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  1. sherwood

    Entropia Universe login BUG

    Hello everyone, since months I can't login properly before 3 attempts, lately the attempts became 7-8. After the log-in the chat tab does not appear and I get this message: " An internal error has stopped the chat interface. Please restart the Entropia Universe." I'm going to be quite bored...
  2. sherwood

    Refiner problems

    Hi, I have some problem with refiners, most of the time they don't work (I have the T-104, the TT one and another from Next Island if I remember well), if they work I can refine one ore/enmatter/hide/wool at once and they stop till next relog, in rare cases they work well as should do. I came...
  3. sherwood

    Selling: Jaguar (M) T1 - T2

    Selling full Jaguar (M) Tier 1-2 TT+4500
  4. sherwood

    Selling: Imp2870

    Sad to do it but I must sell this woderful weapon. Actual Tier is 4.5 TT+15K
  5. sherwood

    Miner's Mafia recruteing

    I would't have never start this thread but it's the time, after almost 7 years of activity we need a renovation. At the moment the society have 45 +/- member but the active ones are just 7-8. Despite the name the society is a group of friend that use to do every activity available on Calypso and...
  6. sherwood

    Selling: Texture, Texture and still Texture

    Hi, I have some textures for sale, all the price listed are the lasts sales rounded down, as well I rounded down all the prices with MU Here's the list: Leathers TT 43.43 - MU 111% - TT+MU 48.20 - 43 pieces - Aetherex Leather Texture TT 15.51 - MU 112% - TT+MU 17.37 - 47 pieces - Allophyl...
  7. sherwood

    Buying: WTB: Thruster

    As the title says I would to buy a Thruster UL Post here or PM me with your offers if you are interested to sell
  8. sherwood

    MA or Players support who is going to win?

    Hi all, this morning I had this error, Itried and tried again, still I have this error and don't knok what to do... I sent a support ticket to game support 1,5 hours ago, I know that you on forum will find a solution faster than MA, even if they have 1,5 hours of advantage, who is going to win...
  9. sherwood

    Buying: Daikiba horns or Daikiba DNAs complete

    As the title say I'm looking for a couple of Daikiba DNAs or horns
  10. sherwood

    WoF 2011: Team Italy!

    Well, I guess, I'll be the captain again :ahh: To all italian and friends, that would start again this big adventure drop your name, start to check again our private forum too! Squadra Italia/Team Italy - Sherwood Flu Fortuna Captain - Arturo Testina Sassi - Carl CLP Poivre - Catullo Robullo...
  11. sherwood

    Event list in the Touristic Guide of Entropia Universe

    Introduction Hi, as most of you know host a huge database of Touristic information about Entropia Universe after VU 10.0.0. Here you can find postcards, mineral information, mob locations, dynamic maps and much more about the continents/planets of Entropia Universe. Check...
  12. sherwood

    Selling: Shadow Arm Guards (M)

    As the title say selling Shadow Arm Guards (M) BI TT+8500 BO TT+9500 I need ped, so I don't accept items End of auction 28 march
  13. sherwood

    Help: Outback Land Area - Names

    I need a easy info from all landowner Which is the name/title of your OLA? As you know me and some soc-mates are daily updateing the Touristic Guide of Calypso (check my signature). To make a easier navigation in the database I'm adding the Name of OLA after its number. If you want post also...
  14. sherwood

    30228ped Hogglo Young

    Few days I started the last of my stupid test in hunting/mining/whatever, doing them I lost over 28K ped just in 2009... Mission: 10K ped ammo for a 10K ped Hogglo. I was sure that was another mission impossible even if my soc mates encouraged me and Redone told me why just 10K they can give...
  15. sherwood

    Info: Touristic Guide of Calypso

    I'm glad to announce the first Touristic Guide of Entropia Universe after VU 10.0.0. This guide won't be an exhaustive picture of the geography and history of Entropia Universe, but will give you a good idea about our planet, its locations, its history and its oddness; the guide teaches you...
  16. sherwood

    Outpost (un)Named

    I'd like to see more named Outposts like "Port Artlantis Swamp Camp" and less "Outpost", maybe in next VUs Anok Sellims will reappear, but would be nice also use the old and unofficial names like Bivo Outpost, Tessa Outpost, Grey Wall etc. instead a long serie of Outpost in the list near the...
  17. sherwood

    Bring Entropia to the beach

    It's summer in the Northern Emisphere, and me like many others go to the sea, in the free time, to have a swim or take sun. In a pause between a drink and a swim, a :eek: look at that girl and some reading I was thinking a way to bring Entropia with me... well many beachs have wi-fi but laptop...
  18. sherwood

    Small nations want show off in WoF

    Hi to everyone that live in a little country or in a country where Entropia Universe is almost unknow like for me here in Italy. I'm writing this message on behalf of the entire Team Italy that has had the great fortune to reach stage 4. I'm talking about luck, because that is: we won in our...
  19. sherwood

    VU 9.4 - New Orb or Orbs?

    Mining around I ended under a new orb, I never saw it earlier and I never saw it reported somewhere. Here's a screenshot Click to enlarge It's located in Amethera at 4250 22880 Is it the only one or are there more?
  20. sherwood

    WOF Italy - Squadra Italia

    Squadra Italia It's time to gather veterans and newbie for WoF 2009! For a little country like Italy, where 99% of population that play online never heard about Project Entropia or Entropia Universe, 2007 and 2008 were great WoFs that brought us close to the final stages. Post here your...
  21. sherwood

    Eumoney Finals - Fishing in Crater

    Here's the screenshot of the amazing hunt of 23/11 Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to...
  22. sherwood

    Uber: Ambulimax young 15983ped

    Finally something worth to post 3,5 year of massive hunts to every red dot in my radar, 4 days of crazy and funny spidering and an ambulimax paid me at end Click to enlarge :D
  23. sherwood

    Selling: Sabakuma DNA

    Sabakuma DNA for sale, I'm not the first to do it but still... :D PM me with offer if you're interested. SOLD
  24. sherwood

    Merry Mayhem final scoreboar

    Would you like to see a extended scoreboard for the Merry Mayhem Event or just the 3 winners? The information posted today here doesn't say very much and probabilly we'll see just the points accumulated from the 3 winners. I would like to see at least the scoreboard of top 25 hunters and you?
  25. sherwood

    S: Note

    Selling the Note already decoded here: If any collector is interested I'm selling it BI 2000ped BO 2000ped ending time 1 week from this post If you're thinking to buy it at BO price the Note is available in my clothing shop...