. It will help the general debate if we started to use the right terms. This is a RCE and consequently we are not...
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    Selling: Athenic Ring, Perfected

    Selling for 1800 ped firm. PM: Niteflite
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    Selling: Restoration Chip, Adjusted

    Selling this game changer for 4100 ped PM in-game: Niteflite
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    Uber: 12K Leviathan Guardian

    Shrapnels and some less than exciting items, but all gladly accepted!
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    Selling: Empty Skill Implant

    Empty Skill Implant Selling an ESI 245.56 TT BO: 970% PM: Niteflite In case of no buyout offer, bidding will close on Friday, 24 April at 21:00 EU time Thread closed, item sold
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    Selling: Summer Ring 2016

    Bought this ring to improve dpp (2% critical chance) and help me skill up (25% skill gains). Mission accomplished and now that I am over level 100 it's time to let it go. Item SOLD PM here or in game: Niteflite
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    Selling: Geology Skill Implant

    64 ped TT Item no longer available. PM: Niteflite
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    Selling: Empty Skill Implant

    Selling an ESI 205.99 TT BO: 960% PM: Niteflite
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    Selling: Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Adjusted

    Selling this Omegaton FAP Adjusted, which I looted on Crystal Palace A few months ago. Found myself using it more often than my old 2350 mod, as the hp boost is much higher. Item SOLD Almost all 3 digit tier rates PM: Niteflite
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    Selling: EMT kit Ek-2350, Modified

    196 TT + 3700 PM: Niteflite