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  1. mrproper

    Personal loot pool - WHAT IF they implemented it?

    Just imagine, as you unefficiently waste peds away, or due to bugs/lags/disconnects lose some of your hard earned loot, all of this (a percentage perhaps) will be given to you as basic residue (metal, enmatter, shavings, yarn, petri dishes, oil, lyst, etc) in an attempt to match a 90% return...
  2. mrproper

    Question: How do I prove there is or is not a personal loot/expenses pool/tracker?

    Please post your ideas and thoughts about how such an experiment should be conducted to provide cheap, effective and clear data that shows the highest bias between personal loot pool and no personal loot pool, that previous events influence or not future events in a significant manner, or that...
  3. mrproper

    Need help with the game and comrades to play with?

    I'm looking for disciples and society members mainly from Europe (because of evening availability around 18:00-22:00 UTC). What you get: Almost 24/7 soc chat with old and new players with a friendly and open minded bunch of guys and girls participating in cultural exchange and online...
  4. mrproper

    Question: Do you like the new hunting loot distribution?

    In VU 12.5.0, the chance of getting a "no loot" while looting a mob has decreased dramatically, to 10% or so. To compensate for this, there are now more minuscule loots, but the looting experience is more pleasant in my opinion. Do you agree?
  5. mrproper

    Question: P2P trading in Entropia, How to make it better?

    What would make you to exclusively use p2p trading instead of the auction? Or should I say what's keeping you from doing so, we know you want to... - Better prices (closer to auction dictate market price instead of 100% for most of the stuff traded p2p) - More availability (more traders/players...
  6. mrproper

    Question: The Unknown factor and mining data logging...

    I seem to get lots of small claims with Unknown resources. I don't know how the mining loggers manage this, I don't use any, but it's annoying that you can pull some of them in one tool use, and the claim data is gone. You basically can't see what you're pulling, and after you do, you have the...
  7. mrproper

    FYI: Shinkiba Wave events

    You may or may not know, that there are certain spots on Calypso where a period Shinkiba Stampede! event is played. The event is simple: - 5 waves of ever increasing maturity Shinkibas (Corinth) - last wave is Kirakiba (Corinth) - there is a timer for the whole event (15 to 30 minutes, never...
  8. mrproper

    Question: Personal question about investment funds ages

    Well, it's time for my weekly meta-economy learning programme :ahh:. Please post in this topic, as well as you can remember, the answer to this question: What where the names and average ages of "good" activity from certain investment funds that have been publicly presented on EF? As a note...
  9. mrproper

    Question: How about investing in an investment fund?

    Would you store 50 PED in an random fund if they offered at least: - I can't invest, not enough money or too risky for me - 1% a week - 2% a week - 3% a month - 4% a month - 5% a month Vote above. Post/comment reasons if you think they're important. Poll choices crafted to get feedback on the...
  10. mrproper

    The serious business of pretend products If you've spent time on Facebook, you might be mystified by all the people tending to their virtual farms and virtual pets. I know I am. Not only does this seem a strange way to spend time, but here's the even weirder part: a lot of these people are spending...
  11. mrproper

    FYI: Night cycle hunting - how to see better

    How to hunt better during night time... 1. Hardware settings Option 1: Turn off lights that light up your monitor, or desk, or specific area of the room where you play EU. Try it, I'm not crazy :rolleyes: Option 2: Buy a good video card. That means most recent video card with "HD Capable"...
  12. mrproper

    FYI: CryEngine on vm...

    Video card on the approved list?! :scratch2: Shadows are messed up, but everything works rather ok, including teleporter and water effects...
  13. mrproper

    McCormick fish

  14. mrproper

    Entropia Universe VU 10.6.6 [bittorrent]

    Hope you enjoyed it ;)
  15. mrproper

    Question: Would you like bittorent download options provided from MA?

    Would you like bittorent download options provided from MA? Once upon a time, MA provided a download option via bittorent for VU 10. It was wonderful, the first 2 days I saw the peers counter reach over 1500 people. Even better, the effort on MA's servers was minimal, since rarely would they...
  16. mrproper

    EFD contest (1000 EFD): Math problem - part 2

    Continued from Continuing math contest with this variation problem. - we have 100 people in a room - we ask each one to roll a zocchihedron - we give each one the number of chances...
  17. mrproper

    EFD contest (500 EFD): Math problem - part 1

    Starting math contest with this simple problem. - we have 100 people in a room - we give each one a chance to roll a zocchihedron - we offer the top 3 rolls a list of prizes described by values: A, B and C. - if two people draw the same number, a re-roll is required and it's value is added as...
  18. mrproper

    Selling: Merry Mayhem Helmet (M)

    Starting bid: 7000 PED Buyout: 7000 PED Bidding ends January 20th, 22:00PM UTC.
  19. mrproper

    Question: Which weapon will bring me more loot?

    I will use these two weapons and spend 50 PED (ammo + gun decay) with each one to kill some smallish mobs (40-70hp) in the same area and within a few days. Question is: Which weapon do you think will bring me more loot?! The experiment will last about 4-5 hours and I will post the...
  20. mrproper

    Question: Where can I find mod merc hunting logs?

    Are there any hunting logs or experiments done with mod merc, where the hunter registered losses?
  21. mrproper

    Achievement: Merry Mayhem 2009 WINNER!!! :yay: Andrei mrproper Andone 41611 points 26h27m Thanks to my trusted society members for supporting me: Runner, v47, Jehu, Amar, Suzy, and special thanks to Matheusz for joining up.
  22. mrproper

    Question: How do you grade a gaming PC?!

    I am sad to see that everyone is whining on the forum that their X years old PC (which they bough for Excel/Word use) can't run EU with all the fancy graphics. And it's somehow MA's fault, that they expect gamers to somehow have gaming computers... How old do you think a PC that can run fresh...
  23. mrproper

    Loot system cracked!?

    How can we tell? Does anyone have any suggestions on what would constitute a proof concept for testing loot theories? Suppose I have one, how can I test it is the actual one being used? Do you know of any loot theories that seem to the right ones, and if so, why do you suggest that?
  24. mrproper

    Info: How to repair Entropia Universe when a VU breaks!

    After a successful update, do this: 1. Locate your Entropia Universe folder. 2. Right-click on your Entropia Universe folder 3. Select Copy from the pop-up menu 4. Go to your external drive/different partition/some folder you created 5. Right click inside the new location, and select Paste You...
  25. mrproper

    FYI: Entropia Universe VU 10.6.3 [bittorrent]

    WARNING: PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK! You're so gonna flak me for this, but here goes... Help me test out distributing EU via bittorent: Download the torrent, select desired files (all by maybe), let it work... What would...