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  1. warmdogg

    Selling: Protector of the Empire armor set Male - TT+38k

    Selling this fantastic set T2 Protector of the Empire stats are very self explanatory, super versatile, fantastic mayhem grinding set with solid durability. TT+38k Protection Stab: 38 HP Cut: 33 HP Impact: 31 HP Penetration: 20 HP Burn: 25 HP Acid: 12 HP Electric: 19...
  2. warmdogg

    Buying: Arkadian DNA parts

    Buying all DNA parts, please pm with what you have, including mutation agents Thanks BINX
  3. warmdogg

    **URGENT EVENT NOTICE** Kill Squads required at Sentosa’s Reach, Arkadia

    **URGENT EVENT NOTICE** Kill Squads required at Sentosa’s Reach, Arkadia Event Date:- Saturday 2nd July 2022 Event Time:- 20:00 in game time Location:- Sentosa’s Reach, Arkadia - 14874,32369 This is an urgent call to all mercenaries in the universe, The new land owner of Sentosa’s Reach known...
  4. warmdogg

    Selling: Mayhem 6 piece set - Male

    Sold to item trade
  5. warmdogg

    Add Earth Shock Trooper armor to the vendor again

    Ok i know this will be controversial to those who have a set at the old prices, but this set isn't as overpowered as it once was, and loot 2.0 seems like a great reason to add this set back to the vendor. People want the crit damage and can justify it at current combat token prices. Downsides...
  6. warmdogg

    Selling: BP70 Perfected - Tier 5

    Like title says, selling this puppy, has been a joy to shoot but the time has come for me to upgrade. BP-70 Perfected - wiki link Highest UL efficiency gun ingame, only to be beaten by the Unique Dagger, and the Limited LP-80. Great DPP, cheap amps L and UL, no need to fork out on a 30k...
  7. warmdogg

    Selling: WTT Christmas 21 for Ares Perf + PED

    Like title says, shoot me your offers, I could be interested in Augment led if ped offer is good enough.
  8. warmdogg

    Selling: Sigyn 6/7 Set - Tier 5!! - Rent also possible!

    Selling this fantastic set, giving you access to SH-30 and other high Acid mobs markup free… apart from the gloves. with 65 acid protection fully enhanced, this set pairs perfectly with incision plates for deflected hits from SH-30...
  9. warmdogg

    Buying: Mid to High DPS Loot 2.0 - BP70, Lp70, BC80

    looking to upgrade, send me what you got via pm and we can see what we can work out. ideally BP70 etc + but am open to high tier lr-60 or imk2
  10. warmdogg

    Selling: Mod Merc T7 + HC204 - Easter 21 - Tesla pet lvl 50

    Items withdrawn from trade. Was able to get the gun I wanted.
  11. warmdogg

    Price Check FFA Stars

    I feel like it’s worth firing up a new thread for these with the new prizes being so good. Given that 1st prize pretty much guarantees most hardcore players will be able to take the mod nano from the vendor, the 3 pec point that known resellers are offering seems pretty pathetic, but I could be...
  12. warmdogg

    Selling: Angel Adjusted Set Male - SOLD

    Fantastic set, perfect for grinding out mayhem tokens. SOLD PM offers or contact ingame
  13. warmdogg

    Buying: Teslapet - Purchased

    Buying the pet or capacitor, pm with offers
  14. warmdogg

    Buying: Thunderbird M

    Looking to purchase a full set of M thunderbird. pm with any offers
  15. warmdogg

    Buying: Executed contracts and volatile fluid

    Buying executed contracts and volatile fluid, also happy to run the rdi a1 and b1 instances with you in order to get them. Drop me a pm here or ingame BINX
  16. warmdogg

    Buying: Maddox 4 GDC (L)

    PM me if you have any full tt guns for sale
  17. warmdogg

    Selling: [A&P Series Mayhem BC30 Modified] - Tier 3.99

    Purchased this gun with the intent to grind out some low level codex between mayhems, had an opportunity to get a higher end weapon a few days later so this gun has to go. SB28k BO32k Pm any offers, items of interest are Mayhem M armor parts
  18. warmdogg

    Buying: Mayhem Armor parts M

    looking to buy these parts over the next few mayhems Helmet Harness Arm Guards Gloves Thigh Guards Shin Guards Foot Guards PM or ingame:- Beta Binx Breaker
  19. warmdogg

    Selling: WTT - Trading Tier 6.99 Mod Merc for Higher Tier - NOT for sale!!

    As title says, looking to boost my dps, are you looking to lower yours? Pm and let me know your price Trading for higher tier only, this isn't for sale!
  20. warmdogg

    Buying: Buying HC204 - Purchased

    Looking for this amp one recently sold for 25k so looking to pay the same, pm with offers
  21. warmdogg

    Selling: Foeripper T10

    Foeripper T10 mega dps and solid box farmer for high markup events, also can boost you through survival. SB 45k BO 50k
  22. warmdogg

    Buying: Mayhem Tokens

    There are a couple items I would like from the vendor. Please pm if you’re interested in freeing up some tokens and we will try and work something out
  23. warmdogg

    Renting Divine Chip - Survival Mayhem Special

    Renting this chip to help you through the Survival Mayhem stages without having to permanently fork out for your own chip. 30 ped per hour - 200 ped per day 2300 collateral in ped, deeds or items, rental fee to be paid upfront. PM to arrange booking
  24. warmdogg

    Selling: [King Kong Snub-U60] Tier 7

    Selling this fantastic Mayhem grinder for a hunter who wants to farm their way into a loot 2.0 weapon. Range isn't the biggest issue in mayhem and this gun having dog shit tier range actually makes it a super cheap...
  25. warmdogg

    Selling: ML-35 Adjusted - Tier 3

    gun needs no introduction, tier increase rate is 122/200 SB +10k BO +12k