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  1. duncis

    Help: Tell me you have been playing Entropia for way too long without telling me you have been playing Entropia for way too long...

    Tell me you have been playing Entropia for way too long without telling me you have been playing Entropia for way too long... Something to get this going: "Selling full set Shogun F, all 6 pieces full tt, at the boxes"
  2. duncis

    Suggestion: Continuation of Armatrix series

    I will keep it simple: We need more (L)imited Melee and MindForce weapons! (Some UL wouldn't hurt either) Armatrix series for Melee ends with LB-75 and SB-75, please introduce up to or over LB/SB 105 Armatrix MF series introduction would be awesome too. up to or over 105 too please! While at...
  3. duncis

    Buying: Tanhok amber and wasp queen parts and/or wasp calls

    WTB wasp queen parts: Stinger Wing Gland Venom (We can also trade for parts you need, I have some extra) Tanhok Amber wasp queen calls PM me here or in-game if you can help me out with any of the above Cheers /Soko
  4. duncis

    Selling: Enhancer business

    Hello fellow Entropians, I have decided to put this out there to see if there is any serious interest. So my offer here is a complete enhancer constructor business package: Complete enhancer book with - All damage enhancer blueprints at 100QR Most other common enhancer blueprints at 100 or...
  5. duncis

    Help: HM results

    Hi MA, I am sure you guys are working on it and only reason that scores are not posted yet, are probably due to sheer amount of man power needed to sort through (exploited) results. And I am fne with that, as mostly likely most of playerbase is. We are all patiently waiting. So here is an idea...
  6. duncis

    Buying: IMK2

    Want to buy IMK2, any tier, send me an offer, will evaluate all offers for price vs tier! Leave me a message here or in-game. Merry Christmas, Soko
  7. duncis

    Selling: Gold rush armor F and Gold rush plates

    Selling gold rush armor F parts Foot guards Shin guards Thigh guards and [Pulsar Armour Plate - Gold Rush Edition] x4 SOLD Unsure on price, make an offer. Please no law ballers, but also I dont expect to get much either, so just make an offer and see where it takes us. /Soko
  8. duncis

    Buying: Neffs stim pack or wasp queen legs

    Looking for the above FAP or parts for it. Mostly interested in legs, but may take whatever you got. Leave me a message here or ingame
  9. duncis

    Selling: Sigyn F, complete set

    SOLD Selling the only complete Female set in the game, it has some unique parts, that have only been looted once. Set is T3 to T4, and will be tiered as soon as it reaches x.99 if not sold by then. TIRs are from 112 to 183 through the set. T3 parts are at 3.84 or higher. Acid protection at T4...
  10. duncis

    Buying: Mayhem Shins And Arms Male

    Mayhem Shins And Arms Male As title says: looking for Male Mayhem Shins And Arms. Pm her or ingame if u got any of the parts. Merry Christmas /Soko
  11. duncis

    Selling: Hedoc Mayhem Perfected

    Looking for interested buyers that wont be shy of shooting me an offer! Best heal tool in the game by max heal and heal per sec. Cheers Soko
  12. duncis

    Soko's Enhancer and Armor Shop

    A new shop is now open in Medusa Bazaar specializing in Damage Enhancers and Strongboxes. Currently also offering Perseus Sets F and M I'm a grinder first, then a crafter, so I know how important it is to keep costs down. So as a shop owner I promise to some of the best prices on the...
  13. duncis

    Small+ Landplot on Arkadia #13

    Wondering what you guys think this might be worth? I would like to factor in few things that may positively or negatively impact the value of this land plot *Land plot is located on Arkadia *There seems to be a very limited amount of land plots available on Arkadia (all that you see in the...
  14. duncis

    Selling: Summer Strongboxes

    Summer strongboxes for sale 1310 remaining 5ped each at this time Cheers Soko
  15. duncis

    Selling: Perception

    Hello PCF, For sale are some perception skills I have ESI so all you need to do is contact me and we can discuss price and amount Some other skills may also be available (from more common ones, dont ask for looter skills or evade and such unless you want a massive amount then we can discuss a...
  16. duncis

    Selling: Small+ Landplot on Arkadia #13

    As title says, small+ plot on Ark is for sale. Plot seems to be in full working order (as much as my knowledge let me to test it), Snug and acorns are possible to be built and so on. Size and shape of the plot is exactly same as to those on Calypso. There is limited amount of plots on...
  17. duncis

    Selling: Gold rush items

    Whats up forum, today i have for sale these items 4x GOLD RUSH armor plate 5 Stab / 25 Electric (41 ped max tt on the plate) GOLD RUSH foot guards F GOLD RUSH shin guards F GOLD RUSH thigh guards F Rock ripper 3 GOLD RUSH edition (SOLD) Terramaster 3 GOLD RUSH edition (SOLD) Also for sale is...
  18. duncis

    Buying: Mod ML35

    Looking for one of these, pm if you have it or know who has one! Ty! /Soko
  19. duncis

    Selling: Mod Resto chip

    Selling uber of all uber items - mod resto. I think this needs no introduction. BO 53k Cheers /Soko
  20. duncis

    Question: Top proffesions and HP

    I am creating this poll to see what is health level for those that are above level 100 in any combat profession. Hopefully enough people will vote to see general idea of how category 10 will look like for the upcoming Easter Mayhem. Feel free to comment with your hp/level. Edit: Pure hp and...
  21. duncis

    Buying: Sigyn F armor parts

    Hi forum, Might be interested in parts of this armor Thighs Pm if u have any of those :) Cheers Soko
  22. duncis

    Buying: Lazidol Brain Stem

    As title says, looking for this prticular item. If you have one, pm me pls and tell me how muchh u want for it. Cheers Soko
  23. duncis

    Buying: Fishing Lure

    Hi forum Looking to buy fishing lure, pm me if u want to sell and uf price please Cheers Soko
  24. duncis

    Buying: MOD stims

    Buying MOD stims PM here or ingame Cheers Soko
  25. duncis

    Selling: Storage clean-out (Stack-ables)

    Hi forum, Today i have lots of very random and some even ridicilous stuff for sale, take a look and throw an offer if you like something. Everything MUST go Stones (Have to be sold in one deal): [Trutun] x 121 [Kaldon] x 1054 [Nissit] x 1688 [Rutol] x 12 [Brukite] x 2470 [Sopur] x 362 Current...