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    Fuel consumption change?

    Putting this in here for now until I (we) know more, but to me it looks like fuel consumption of my quad changed recently. Well, maybe it wasn't recently and I just didn't notice until now. Has anyone else noticed that quads (and probably other vehicles?) consume fuel faster now? Is this a...
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    Selling: Herman ARK-50 (L) BLP Rifle

    Selling Herman ARK-50 (L) BLP Rifle T2 - 308.05 TT Tiers T3-45 T4-90 T5-109 are meaningless as it's (L) See wiki for stats, but nice gun, maxed at level 70, range 60, damage 100 max, 48 attacks/min, etc... None sold in last year at T0. Only this one sold (I paid way too much)...
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    Space flights - Privateer

    Service discontinued....
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    Selling: Mayhem Hedoc Fap

    Selling an unlimited Hedoc Mayhem fap. Can find stats on Entropedia, but basically slightly faster heal/sec than SK-50 with 28 uses per minute, but not as eco (8.18 heal/pec versus 9.50 heal/pec of SK-50). Also don't have to tie up a lot of ped with high TT of other UL faps, this one has 40...
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    Buying: GeoTrek Hardened Talytic Converters

    Looking for GeoTrek Hardened Talytic Converters...need 800 ped or so if anyone has, or has BP, PM me. TY ;)
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    Selling: Skills

    Selling a few skills... Generally I price them to weekly auction average minus the auction fees. I end up with about the same ped and you save the auction fee amount. Handgun - 183.15 PED TT - for 1795 ped (about 980%) (SOLD) BLP Wep - 176.82 PED TT - for 1625 ped (about 920%) Anatomy -...
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    Discovery: Katsuichi Glory Retro (L)

    Discovered this off a Formi Young. Falls in between the Resolve and Destiny for the "Retro" family of blades. Basically the Dai-Katana (L) but requires more than twice the Swordsman level to use and little worse decay. Did fruit test and decay was 17.21 pec per use. So blade shouldn't be...
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    Selling: Newly Discovered Lion Gloves (M)

    Just discovered Lion Gloves (M) for sale. GLOVES SOLD
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    Selling: Skills sale

    Can close thread, dumping rest to auction....
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    Selling: HL14 (L) with 976 to 2171 tier numbers (190 ped TT)

    Selling HL14(L) 190.06 ped TT (of 350 full TT) Tiers are: Tier 1: 1853 Tier 2: 992 Tier 3: 2171 Tier 4: 2063 Tier 5: 1991 Tier 6: 1343 Tier 7: 976 Tier 8: 1958 Tier 9: 1826 Tier 10: 1986 Start Bid: 140% BO Bid: 150% Auction ends 72 hours after SB offer received. Make bids in at least 2%...
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    Privateer Owner Manual

    Privateer Owners Manual There seems to be a lot of information out on the forum about the various operations related to Privateers and Motherships, but it’s hard to find and much of it is missing. Thought I’d try to pull together what was available into one location and do some testing to fill...
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    Selling: Martial SGA Arms (M) and Angel Shins UL (M)

    Both items sold now - close thread.
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    Selling: 7 piece Vigilante Set (M)

    Selling full 7 piece set of Vigilante (M) TT+260. - SOLD at asking price - Dec. 23, 2012 Pieces range from tier 0.0 to 0.8 SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD
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    Selling: Dante amp TT+2450

    Close thread, moved to auction. Thanks, Mack
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    Dark Knights - Squires recruiting

    The Dark Knights - Squires society is now open for new applicants. Due to some RL stuff for me, I'm going to have some time away from the game so one of our best is stepping up to take my spot as leader of Dark Knights - Squires. I know he is going to do great things with the soc. He has...
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    How much TT loss for each destroyed vehicle?

    Looked around, but can't seem to find the answers to this. How much TT value do each of the vehicles lose when they are PK destroyed? Especially interested in Quad Fighter (L)... 1.) Quad Interceptor (L) 2.) Slep MK1 (L) 3.) Slep MK2 (L) 4.) others if you want, but mostly interested in flying...
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    Selling: Shadow Helmet (F,L) full TT

    I have a full TT (51.00 ped) shadow (F,L) helmet for sale. From market value, looks like only 1 ever sold in auction over a year ago at 588%. I know prices have come down a lot on similar (L) gear, but this one is rare so it's little hard to set a price. We will try the following: Current...
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    So do I understand this correctly?

    So from what I hear atm, there is a quest/mission on RT with the "No Way Out Prison" where you can get in, but only can get out by killing thousands of mobs? And that ND has some big deeded prize for first 5 ppl to do so, so he promotes it heavily. Yet, if you go there with (L) weapons, you...
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    Stage Moblist, Team Groupings & Time Slots Info

    Hey, Was hunting around for this info before I realized it was posted in each team thread and some of it in the Judges Thread. Thought it would be good to give this info it's own thread. Either I or one of the moderators could keep it updated, where the opening post has the most current stage...
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    Can Gungnir shoot Slep out of the sky over pvp?

    Searched but can't find the answer and won't spring for the MU on Gungnir yet...any know this answer 100%? Can a Gungnir gunship shoot and damage VTOL when both are flying over PvP zones? If yes, are there any altitude restrictions? Fly high enough and you are safe? Thanks, Mack
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    Summary of 2010 Merry Mayhem Info & Questions Answered

    The 2010 Merry Mayhem thread in the Entropia News section is getting long now, 15 pages and counting, so put together a summary of information about Merry Mayhem 2010. Just a link to the main announcement thread opening post for the majority of it, but also a bunch of questions and answers...
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    FPC misses another "Oppertunity" to look professional :(

    "The Medusa's Head islands Oppertunity" C'mon guys, the word was spelled correctly throughout the rest of the e-mail....I know English is not your first language, but please, spell-checker is your friend!! Not exactly the best way to inspire someone to invest a half million dollars in your...
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    Missed shots don't fail

    I tried to search for this, it's not new, so maybe I missed it. Just running into a LOT more recently due to the increased lag spikes/delays in game play. Lag out and then get the following type of replies in chat regarding shots taken: Failed Failed Failed Miss Failed Failed It seems like...
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    WOF Awards Ceremony

    Well, this may get moved, which would be unfortunate, but figured I would post something in the General Discussion thread seeing as I didn't hear about this until late yesterday from a soc mate from the DACH team. If someone moves this, could we maybe get a little mention on the main page for a...
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    Vehicle spawn on CP/CND?

    Maybe I missed it, but I've been searching and can't find anything about this. Can you spawn your vehicle on CP/CND? Just wondering how fast they move up there and if it is a nice way to get to the far end of dome quickly (assuming you can avoid mobs).