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  1. Lars Sebra


    This is to make magam happy. We think we can make a magam style walk to oil rig. No shoes , no armor, no weapons, no fap. Fort and I tested it today and it takes 15 minutes to walk from ashi to rig. We plan to make this walk one time a month. We dont know when yet. We like to call it...
  2. Lars Sebra

    Info to magam

    We had some luck today , magam :) 6k hof
  3. Lars Sebra

    Magams next state visit

    magam! I cant solve the puzzle, I dont understand the riddle. when is your next state visit? - To mods on forum . I know this is not an event but it is to me :)
  4. Lars Sebra

    A new old swamp camp

    Hi, I liked the old swamp camp also :) I liked it so much I want a new old swamp! Design a new old swamp camp and win price! You can show design with words, paintbrush, videos, what ever... the 5 best will be decided by me. Those 5 will be put on a poll for all to vote. I will donate 100...
  5. Lars Sebra

    I cant login

    I cant login 1st time that ever happened am I the only one? do I need to contact support?
  6. Lars Sebra

    Happy Birthday CRT

    CRT celebrates 4 years as a society ! Happy Birthday CRT :)
  7. Lars Sebra

    Happy Birthday CRT

    Yes its true, CRT (Calypso Rescue Team) celebrates 4 years !! We do that with an opalo hunt on spiders :) (at 12:00 MA time saturday)
  8. Lars Sebra

    "CRT: 10 hoggs" is back

    Be ready! Now when team hunting is back? Team "CRT: 10 hoggs" is back too! :) We challenge all teams... :)
  9. Lars Sebra

    RX - us

    The last few weeks must have been very hard for MA and FPC. Programmers working overtime, are they? I bet you even at some time asked : "Do we rollback?" But now its up and running very well! So... I suggest you put on your RX and come have some fun with us! No need for any item to drop, only...
  10. Lars Sebra

    Find more Swedes?

    Will there be more "Find a Swede" events? Yes there will! :) On Saturday June 20th at 14:00 MA Time (4 swedish time) at Billy Octagone. We will try and set a new WORLD RECORD in most Swedes in an octagone at the same time! Guess the number at this thread and win all the EFD I have at that time...
  11. Lars Sebra

    Find a Swede

    Hi On Friday 18:00 MA time there will be a cool 1 hour event for all Swedes. Location? - Skalmans LA, short run north from Segna forrest TP. (2447/20432) Mobs? - Merps (anyone can handle those) Cost? - 1 ped a ticket Rules? - 200 peds for most loot BUT! the coolest prizes will be for...