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  1. Nik-Elas

    Selling: Eudoracell Lvl 12

    Hi, I'm looking to sell my Eudoracell Lvl 12, seen a couple today around lvl 8-10 go for 150 so thinking about 200 ped, which is about what I've fed this furry ball with. Send offer or 220BO
  2. Nik-Elas

    Suggestion: Unique weapons

    I think it would be cool to have more unique weapons, at least one for each class. As seen in this pic there are 5 Unique weapons ATM, 4 of which are Melee. Why not Unique MF chips, whips, clubs, pistols, blp, laser, plasma?
  3. Nik-Elas

    Discovery: Silent butt

    Don't think it's previously discovered but won them at the NI Event. First ever prize I've won and first discovery although not really, i guess I'll just keep chasing another one!
  4. Nik-Elas

    Help: Unlootable Great White Sharks

    Has anyone else experienced that some mobs can't be looted? Last weekend i was hunting Great White Sharks on NI for hours on end, over the course of one of the days I experienced not only one or two but FIVE (5!) unlootable mobs. They are all shared mobs so if someone did DMG before shouldn't...
  5. Nik-Elas

    Selling: Negolas's Selling Thread

    [Advanced Sinew Improved] send offer [Advanced Sinew Adjusted] send offer [Incision Plate] x7 - TT on plates: 71.51 - Asking 450 Ped for the set [Warmonger Helmet (F)] TIR 199/200 - 300 Ped Also have a few pieces of random Make-up if anyone is looking to buy. Hit me Up! Take the lot and...
  6. Nik-Elas

    Question: Lotus armor?

    Can someone explain wtf happened here? 7 discoveries in one loot? 13 DIFFERENT pieces almost making two full sets?
  7. Nik-Elas

    Question: How often do you loot rings?

    Out of curiosity and slight annoyance😅, how often or how many rings have you looted on approximately how many boxes? For example i have opened probably around 5k boxes and I've looted 6 rings. Aeglic: Adjusted x1 Improved x1 Perfected x1 Hermetic: Adjusted x2 Modified x1 Is this like a...
  8. Nik-Elas

    Selling: Storage cleaning * CLOSE THREAD

    Please contact me for more info about amount or specific items, IGN: Negolas Most stuff is now sold what is left is the following: Pills: Accu: 5x 15mg Deva: 3x 15mg Nutri: 21x 5mg, 3x 10mg, 5x 15mg Medi: 6x 5mg, 6x 10mg, 4x...
  9. Nik-Elas

    Selling: 7x Armor Plating Mk. 5B

    Selling full set, full TT Pm here or in-game @ Negolas
  10. Nik-Elas

    Price Check Pets

    I have a few pets i have no idea what they're worth, anyone have a clue? Cooper Sasha Lai Tung Pai Whiskers All are Level 1 Thanks
  11. Nik-Elas

    "Rare" loot section

    Not sure where to post this but I think someone needs to sort out what's "Rare" and not on EL. Feels like there are one or two pretty rare items per page rest is this flesh, aquatic gland and similar shit which can't be rare if it drops so often.
  12. Nik-Elas

    Buying: ArMatrix LR-45

    Am looking to buy a handfull of these rifles, please send me a pm here or in-game, Niklas Negolas Hedlund
  13. Nik-Elas

    Selling: Armor pieces (Adj Jaguar, Adj Boar, Ghost)

    I have some armor i need to get rid of to free up some peds. Please send me an offer here or in-game @ Niklas Negolas Hedlund Most armors sold, only these left ⬇️ Ghost (M) "Set" -No feet Tier 2.07-2.88 (TIR 114-152)
  14. Nik-Elas

    Buying: Zorra's HK

    Looking for a Zorra's HK, preferably lower tier. If you know anyone who owns one and might consider selling/trading it, please let me know. Niklas Negolas Hedlund
  15. Nik-Elas

    Help: Am I just being stupid or whats going on here?

    Below are one screenshot of the orders in auction, which states max markup of 230%. The other screenshot, my auction at a 220% BO, why is it not selling? Im used to it selling instantly but now over 15mins later not yet sold.
  16. Nik-Elas

    Buying: Found, delete

    Found what I was looking for, close thread.
  17. Nik-Elas

    Buying: Power fist!

    I'm looking for a LoughlinSmacker Three, you have one or know anyone who does? Message me here or in-game @ Niklas Negolas Hedlund,
  18. Nik-Elas

    Question: Vehicle RK-5, 10, 15 & 20

    What happened to these tools? All i have ever seen on auction is just the RK-0 as well as 25+. Anyone have the lower levels for sale or know where/why they have gone?
  19. Nik-Elas

    Selling: SOLD

    I'm looking for a nice trade or some pure peds, not in a hurry as i don't play too much atm (broke). So hit me up if you have any ideas for trade or come with a price offer if interested. In-game name Niklas Negolas Hedlund, i still login several times a week so contact me anywhere. Link to...
  20. Nik-Elas

    Selling: Arkadia Moon Deeds

    Looking to sell all my AMDs, have 50 of them. PM here or in-game, Niklas Negolas Hedlund.
  21. Nik-Elas

    Selling: 9.95 PED [Surveying Skill Implant (L)] & 4.21 PED [Mining Skill Implant (L)]. SOLD Close thread

    As title says, loaded and ready to go, aiming for around weekly MU. 9.95 PED [Surveying Skill Implant (L)] 4.21 PED [Mining Skill Implant (L)] PM here or in game, Niklas Negolas Hedlund
  22. Nik-Elas

    Buying: Maddox 4, Adjusted CLOSE THREAD

    Looking for a Maddox 4 Adjusted, preferably low tier. Hit me up here or in-game: Niklas Negolas Hedlund
  23. Nik-Elas

    Nothing online?

    Seems like everything is offline? Client loader won't connect to server and can't even reach their homepage? Massive fuck up on my end somehow or what's going on?
  24. Nik-Elas

    Buying: Improved Ares & Athenic

    Looking to buy Ares Ring Improved Athenic Ring Improved Send me your offers here or in game: Niklas Negolas Hedlund
  25. Nik-Elas

    Buying: Breer M2a (L) Not very good condition.

    Im having a hard time finding a Breer M2a (L) and wonder if it may be someone here selling it.. Im looking for one with maybe around 10 in TT value!