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  1. Rocket192

    Buying: WTB UL Mining Amp 2/3/4

    looking to purchase one of these... ideally UL3. pure ped offer, or ped + gun, etc.. whatever.
  2. Rocket192

    Suggestion: Make Loot Meaningful

    Loot in every profession feels incredibly mundane and uninteresting. Margins are incredibly small for even the best hunters, and output far exceeds demand for just about every material and resource in the game. In my opinion this is not sustainable for both an economic and entertainment aspect...
  3. Rocket192

    Buying: Adj. Boar/Adj Jag (M) Set

    pure peds, dm me with a price.
  4. Rocket192

    FYI: Rocket's Log - BP-110 Improved

    Motivated to do this for a few reasons, but most of all just to demonstrate the process of going from a relative-noob to realtive-uber and then actually pushing for profits once that journey has been complete. There's been a lot of arguments in this game regarding botting/macro-hunting, weapon...
  5. Rocket192

    Selling: bp-110 Improved t4.xx

    Newest addition to the family is coming sooner than expected. After a lot of reflection with Mrs. Rocket there's just no way I can have the time i'll need to make use of these items without AFK-botting or something in events, so I'm looking to sell them. Alas everyone gets old and has to hang it...
  6. Rocket192

    Selling: bp-130/lp-120/mayhem nano-blade

    selling any of the following. 5% deposit required for item pull, nonrefundable if you back out due to tier rates or cold feet.
  7. Rocket192

    Help: Should Rare Tokens be This Hard to Get?

    I have opened in excess of $43,000 in seasonal boxes in my attempts to acquire the my last rare mayhem token. Prior to this is spent about $12k USD to take 2nd place in FFA (yeah i know but goals are goals and it wasn't about the money). I have been sitting on some 130k+ M tokens and 1 rare for...
  8. Rocket192

    Info: Poll: How Many Rare Tokens Have You Looted?

    Curious to see how many rare tokens players have looted, on average, since the start of halloween mayhem 2021 when the changes took place.
  9. Rocket192

    Selling: bulk pills

    neuro A - 403 hyper 15 - 167 accu 15 - 191 deva 15 - 183 med 5 - 450 med 10 - 268 med 15 - 144 nutri 5 - 353 nutri 10 - 261 nutri 15 - 145 WTS all of them in bulk - will give a good deal as a result.
  10. Rocket192

    Selling: Full Set SK Defender Plates (35 acid)

    Took me months to accumulate a full set of these plates, but also right in time for me to secure a set of MM armor which comes with 30 acid by default, so i don't really need these plates anymore. Come get for sneks and sh30 farming plates ;) BO is 18.5k Stats: 65TT 35.0 acid protection 4750...
  11. Rocket192

    Selling: Unlimited Level 5 Finder Amplifier

    Amp: SB: 95k Instant BO: 115k items of interest in trade: 200+ dps weapon/loot 2.0 weapon CLDs PED
  12. Rocket192

    Buying: WTB Christmas 2016 Ring || WTT HW16 Ring

    HW16 + ped for xmas16 ring... alternatively i can do pure ped for the xmas16
  13. Rocket192

    Selling: Mayhem Amps

    BLP delta - 3 gamma - 11 Laser alpha - 9 beta - 9 delta - 2 gamma - 10 M-matrix alpha - 3 beta - 4 delta - 4 gamma - 12 MF alpha - 2 delta - 5 selling a 5 ped under daily auction listing prices.
  14. Rocket192

    Selling: Drugs 5/10/15mg and A-pills

    nutri 5 - 330 (2/ea) nutri 10 - 256 (4/ea) nutri 15 - 141 (9/ea) accu 15 - 181 (12/ea) hyper 15 - 161 (25/ea) deva 15 - 177 (12/ea) neuro A - 383 (4/ea) i'd perfer to do a bulk deal. please include price breakdowns of what you will pay for each type of pill.
  15. Rocket192

    Selling: Adjusted angel (M) set t2

    Selling a tier 2 set of adj angel. ped/deeds only. tt+25k c/o tt+27k BO
  16. Rocket192

    Selling: HW16 + ped swap for xmas 16

    looking to do the above trade. will also sell the ring outright if i can acquire xmas 16 beforehand.
  17. Rocket192

    Buying: body sculpting

    make me as short and skinny as possible. k thx. living, breathing manlet please.
  18. Rocket192

    Buying: p85/p160

    looking to buy 1-2 of these. i have an enormous amount of UA i need to burn. contact me ingame for fastest response.
  19. Rocket192

    Buying: WTT/swap t4 Shadow (M) for Mayhem (M)

    looking to trade my t4 shadow set for a mayhem set. will add peds depending on tier of the set.
  20. Rocket192

    Selling: A204 Hypercharged

    Selling this legendary amp for a fixed price of 28k ped.
  21. Rocket192

    Buying: christmas boxes

    paying 1.45 ped/each - quantities over 1k only. (i'm opening, not reselling. thanks.)
  22. Rocket192

    Selling: Ranger Scope mk1

    price is 20k
  23. Rocket192

    Buying: FFA points - overpaying by miles.

    paying more than literally anyone. larger stacks only. help me get a rare token
  24. Rocket192

    Yog Exploit Prize Remediation

    Was this ever fulfilled? i took about a 6 month break from the game right as the punishments were being handed down and was wondering if the remediation was awarded. Asking in relation to whether people have been stockpiling tokens from prior mayhems or received them from this compensation...
  25. Rocket192

    Selling: LP-70 FEN t7

    according to posts on this forum i bought this gun for 200k and not 180k, so i guess i'll sell it for BO 240k? it's about 8-9k markup per tier so seems fair. You know since we're making up stories and stuff and using alts/friends to sell equipment for us because our reputations are completely...