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  1. fred5283

    Longtooth Old Alpha 12587

    Yo, Nothing special for some, but my 1st 5-digit uber... you gotta post that, right??? Thanks to all who have helped and guided along the way. Hopefully more to come soon. Weapon used --> SB-65 (L) Late, Norian
  2. fred5283

    Help: How do I upload an image?

    Just like the title says... how do I upload an image?? I can't add to the galleries that I've created in the past??!! If I pick one of the default galleries, when I go to upload, I meet the size and format requirements, yet I still get an error??
  3. fred5283

    Price Check Genesis Star Excavator Modified

    What’s the going price??
  4. fred5283

    Selling: MediStim 5mg 10mg 15mg

    MediStim 5mg x 27--> 5 ped each MediStim 10mg x 50 --> 6 ped each MediStim 15mg x 24 --> 7 ped each
  5. fred5283

    The hunt for Alicenies...

    Yo, Got that mining bug... also a nice break from the hunting and nice HP boost. Anyways, I'm trying to blow through the missions to open up the others... stuck on Alicenies. Any hints? I've done my research, tried a lot of places, talked to a lot of people, but nothing consistent on caly...
  6. fred5283

    Selling: Beginner Stuff

    PM here and/or in game if you want it. Sollomate Opalo - TT+40 Goblin (M) - TT+30 Adjusted Pixie (M) - TT+75
  7. fred5283

    Help: Belkar Stone on Caly

    WTH is going on with Belkar on Caly? Seems like impossible to find. I have found some spots recently... then I go to mine and I get Lyst?!? Help! :)
  8. fred5283

    Any shops that sell MF Amps?

    Any shops that sell MF Amps?
  9. fred5283

    Selling: Summer Strongbox (sold)

    3.5 each if you take them all Norian Norian Xx
  10. fred5283

    FYI: Laptop Died

    Yo - just a FYI to all my soc mates in Guess Who! My GPU on my laptop just died... did a number on it, had to reinstall windows in order to boot up. Anyways, going to be a bit before I can get back in game. Damn, going to miss some good gold rush :(
  11. fred5283

    Active weapons shops on Ark

    Haven’t been to Ark in a while, I remember the days of KikkijikkI, enhancer street… anyways, I’m looking for shops with the following items: Armatrix guns P20s Enhancers Limited armors Pills and anything else hunting related thanks in advance with replies!
  12. fred5283

    Achievement: Intuition

    I just unlocked Intuition tonight via level 80 Evader No chip eating, just irons and codex and shooting Yay me! Now back to the looter skill grind
  13. fred5283

    Can’t zoom in/out?

    Yo - weird issue - had this happen once but I can’t remember how it went away. Can’t zoom in or out with mouse wheel or gestures. Scroll works outside of Entropia help!!
  14. fred5283

    Question: Omegaton Laser Sight Mk. 1

    who owns these atm?? Holla
  15. fred5283

    Selling: Halloween Ring 2019 - SOLD SB = Make Offer BO = 18999 PEDs - SOLD Can accept AUD and/or CLD Will accept Easter ring 2021 in a trade (+ped from my side) Thanks, Norian Norian Xx
  16. fred5283

    Selling: Acid-48 (L) Plates - Set

    Selling a set of Acid-48 (L) Plates Barely used 200%
  17. fred5283

    Info: Calypso Depths FPS Issue

    There is a FPS issue in CD. I figured out how to somewhat relieve it, but not ultimately make it go away. It occurs in multiple areas - 1st level, bridge, high maturity mind reaver and marcimex rooms. How I figured it out... I have locking ignore view on. FPS is around 10 in bad areas. I...
  18. fred5283

    Edit Thread Title

    Are we cool with having this capability? I know mistakes, but sucks for other things... thoughts?
  19. fred5283

    2.11 - Entropia Universe Terms of Use/EULA Violation?

    What is "2.11 - Entropia Universe Terms of Use/EULA Violation"? If I look at the EULA, there is no section 2.11 - Referencing closing comment in this thread -...
  20. fred5283

    Selling: Christmas Ring 2019

    Yo, Just like the title says, selling Christmas Ring 2019 This ring opens you up to entire new level of hunting 27k peds gets it - I'm up for item trades but peds preferred. I don't really need rings, maybe a gun would be...
  21. fred5283

    Omegaton Laser Sight Mk 1

    PC on Omegaton Laser Sight Mk 1 Last sale on PCF was ~2 years ago from my searching was 12k max: Link to item: Maybe 6k or so today...
  22. fred5283

    Selling: Eudoracell

    Selling Eudoracell - Level 1: 100 ped
  23. fred5283

    Selling: Christmas Ring 2018

    Selling Christmas Ring 2018 (Same stats as Christmas Ring 2017): BO = 23.5k peds --> SOLD Peds preferred. Trade possible, looking for a high dps weapon - high eff/dpp would be nice too...
  24. fred5283

    EWE_LC-625_Gleamer What's the price for an EWE LC-625 Gleamer? Tier 0 and Tier 5.99? Thanks in advance to all comments.
  25. fred5283

    Buying: UL Gun

    I think it may be time for me to get a UL pew pew weapon - no melee or MF crap! (if I offended you...sorry, not sorry, lol) Updated my list of potential guns, I need something to get by... PM me if you have something interesting to sell! Thanks, Norian Norian Xx List of PEW PEW Machines...