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  1. Fopsie

    Please put some smaller stackes of Calypso land deeds on global auction

    Hi guys Please dump a few single stacks of Calypso land deeds in Global auction. Lately there has only been large stacks in Global and the only small stacks on Calypso is Resellers. I'm looking to buy 4 - 6. Thanks.
  2. Fopsie

    well seems I hit a nail and MA wants to cencor me.

    A little background. This was posted in the Response-from-MA-Support-Case Thread on the Dev's corner. Kim from MA deleted one of my posts and modified another one of my post without even giving a reason when I asked wtf why delete my previos post, Now all of a sudden they closed the thread and...
  3. Fopsie

    Selling: Reseting back to newb (Chip out skills)

    I'm selling off most of my skills due to not needing them and the need for some extra PED :) Currently I don't have any Empty skill chips but I'm willing to offer some collateral on chips if you bring your own and make a decent offer for the skills. Here is a list of skills I'm selling. Combat...
  4. Fopsie

    Shiro's Quadwing Service.

    Current Location: Arkadia Ship: Fully armed Quadwing Service times: Weekdays 15:00 MA - 21:00 MA | Weekends Random Bookings can be made in game (usually the town you enter @ from space) / on this thread / or by sending me a PM Prices: From Arkadia: Station - 10PED NI - 15PED CP / FOMA -...
  5. Fopsie

    Info: Shiro's Mentoring Services

    Location: Arkadia Soc: Currently in the process of setting up a South African soc Language: English \ Afrikaans Time zone: GMT + 2 (South Africa / European) General online times: Weekdays 15:00MA - 22:00MA / Weekends I'm Random I'm a South African based player and have been playing EU for...
  6. Fopsie

    Does all planet partners have the same rights as Calypso

    I'm just wondering sins Calypso is owned by MA again. Does all PP have the same rights as Calypso or to put it another way does Calypso devs have the same restrictions as the other PPs. Resently there was an event on Calypso where Kim spawned Atrox Queens and other mobs as players requested...
  7. Fopsie

    Is the new spawning in space intentionale ?

    Just as the title says. Is this change of now spawning in lootable PVP from a planet intentional or is it a bug? My other thread about this shows that the majority of players do not agree and like the new sysem and wont use it without changing back to spawing in a safezone. There has already...
  8. Fopsie

    Selling: Skill chips

    Im selling the following skill chips. Bidding will close 72 hours after SB has been met. Electronics Skill imp TT 20.34 >> BO MET AND SOLD Handgun TT 15.19 SB: 830% >> current bid (expire 08:00MA 02 / 09) BO: 910% Handgun TT 13.52 >> SOLD
  9. Fopsie

    Selling: Taking offers on some unused weapons

    Hi Im taking offers on some unused weapons. There is no SB nor BO and if I like the offer I will sell the weapon. Weapons First Gen Combustive Attack Chip IV Laganaus Arms Personal Cannon Tier 0 <<< SOLD Omegaton ASG-1 Pig tier 0 <<< SOLD Starkhov AS-117 tier 0 Starkhov AS-98 tier 0 Silver...
  10. Fopsie

    Selling: Pitbull

    Hi I have a pitbull for sale @ 200PED (488%) Give me a shout here or in PM if your intrested
  11. Fopsie

    Selling: Ospra Ingot for Welding wire BP

    Hi I have some Ospra ingots for sale @ 235% per stack of 1k (60PED TT) 1k TT = 60 BO = 141PED (235%) 1k TT = 60 BO = 141PED (235%) 1k TT = 60 BO = 141PED (235%) 1k TT = 60 BO = 141PED (235%) 1k TT = 60 BO = 141PED (235%) 651 TT = 39.06 BO = 91.79PED (235%) Or all off them @ 230% 5651 TT =...
  12. Fopsie

