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  1. wildenberg

    Windows 11

    No issues here. Runs as smooth as before.
  2. wildenberg

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    After entering no option to choose an annihilation mission when interacting with the statue; only a flood of zombies appeared. No points to collect. Just some tokens and boxes. What went wrong MA?
  3. wildenberg

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    @sahel: same problem here. I left but can’t return; no global event to find.
  4. wildenberg

    What was the meaning or reason for your AV name?

    A combination of two Greek friends.
  5. wildenberg

    Info: Vu17 bugs report

    Longu codex corrupt Longu codex is now split up in longu and primordial longu. I’m grinding primordial current lvl 9. After VU I have to start from scratch because my current lvl is now 0 and regular Longu suddenly lvl 9. MA has to repair this.
  6. wildenberg

    Selling: Atrox Pets

    Rick, If you clean up your mailbox you will find a pm from me wanting to buy one.
  7. wildenberg

    Selling: EON Helmet UL (F)

    Price is lowered.
  8. wildenberg

    Selling: EON Helmet UL (F)

    Still selling.
  9. wildenberg

    Selling: EON Helmet UL (F)

  10. wildenberg

    Selling: EON Helmet UL (F)

    You will be surprised by the price.
  11. wildenberg

    Selling: EON Helmet UL (F)

  12. wildenberg

    Selling: EON Helmet UL (F)

    Looted this fine piece of armor from a Drone Coordinator earlier this year. PM me if you're interested.
  13. wildenberg

    Planet calypso content release 2013.3.1

    Fixed an issue that made it possible for players to launch EU :mad:
  14. wildenberg

    Halloween instances

    Managed to get in 2 times yesterday. Today I haven't succeeded yet. No word from support :mad: and by the way it's going up until now the final results can in no way be fair.
  15. wildenberg

    Selling: RX Optac x1 Harness (M)

  16. wildenberg

    Selling: RX Optac x1 Harness (M)

    SB for this excellent piece of armor is PED 10k. PM me for serious bids. Specs: Bidding period ends 04.25.2013 at 17.00 MA time
  17. wildenberg

    Chilix Weapon, Armor, Weapon Attachment Shops

    Very interesting. Will visit your shop shortly. Ark guns aren't that common on Calypso. Todo
  18. wildenberg

    How many Dutch people in EU?

    58 and from Eindhoven
  19. wildenberg

    Blue screen

    Seems like this is indeed a EUR related issue. Did it start right after a VU? Have you tried repairing and/or a complete reinstall?
  20. wildenberg

    Blue screen

    This is not a CR2 or EU problem. Blue screens mostly appear in case of hardware problems. My advice would be to check if your GC and/of RAM is properly connected. Also look for the most recent GC drivers. As Entropia is a fairly heavy application you could also check the temp of your hardware...
  21. wildenberg

    Help: long loading after security code entered.

    I had the same problem from time to time. Noticed that it started after a VU and got worse after every following VU. Filed a support case and received a standard answer about settings. Tried them all which didn't help. As a last resort I turned off my virusscanner and since then I only have to...
  22. wildenberg

    Version Update 10.0.9

    Same here :grumble::grumble::grumble:
  23. wildenberg

    Help: VU 10.0 install problem

    I'm updating my thread with the latest developements. Support couldn't help me without further details. Downloaded setup files again and run setup under Win XP. This time it lasted only 5 hours, I got no BSOD but 1 decompression error. Fortunately setup resumed after a rerun. I could login and...
  24. wildenberg

    Help: VU 10.0 install problem

    Configuration: Processor Intel Q6600 / GC Nvidia 8800 GTS 320MB / Memory 2GB OZC Reaper PC6400 / HD 500 GB (in healthy state). Dualboot Windows XP / Windows 7 1. Installation under Windows 7: Downloaded the 6 installation files from MA's website. Run setup (as administrator). Installation...
  25. wildenberg

    Question: Decompression error

    Sorry mate, Mixed up a few things. Wasn't my intention.