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  1. Cyance

    Uber: Dominax Original Mamba L 33530PED

    Hi all, finally after 7 years and 1 month i got my big HOF coming from a Dominax Original Mamba L :yay: Looted also a nice BP Dominax Original Mamba with 5 attemps. And got another nice HOF 2480 PED :silly: :whip: Well i have some of my peds back now, i have sold my Full Angel armor last...
  2. Cyance

    Selling: Full Angel Armor (M)

    New update 21-10-2012 Angel Shin Guards Tier 2.4 Market Value: 1400 PED Angel Helmet Tier 3.0 Market Value: Tier 2 = 3100 PED / Tier 3 no Markup 3200 PED Angel Arm Guards Tier 2.3 Market Value: 4000 PED Angel Thigh Guards Tier 2.6 Market Value: 5800 PED Angel Harness Tier 2.5...
  3. Cyance

    Entropia players on Livestream

    Hi All, below my list of Entropia players using Livestream, so now people at work can still look at Entropia Universe :D Kind regards Cy Cyance Wolff Theo RedDragon Ferraris (ROUA Prestige) mikael skuggan gustavsson (SWE Hunt)...
  4. Cyance

    Achievement: Project Katsuichi Determination

    Project Katsuichi Determination Gear Armor: Angel T1 Weapon: Katsuichi Determination T3 Mob: Ambulimax Hunt time / Repair Repair cost: Weapon: 119,34 PED Armor: 3,00 PED (Avg) Hunt time: Ambulimax 20/25 min at Nea's 18 / 20 Kills Tier Increase Rate: (avg 98,8) 1 - 132 2 - 75 3 -...
  5. Cyance

    Discovery: Determination Tier 2

    :shots: :D :wave: If you use the Weapon Damage Enhancer II the Damage interval / max will be: 38.5 - 77.0 Determination reached tier 3 :)
  6. Cyance

    HoF: Hogglo Young 2947 PED

    After killing 100 hogglo's finally i got loot more then 1K ped :yay:
  7. Cyance

    Entropia Universe 2 years later...

    Entropia Universe 2 years later... Back from work and i can't wait to play ''Entropia Universe 2010''. Iam getting a coke before i login EU. My 2nd world is finaly starting. ......please wait.......loading Entropia..... Iam bleeding on my head. Whats happend with me? Where am i? ''Xera Cobra...
  8. Cyance

    How many armor sets are in EU

    Hi all, iam just wondering how many complete armor sets are in Entropia. Shadow Male ......over 100 sets? Shadow Female ......over 100sets? Angel Male .. Boar... Pixie.. Regards Cy Cyance Wolff