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  1. Rapido

    Entropialife down???

    As title say, and the same goes for tracker, down or is it something else? //Rapido
  2. Rapido

    Help: Error from graphic card...

    This messages came up when I want to log in today, played yesterday whit out any problem... So my question are, have MA made any changes in the list of cards who are graphic comp-ability to the game? When clicking OK, next messages come up, D3D Error: (Could not found any compatible Direct 3D...
  3. Rapido

    Missing players?

    Sitting here and reading treads on forum and sudenly it comes to my mind, I havent seen Magam for a very long period and cant remember reading anything about him and quitting the game... Anyone knows anything? Rapido
  4. Rapido

    Crasch when logging out...

    EU dos'nt answer!!! Click here to close... This message I recive every time I log out from game, dos'nt matter if I wait or click OK for quick logout... having this problem for some time now :/ Anyone ells have this problem? Running win7 64-bit on a good machine... can't remember exactly when...
  5. Rapido

    Classified looking for new members.

    Classified Are you interested in a society that aim on doing as many team hunts as possible and just having fun then Classified are the society for you! History:Classified was born 2013-04-27 by Dexus Dex & Aframo and thats all. Join now and help us write history Main goal with...
  6. Rapido

    New column in auction, level :)

    Hi guys. Shouldn't it be nice to have another column in auction shoving levels for guns, faps and so on :) What you all think about it? Regards Rapido
  7. Rapido

    Selling: DOA Smacktalker

    Hi all. Selling this nice gun, if interested contact me in game or on forum :) The gun have full TT, 450 ped. Rapido Got 3 bid, last is 105%. Keep on bidding plz. After 12.00 today, I will stop the auction and the highest bid wins the weapon. The winner will be contacted in the game to...
  8. Rapido

    Dynamic Loot ???

    Hi all. I understand the game is dynamic but why cant there be more global/hofs on all different mobs, today only the most hunted mobs global/hof? Why not put in global hofs more often on molisk, prancer, necuno etc..? Mobs that not been hunting in big scale... Rapido
  9. Rapido

    Selling: Omegaton A106 for sale

    Selling A106 full tt+2,6K. Contact me in game or here :) Rob Rapido Green On auction in game, close this tread plz :)
  10. Rapido

    Dead mobs on radar....

    Hi Guys and girls. When in a situation where you gets a lot of dead mobs it's sometimes difficult to see them on the radar :eyecrazy: So here is one solution for it, read mobs turns to red + or x when dead :yay: (its not so good picture, but if you click on it perhaps you can see +) Rapido
  11. Rapido


    Perhaps wrong place here, but stuck at CP doom 1, cant move cnat do notning. Rapido
  12. Rapido

    Selling: Textures

    SELLING: 31 different textures, TT-value 229.54 ped, ask for best price, give me an offer, PM me in game or on forum. Rapido
  13. Rapido

    Space bugged...

    Girlfriend trying to fly to FOMA, worked well but then she cant enter, flying back to Calypso Space station same shit :(. Relogg and dead, cant use ingame support.... Rapido
  14. Rapido

    Selling: 2 Propuslion Connectors

    Any bids, contact me in game "Rob Rapido Green" Rapido
  15. Rapido

    To MA and the developers, gamers here is some thoughts..

    There is a lot of treads regarding EU and how the game works, many of them is not so nice written. People say they have enugh and will stop playing, other going for a brake and so on, this cant be good, especially for all the new players who reads forum for the first time. Its been said...
  16. Rapido

    New skills or what?

    :confused: My GF gets this green line in chatwindow when she ecuip her finder, any idea what that is:confused: Rapido
  17. Rapido

    Another idea...

    Hi When you are out hunting and you see someone global on same kind of mob you hunting, to easy see if he/she is on the same spot like you. Here is a possible solution for MA to implement. Perhaps more smart things can be added to this idea. Rapido
  18. Rapido

    FYI: Possible bug on mission tracker...

    Just found this, possible information bug, after finishing Ambu mission, stage 1. Rapido
  19. Rapido

    Picture says it all...

    Hi all I would like to see this... Rapido
  20. Rapido

    Stuck in space

    MA, come on, fix this problems ASAP:mad: Rapido
  21. Rapido

    I wish :)

    Hi MA and all avatars... Is it possible that this wish can be implemented in game or not, what you say? For the first: let us copy open storage to TT sell window. Second: Let us now the MU value at once, TT-value is already given at the bottum of the GUI-windows. Rapido
  22. Rapido

    Question: Swedish ISP users, what ISP you use?

    Hi all swedish people What ISP you use and do you have any problems with them, lag or whatever? Please let us know, I use Typon and have very much items busy and failured all time :( Rapido
  23. Rapido

    Achievement: 2 global on one probe :)

    Hi Today I got 2 globals in 1 drop, I never belived that could happens, but truly it can :yay: Rapido
  24. Rapido

    Help: Cant login :(

    Hi all. Anyone ells have problem connect to launcher or Rapido Problem solved :) close tread please
  25. Rapido

    Event surprice :)

    Surprices like this really make you a happier player :yay: Only oil and a Riker 3(L), but who cares :rolleyes: Rapido