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  1. Clonestar

    First time mini global for me...

    Tonight I got my first mini global. Was a Jori fish mob on Arkadia... Trying the iron mission on them, if every so often i get one of these, then it should become a nice mission! :) Here is a screenshot of the action:
  2. Clonestar

    First global through mobile phone application

    I just tried the mobile application to do some crafting... I managed to get a global... from which I don't got a screenshot! :( I did some crafting on Hardened Metal Ruds (49x) And got a global (or hof?) of 103 Ped! Hope someone knows a way to make a screenshot from the mobile application? I...
  3. Clonestar

    Daikiba madness finally done!

    Finally made it through thee Daikiba Iron Mission. Here's the proof: Because I want to get my Laser hit profession a bit higher, I think of doing some more iron missions that give skills for the Laser Sniper Hit profession... Thinking to do a bit of fouls, or merp or something other... don't...
  4. Clonestar

    Second graduation for me!

    Today I graduated for the second time in my EU live... :) Here is a screenshot of it: I'd like to thank Viginti Jacobite Tres as for being my mentor this time. Got the adjusted pixie armor and the explorer mk1 vehicle, which are both very nice to receive! I think i will use the pixie the...
  5. Clonestar

    Another nice global

    After all this time that I thought that MA hated me, I'm getting some nice returns... A few days ago a nice hof, and now a nice global on my Simple I Conductors BP. I think I like this! Here's a screenshot of the action:
  6. Clonestar

    Nice Hof after some time

    Yesterday after a standard hunting run (no globals), I thought, why not get the stuff out of my locker and craft some conductors... Gladly I did just that! Here's what I got: Hopefully I get more of these while I clean out my locker! :)
  7. Clonestar

    Global: Nice Solar 8V Batteries

    Recently got another global from my Solar 8v batteries BP... Here is the screenshot: I hope to see another global soon... Been ages already again... :)
  8. Clonestar

    Serendipity Unocked!

    Finally after many (5) years of playing, I unlocked Serendipity, yesterday! Here's the screenshot as proof: Next I'll try to unlock Coolness, but don't know how long that is going to take!
  9. Clonestar

    Global: Nice Merp...

    First Merp global I ever had, and think that it could be the only one I will have for a long time... Now trying to get this iron mission complete... But so many off these running torpedo's here @ Atami's Paradise! Here's the picture as proof:
  10. Clonestar

    At last another global... 57 ped Simple II Conductors

    Just had another global... After so much months of almost no return! So pretty glad I had this nice little global! Here's a screenshot of the action:
  11. Clonestar

    Whoot! I'm now 4 years old!

    Just read another thread from someone telling he got 6 ingame... I looked up when my account was approved... that happened to be on Januari 2 2007... That makes me 4 years old! In this time I got a gold card with depo's, so that means I depo too much! :) And had some nice achievements with...
  12. Clonestar

    98 ped 8v battery...

    This is I think my 4th global on my nice 8v battery BP... This nice global happened just before I joined the action in Merry Mayhem 2010... Here is a screenshot of this nice global: I hope I stand a chance in MM 2010, but because I only participate because I started the Cornundo challange...
  13. Clonestar

    Yeah, finally I hoffed again, this time while crafting M1A(L) rifles!

    Yesterday I thought to try my Breer M1A (L) BP again... To get the QR a bit higher! This time it (almost) paid off! Got this hof after a few clicks, and also got the QR to 21.x. It looks like I have to give it a lot more clicks to get it to QR 100! Well, here's a screenshot of the actual...
  14. Clonestar

    Finally I know Kongfu! (Martial Arts Unlocked)

    Yesterday evening went on a trip to kill the last of the Argo's I needed for my 1K mission... And after a few hits it finally gave me the longblade skill I needed to get to lvl 20 of my hit (and also my dmg) profession! Here's a screenshot of the action: I think the next step will be to get...
  15. Clonestar

    At last another global... Thx Lootius / FPC / MA!

    After so many weeks of just depoing money into this game... I finally got a global again a few days back. Here's a screencapture of the nice Fef that gave me this nice global. Also this Fef was the last of the 100 Fefs I had to kill for the first Fef mission... So it was a nice way to complete...
  16. Clonestar

    I know the Missed message... but Failed?! :(

    I almost can accept the stupid MISSED message ingame... but lately I also get this FAILED message when trying to fire a gun or use my fap... What's up with that? Another way of telling me that I lost a few pec again? :mad: I think this is irritating... I can shoot a mob from point blank range...
  17. Clonestar

    50 strenght at last!

    Finally hit the 50 strength mark! During my skilling on longblade I wanted to get my Melee Damage Assessment and Martial Arts asap, during this skilling I did some of the missions that gave some strength, so now I got my strenght up to 50! Now let's see how long it takes me to get to 60! ;)...
  18. Clonestar

    Finally a new skill!

    I Unlocked MDA (Melee Damage Assessment) yesterday! It has taken me months to unlock it because I was going to do that "the natural way"... But I must say that I ate some chips, because I found them under the market value, and it now took me less time to achieve this unlock! Here is the...
  19. Clonestar

    Finally a nice Argo again!

    Yesterday did some melee hunting again against my favorit mob: Argo's... Have not had some luck with them lately, but yesterday after doing 3 runs with my axe 2x0... I had this nice global... Seems like they still can make me global! Here's the proof: Click to enlarge
  20. Clonestar

    My first big global on a electronics BP!

    This global is my first global ever on an electronics BP... Didn't have that much globals anyway... so this was a really nice one! Got a Garnet as extra loot... strange MU... But nevertheless nice loot! Hope to get some more in the future! When I saw the nice amount of peds... I thought it would...
  21. Clonestar

    At last another Global and some more strength!

    After 6 months of ped's only going down the drain... Yesterday I was lucky again... I got myself a nice global on my Jester-D1 blueprint of 64 ped (screenshot1) Also I found out that my strenght is getting a little higher lately... I've now surpassed the 45 in strenght (screenshot2), and hope to...
  22. Clonestar

    2 nice globals after months of nothing...

    Yesterday I did some crafting on my Jester D1 BP... Just trying to get my prof a little higher, when I got these 2 nice globals. Almost surpriced about it, because I haven't had any globals for months now! Here's the proof: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Now I hope that I won't have to...
  23. Clonestar

    Achievement: 50 Agility reached!

    After nearly 3 years... I have reached 50 agility... This was getting really slow because I haven't had any globals or hofs in quite some months to fund the skilling of agility... So I had to make it to 50 rather slowly! Here's the proof (picture or it did not happen stuff...) Click to enlarge...
  24. Clonestar

    global on a jester D1

    Had a nice global yesterday on a jester D1 BP of 55 ped. Here's a screenshot of the action: Click to enlarge
  25. Clonestar

    88 ped jester

    Got myself a nice global on my jester blueprint... If I can keep this up... I'll be the armsdealer I wanted to become... in no time... ;):laugh::ahh: Well... here's a screenshot of the action: Click to enlarge