    PC: Combustive Attack Chip IV / Silver Fang m.01 Starlight

    Just want to know the value of these 2 items. First Gen Combustive Attack Chip IV Damage: 140 HP Range: 110.0 meter Attacks: 5 /min Decay: 20.640 PEC Ammo: 1376 Damage/PEC: 2.823 HP Maxed: 35 Levels Silver Fang m.01 Starlight Damage: 90 HP Range: 150.0 meter Attacks: 17 /min Decay: 2.080 PEC...
  13. Fopsie

    We demand change to lootable PVP in space

    Ok so im shocked to see in the update list that space is entirely lootable PVP and that even my ship storage is now lootable witch makes me ask the question, Why? Why do I have to risk losing my goods just to trade between plannets where I could have paid 40 ped in the past (death to most...
  14. Fopsie

    First Gen Combustive Attack Chip IV

    I bought my chip for 3.1k ped a year back and want find out the value of it to sell for some extra cash to buy a shop ? last one I know of had a bid of 3k ped on this forum but I do not take it into account sins it was the OP's own soc member of the seller bidding on it and it just stayed open...
  15. Fopsie

    Do you use the Auction or Player to player trades to sell

    I just want to gather some info for intrest sake on how you chose to sell your items. Do you use the ingame Auction / player to player trades or both to sell your items ?
  16. Fopsie

    Selling: First Gen Combustive Attack Chip IV | Tegretov TR5 / TR8

    First Gen COmbustive Attack Chip IV: SB: +2800 PED BO: +3000 PED Tegretov TR8 SB: +650 PED BO: +700 PED Tegretov TR5 SB: +100 PED BO: +150 PED All auctions will last for 48 hours after SB has been met
  17. Fopsie

    FYI: Yay for the Mad prophet

    So I decided to start doing the Mad Prophet mission so that I can understand the robots better and perhaps get a why to hack the RX units :tongue2: and so far I have had grate success with the mission and decent loot. Here is some of the globals I got while doing this up to 65 / 200 legionares...
  18. Fopsie

    Selling: Selling out sale. Mostly weapons

    Closed ....
  19. Fopsie

    Nice little model

    Came across this little one :) Perhaps a sign of Calypso Space Craft to come. Or a vehicle unique to Calypso in the working. Fixed :)
  20. Fopsie

    HoF: 100 ped of ???

    Finally I got a global after more then 10k PED cycled. Currently I'm not on planet as I went out to complete missions on all the planets and decided to stick around NI for a bit and take in the scenery.:) This was a good run on the portal guardians. I got a 25PED loot 3 kills before this 100PED...
  21. Fopsie

    You healed yourself for 0.000. WTF

    So I was out @ Nea's healing as usual when I got 3x 0.0 heals on myself in under a min. I stopped and calculated my decay on the FAP and surprise surprise MA charged me for healing myself for nothing sins my HP was full :eyecrazy:. Anyone else experiencing this? Sent them a support. edit...
  22. Fopsie

    E-Express Navigation Unit >>> New Tool for your navigaton needs <<<

    I got a bit lazy with having to adjust my VTOL’s direction the entire time while doing long TP runs like Nea’s. :ahh: So ‘n picked up a book on C++ and created an application to calculate the direction in degrees between the two teleporters so that I can aim my VTOL spot on and not have to sit...
  23. Fopsie

    Selling: Ongoing Auction with new stuff added every now and then. Mostly Skill chips and Weapons

    All Auctions will run for 5 days after the Start bid has been met. Pickup of items Weekdays 15:00 ~ 20:00, Weekends any time. Bids can be made via reply to this thread or via PM. Weapons in stock: Emik S30(L) [18 in stock all full TT, I will add in as opening bids gets met] Emik S30(L) [TT 5.2]...
  24. Fopsie

    End of the line

    I have decided to end it and blow my brains out while jumping off the PA tower (Forum account go bye bye). Why have I decided this well thats a bit personal and MA support has ruled in my favor in the reason behind the reason for this decision (Ty guys you really have a hart and aint standard...