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  1. TeeMitexi

    I would like to say "Thank You" to the EU Community

    Hello Fellow Entropians, I have been thinking about when would be a good time to make this post and decided today to finally put it out there. I want to let my friends in-game know that I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal cancer in August. I'm currently in treatment, but I don't really...
  2. TeeMitexi

    TKoE Weekly Podcast-News From The Knights of Entropia

    I've started a new podcast, TKoE Weekly, for my society, The Knights of Entropia. If anyone is interested in listening to talk about EU, then please check it out. I am a complete amateur and I'm only doing this for fun, so please go easy on me. :) TKoE Weekly with Tee Mitexi Episode 3...
  3. TeeMitexi

    Anyone Know Daloafa Loaf Bread?

    Hi guys, Trying to track down a player by the name of 'Daloafa Loaf Bread". I made a bad mistake and bid on his oil, maxing out my ped card. Hoping he is a nice guy and we can make a deal. If you know of him, can someone PM me? I can also be reached through any of my socmates at The Knights of...
  4. TeeMitexi

    Selling: Shadow Gloves (F)

    Shadow Gloves (F) TT+4.5K O.B.O Tier 0.4 Send PM or add to FL in game.